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Treasure identifying Golden Finger by
4 /5

Treasure identifying Golden Finger

The Romantic Rural Doctor by Nong Min Ge Ge
4.95 /5

He was someone that everyone thought was down. No one knew that when they had forgotten about him, he was already so powerful that they could only look up to him.

The Super Universe Leveling Game by Tai Ji Yin Yang Yu
4.75 /5

Some people changed because of a lesson, a book, or a person. The change from the Oriental Green Fish was because of a bottle of mineral water. It went from being a rookie to a bone ash player, leveli...

City's Super Immortal Cultivator by Lingchen Qichuang
4.9 /5

Leng Fan is an orphan who grew up in Taoism. He always remembers his parents and sister. Therefore, he couldn't continue to cultivate in Taoism. The master asked him to go down the mountain to find a ...

System Makes Me Super Star by Xiao Fei Yang
3.15 /5

He was betrayed by her former girlfriend,luckily got system and decide to walk the road of being an idol of the people!With system's help,he became more and more famous.Since then,the Heavenly King of...

My Wife Is the Martial Alliance Head by Hei Ye De Bai Yang
4.7 /5

Who says I am a worthless student, the pretty Alliance Leader is within my grasp.Who says I am a single man, a harem of huge numbers waits upon me.Watch how the strongest senior high school student in...

The Violent Young Cultivator by Quan Zhang Tian Xia
3.65 /5

ye qian a fool abandoned by his family was bullied by his classmates he didn't want to wake up one day and assimilate the memories of his past life as the number one immortal of the nine realms from t...

The Seeming Mediocre Man by Ku Xiaonan
3.9 /5

He looked very ordinary. "He is the last immortal of the Mortal Realm."He didn't seem to have any money, "He has ten billion on him."He didn't seem to have any background: "He's Old Lord Taishang's di...

Beautiful Star And I On Desert Island by Feng Feiyang
4.1 /5

I went to Rio to watch the Olympics, but unexpectedly, I met with a plane crash and landed on a deserted island. At the same time, I landed on a desert island with a few beautiful celebrities …

Romantic Soldier King In City by Qing Shanliushui
4.25 /5

For the sake of his friends and his country, the full-time soldier Deng Fan had returned. He had become the bodyguard of the beautiful CEO, sweeping away all enemies in every direction and writing the...

Customization: Handsome Guy Comes by bei dou xing
3.35 /5

In this world where all things are considered as money, I must carry out a counterattack strategy. Neighbors and Widows seduce me every day. School belle, white collar, model, where are you going? As ...

Genius Immortal Doctor In City by wu li
3.45 /5

[Same name audio works have been online on all major sound platforms and can be searched for names on all major platforms!] ] Lin Yi, the heir of the Mystic Doctor who possessed the ultimate skill of ...

Super Male Instructor by Shang Shan
3.2 /5

Ten years later he was reincarnated but was surprised to find someone posing as himself as the head of the chinese power group which is hidden in what kind of conspiracy in order to solve the mystery....

Space Transmigration System by Yun Shi San
3.6 /5

the protagonist has acquired a key to a space-time gate that opens any door in ancient times when he opened a door he actually came to the wardrobe of a modern beauty opening a door in modern times th...

Urban Carefree Sovereign by Quan Zhang Tian Xia
4.35 /5

he was the son of a prince in the hearts of all his classmates he was the wise young lord in the hearts of his subordinates he was the white horse of the beauties' hearts he was chen yufan with the d...

Soldier King Roams the City by Wei Yao
4.05 /5

p p a blood feud was sent to the juvenile barracks grow into the king of special forces when he performed the name of the task back to the growth of the land will all find out the black curtain 18 ...

The Female Boss Falls in Love with Me by
3.25 /5

Not long after the wedding, he was abandoned by his beautiful wife, and the next day, he was tricked by a villain and lost his job. After that, he entered a shady private enterprise. A little person w...

The Super King of Cheating by
3.1 /5

After the high school student Qi Jin had obtained his special ability, he had relied on his special ability to cheat in order to gain admission to the Criminal Police Academy. He was sent to be a spy ...

A Peasant Widow's Romance by
3.55 /5

all the men in the village were useless so the spring of wang haizhu came

Big farmer from the Peach Garden by
4.05 /5

Chen Hu didn't have much of a desire, so he hoped that he could lead his fellow villagers to live a good life. It would be best if he could marry two or three wives, give birth to a bunch of children,...

Godly Paparazzi by Sui Feng
4.25 /5

I am a Doggie with a high power telescope. I can clearly see every inch of my skin. From now on, there is a pair of 'pure' eyes in the female celebrity's bathroom. There are no lack of gossips in the ...

My Closest Lady Boss by
4.05 /5

My immediate superior, the beautiful superior, always asked me to have tea after work, and asked me to.

Super Bodyguard to the Goddess by
4.05 /5

He was either too unlucky or too lucky. On the day he lost his job, he was hit by a car. In the moment of life and death, he was implanted with the seventh generation life evolution system from anothe...

Strongest Personal Male Secretary by
3.4 /5

The him of five years ago had risen up overnight and became the Yellow Springs of the mercenary world. The him of five years later, just as he was about to become the champion of Mercenary World, he s...

Fall in Love with Charming Female Boss by Ouyang Huashao
3.9 /5

Tang tianbao accidentally saw the ass of beautiful female boss what kind of fate is waiting for him next when the good friend and oneself on the market white blade fight how to do is money more import...

Cultivating Fanatic in City by Chao Ji Hu Tu Shen
4.2 /5

A powerful cultivator who had been reborn had somehow ended up in the hands of a high school student, saved the beauty of the school belle, made a bet with the beautiful vice principal, was a wild and...

How To Be Wechat Businessmen by Yan Zhi
3.9 /5

This is a story of bad people. WeChat is just a small merchant selling goods on the mobile end, they mainly use WeChat as a platform for network promotion. My name is Lin Jian, I am just a WeChat merc...

City's Super Immortal Cultivator by
4.35 /5

Leng Fan was an orphan. He was very, very kind. He was made of money and dirt. When he saw a beauty, he would blush! But he couldn't escape the curse of the heavens, the God of Fortune's fate!

My Wife Is School Beauty by
4.65 /5

Qin Long because of his close relationship with the plum, bamboo, horse, and the tyrant of the second generation, the old man was expelled from the mountains: the Peach Blossom Calamity should be avoi...

Super Devil King by
4.7 /5

"I suspect. But this is the task of the Organization, you understand. "The man's tone remained calm, but he seemed to have already connected the dots. Even if he escaped to the most remote part of Sou...