Chapter 8114

With the death of the last peerless poisonous demon, Qin Ming won the battle unscathed.

He turned his head to look at the picture below.

All warriors are excited.


Qin Ming not only broke the formation, but also killed all the poisonous demons without any injuries.

So now the target is Jutu.

"Fight! Fight!"

"Fight! Fight!"

"Fight! Fight!"


The human warrior looked at Jiutu and shouted.

On the city wall, Jiutu looked expressionlessly at the screaming human warriors below.

Not only the human fighters wanted him to fight Qin Ming, but even the poisonous demons behind him also wanted him to fight.

Jiutu is hesitating.

He doesn't want to go down.

Isn't going down to die?

Especially now that Qin Ming is still in the state of mobilizing blood power, his strength is very strong, he is definitely not an opponent.

But if he doesn't go down, he has already agreed before, if he escapes now, wouldn't it be a breach of promise?

It doesn't matter if you don't believe what you say, but the morale of the Poison Demon team will drop very low.

For the sake of the family, he should go down.

Even if Qin Ming cannot be defeated, as long as Qin Ming is injured, his morale can be restored.

From the beginning of the battle to the present, they have never won any battle, and they have not even injured Qin Ming.

The loss was so miserable that even the poisonous demons lost their confidence.

Now Jiutu can see from the eyes of the poisonous demons that they are full of fear for Qin Ming.

With the emotion of fear, how can they go forward bravely when they start fighting?

"Jiu Tu, come down and fight!" Qin Ming looked at Jiu Tu and shouted loudly.

"Yes. Jiutu, come down and fight!" The warriors below all looked at Jiutu excitedly, and shouted loudly.

They never thought that human warriors could one day suppress the strongest elite team of the Poison Demon Clan in the city, not daring to say a word, not daring to come out of the city to fight.

The human warriors were extremely excited.

They now believe that under the leadership of Qin Ming, they will be able to unify the world of Yuexuan.

They have no confidence in being able to unify the Yuexuan world, and whether human warriors can regain control of the Yuexuan world.

It is really that the poisonous demons have ruled the world of Yuexuan for too long, and they have resisted countless times.

But none of them succeeded.

After failing again and again, after they saw a glimmer of hope, their hope was instantly shattered.

Under this feeling, when they see hope again, they will feel that this hope is so unreal, it seems that the hope will be shattered again in the next moment.

But that doesn't seem to be the case now.

The elite poisonous demons in the city are afraid of them.

These elite poisonous demons are already the most powerful poisonous demons in Yuexuan World.

As long as they are defeated, the entire Yuexuan world will be allowed to gallop.

The poisonous demons who are still alive are hiding all over the world of Yuexuan, they are nothing to worry about.

In other words, as long as these elite poisonous demons in the city are defeated, they will definitely be able to regain control of Yuexuan World.

Before, they found it difficult to defeat these elite poisonous demons.

Because they are powerful, have high morale, and are very loyal to the poisonous demon family.

But now, they feel that those elite poisonous demons are nothing more than that.

Qin Ming was able to completely suppress them.

Even their leader dared not speak to Qin Ming anymore.

Looking at the unstoppable human warriors below, Jiu Tu

Take a deep breath.

Hiding is impossible.

Unless he can leave Yuexuan World, this battle is inevitable.

Since it is unavoidable, just be decisive.