Chapter 874:

After talking about the book, the ultimate series has actually entered the second half, so after writing the villain, I started to prepare a new book. The new book was not originally intended to be about Marvel or American comics, so I wrote a little too much. , but so far the only inspiration that I think I want to write is Marvel, so the next book may be Marvel. The villain has a little relationship with the fruit of the door, but it has not yet been decided whether the new book will be related to the villain. I hope the old Su family can produce another ruthless man.

Well, that's it, I won't say goodbye or anything like that. Anyway, I've been opening new books, finishing them, opening new books, and finishing them on the way. I hope my brothers can always be there.

Finally, I recommend my finished works: "Marvel: The King is Coming", "Marvel: The Immortal Throne", "Zero Covenant: The Strongest Death", "Marvel: The Fruit of the Door", there are many words and a large amount to be killed. At the same time, I recommend my new book: the works in the million-word serialization: "The Strongest God of War in the Ultimate Class".