Alpha Predator by Shui Qian Cheng
4.2 /5

The true top predator.Plundering the best survival resources and hunting the top prey.

Just Want To Be With You by 齐成琨
4.6 /5

Film Empress, Liang Yin had returned after disappearing for five years and the crowd of fans cried tears of joy.The happiest person was actually the Film Emperor, Zhou Jianchen.____ Very good. You rej...

Regarding Those Matters of Me and My Little Sister by
4.65 /5

Three years ago, my sister was almost… yet I was indifferent. Now, I only want to take care of her well.

Brothel Open For Business (H) by
3.85 /5

This is made up of many oneshots.Short and high in H meat (AKA lots of smut).Inters*x included.

Referring to Father as Elder Brother by
3.25 /5

“I act as a little brother for my dad and become his lover behind everyone’s back.”Unconventional father and son, May-December romance; not up to scratch entertainment circle story.

Golden Boy by Cui Luo Shi
3.7 /5

He then takes a cigarette out of its carton and lights it. He’s been trying to quit smoking for a few years, but writing this script was ruining his efforts. He slowly enjoyed breathing in the tar and...

Mad Dog by 齐成琨
3.65 /5

When Jiang Qi was ten years old, he had black hair and light eyes. He was pale, delicate, and often injured until his head was bleeding.He is the son of a ‘famous’ murderer in the Chenkong Alley. He w...

Perfection by Jin Gang Quan
4.35 /5

Wen Jianing, who won the best actor award at the age of thirty-four, was reborn in a twenty-year-old young man, Ke Xinhang, overnight.Ke Xinhang has defective genitals, but he is full of yearning for ...

No, Mature Man by Ke Aiduo
3.2 /5

Isn't the first time a blind date has been too thorough, sir? She ran away and coincidentally bumped into her boss. "Sorry, CEO, it was all a misunderstanding." Misunderstanding? I don't mind letting ...

Mature Man and His Sweetheart by Bu Xiaojie
4.85 /5

Her boyfriend broke off his legs and kissed her younger sister. In her anger, she accidentally met the president of the diamond company. From then on, she was surrounded by demons.

HOTD Mature Parody by xnxx_com
3.05 /5

Mature Parody of the anime [Highschool of the Dead]! Each episode of the anime i will make 3 chapters based on it.If there are no more episodes to base on then naturally this short parody will also en...