Chapter 220 - Double Best Actress

Si Mi looked at him and Bai Luo and smiled maliciously. “Alright, my child’s godfather and godmother! Godmother, please hurry up and prepare the red packets!”

Bai Luo did not have any reaction. Lin Nan, on the other hand, was stunned when he heard Si Mi’s words. He turned his head and stole a glance at Bai Luo’s delicate and clean face!


Fu Zhen saw his expression and lowered his head without saying a word. He smiled gently and when he met Si Mi’s eyes, the two of them blinked in tacit understanding!

Lan Xin took the phone and opened the interface to hand it to Si Mi. Si Mi took it in a daze and took a look! She covered her mouth and screamed!

Lan Xin smiled and said, “I knew it! You definitely don’t know about this!” She looked at her surprised little face with a reproachful look. “I know that you’ve been too busy to care about the things in the circle recently, so why didn’t I send the news to your door? I’ve become a magpie!”

Looking at Si Mi’s happy look, Fu Zhen asked, “What good news is there?”

Si Mi fiercely kissed Fu Zhen, who was still holding the child in his arms. “Daddy! I’m really going to become a best actress!” She turned around to look at the people in the room. “I’ve been nominated for Best Actress for the Golden Phoenix Award!”

Lin Nan was pleasantly surprised. “It’s [The End of the World], right?”

Si Mi nodded. Fu Zhen smiled at her. “I told you you’d be able to do it!”

“Oh my god! Then let’s look for a big star and get the Hundred Flowers Award. Isn’t that just a double Best Actress?” Bai Luo was also pleasantly surprised. Then, she looked at Lan Xin and said, “Sister Lan, you really hid it well! I came here with you, but you didn’t tell me!”

Lan Xin smiled. “I just wanted to let everyone experience the surprise together!”

Si Mi’s fans were about to cry these few months. Their Sister Mi had disappeared again! Every day, other than her previous commercials or movies, there was not a single trace of her in the entire entertainment industry!

Other than the studio releasing a few photos of her beauty on a regular basis, there was actually no report of her schedule and work!

The fans were furious. They threw all kinds of tantrums under Si Mi’s account, wanting to kiss and hug, but it was all useless! Other than the fact that Bai Luo vaguely knew that Si Mi was taking care of her baby, there was no news of her at all!

The sun might have risen from the west today. Si Mi posted a few photos on her account, and the fan circle exploded again!

It was a photo of a family of three holding Si Mi and the baby’s pink little hand. It looked very warm, and there was also a photo of the Golden Phoenix Award nomination list at the back!

Her text was: [The rest of my life is long and precious! Thank you to everyone who loves me! Especially you @Fu Zhen!]

Golden Phoenix Award ceremony.

Si Mi’s gown today was a gorgeous red French strapless gown. Her condition was extremely perfect. She did not look like a new mother who had just accompanied her baby through the full moon!

Even if she was standing in the middle of Chu Hai and Ming Xi, she was still the most eye-catching person among the two Best Actors tonight!

“The winner of the Best Actress award at the 22nd Golden Phoenix Awards, [The End of the World] — Si Mi!” Following the host’s impassioned voice and the flash of the spotlight, the dazzling and beautiful female lead on stage… let her beauty and confidence bloom!

Taking the microphone from Chu Hai, Si Mi looked at the camera with a smile and then looked at the front row of the audience. She said, “I’ve felt lucky countless times! So many people love me! Even the heavens have mercy on me! I’m very grateful! Thank you for giving me a chance to do it all over again, so that I can grasp what I want to grasp! There are many uncertain things in life, but I’m certain! I love you all! Especially you, the love of my life — Fu Zhen!”

She said Fu Zhen’s name out loud, announcing to the world that she had received all of Fu Zhen’s love! Fu Zhen looked at her with a smile. The director did not know if he should give the camera to Fu Zhen! This big shot in business, would he mind showing his handsome face on the screen!?

But in the next second, Fu Zhen slowly stood up. The lighting technician shone the light on him. He did not have a microphone, but everyone saw his love. His mouth shape was: I love you too! I love you forever!

All the netizens who were watching the Golden Phoenix Awards today went crazy:

[Oh my god! What kind of beautiful love is this!]

[Too romantic! This old auntie’s heart is crazy! I believe in love again!]

[Sister Zhao! Brother-in-law! Awesome!]

[I would like to say: This is the ceiling of the beautiful love in the entertainment industry!]

It seemed that as long as people were kind, progressive, positive, and optimistic, they would end up with a good ending! The heart can always feel grateful and love, believe that a good life, and everything will be as you wish.