Chapter 1229

"Huh? Someone approached, did you really find it?"

Wu Puppet suddenly sensed that a not-so-common aura flew over from a distance.

Suddenly his complexion changed.

At this time, the emperor's prestige in the void was extremely thick and extremely tyrannical.

Compared with before, it was the first time he really felt the power of the emperor. When Lin Xuan broke through the Emperor Martial Realm and crossed the Martial Emperor Thunder Spirit Tribulation, it was not much worse.

And he was the closest, and felt the intensity even more.

If it weren't for this emperor's prestige without a master, and without attacking intentions, hostility.

He was afraid that he might not be able to survive.

Even so, he was almost unable to move as if he was trapped in the invisible amber.

It is even more impossible to go out to block and intercept people.

At this time, someone came after him, but it was really troublesome.

Wu Puppet's heart surged.

Knowing that the power of this emperor is terrifying, the characteristics are still very obvious.

And if it spreads endlessly, it will be discovered by other warriors sooner or later.

It's just that I didn't expect it to be so fast.

Of course, this is still in the wild mountains. If it is in the city, it may not be able to hide it for half an hour.

But this matter is of great importance, one carelessness may attract the top powerhouses of the entire continent, causing enemies all over the world.

Of course, the later the better.

When Lin Xuan finished refining, the two escaped.

is the best.

Unfortunately, it's still too ideal.

Wu Puppet hurriedly wanted to inform Lin Xuan.

But I want to make a sound, or activate the imprint of the undead spirit, run the energy, and send out fluctuations.

But found it to be useless.

The whole world seemed to be quiet.

"Something's wrong, this speed doesn't seem to be very fast?"

Wu Puppet was anxious.

But there is no other way but to continue to perceive this breath.

Immediately found the difference.

The opponent's flying speed is much faster than him, and should be much stronger than him.

But it wasn't so fast that it was unimaginable, and it was still within his acceptable range.

What does this mean?

The opponent is obviously not a real Half-Emperor powerhouse, but someone stronger than him, but still at the peak of the Emperor Martial Realm.

Or a peer who is good at body skills.

"It's still safe in this wild mountain range. Even if a peak emperor is stronger than me, it is impossible to ignore this emperor's prestige, and I don't need to do anything else."

Wu Puppet heaved a deep breath and relaxed a little.

He is in the same rank, not a master.

In a head-on confrontation, a peak emperor might not be the opponent's opponent.

Can only entangle each other.

But here it is different.

The imperial prestige is strong and terrifying.

As long as it is not a semi-emperor powerhouse, it is impossible to be completely unaffected.

It is more likely that he is still trapped in it, unable to move.

Don't say what you want to do, just want to escape, it's hard to do.

Even if he takes a step back, it is the emperor-level peak fighters among those overlord-level forces. He has experienced it many times, and if he approaches the past, he will be solved by Lin Xuan.

He didn't need to do it anymore.

He couldn't move either.

Just watch in silence.

It's better not to be a warrior of the overlord level, otherwise it will be troublesome to notify the powerhouse of the half emperor level behind him.

Wu Puppet calmed down and felt the emperor's prestige carefully.

Unfortunately, under the shroud of Emperor Wei, his perception was greatly reduced.

It is extremely difficult for the consciousness to escape.

Otherwise, you can still see the situation of people.

And this Diwei, even though it made him unable to move, was of great benefit to him.

The emperor's prestige is covered, and if you endure it, you don't need to do anything, and you can achieve the effect of tempering the sea of ​​consciousness and spiritual consciousness.

As long as it is not too strong, it exceeds the limit of tolerance.

Not being targeted will do more good than harm.

Time is like water, passing quietly.

Under the shroud of imperial prestige, the days when the void was like amber, the perception of time also became blurred.

I don't know how long it has passed.

The other party has not come yet.

It was much slower than he imagined.

Wu Puppet is also more at ease.

What Wu Puppet didn't know was that the opponent was not a warrior, but a monster.

The monster that rules this wild mountain range, the Black Flame Crow.

As the lord of the Black Rock Mountain Range, Black Flame Crow is most likely to be the latest to discover Emperor Wei.

It's just that Wu Puppet was a human race before, and most of the people he dealt with were of the same race.

Monster beasts seldom talk to each other, and basically hunt and kill them directly to get treasure.

I didn't think of it for a while.

And not far away, the Black Flame Crow has come several kilometers away.

But his current speed is more than ten times slower than before.

"Quack! Is this the effect of Diwei? It's really amazing!"

The Black Flame Crow called a few times.

This state at the moment is also beyond its expectations.

As the peak imperial monster beast, it is also one of the top powerhouses among the monster clan.

I have seen the demon emperor several times and felt the power of the emperor.

But that imperial prestige was far less intense than this time.

Presumably at that time, the demon emperor should have deliberately restrained most of them, not wanting to hurt them.

And the stronger the emperor's prestige, the more advanced the treasure that exudes the emperor's prestige.

Seeing this scene, Hei Yancrow was not only not ashamed, but even more excited.

But at the same time mixed with some anxiety.

If the emperor-level treasure is too strong, it might not be able to control a single emperor-level monster.

Also, if the delay is too long, the treasure will not be his.

Gotta hurry up.

The Black Flame Crow runs the demon pill and forges ahead with all its strength.

It's just that the gap between the emperor level and the emperor level is too big.

Even though Black Flame Crow exerted all his strength, it didn't have a good effect.

And the Black Flame Crow would never have imagined that it would not get the treasure.

Instead, they threw themselves into the trap.

A completely different result than today.

However, it is unknown whether it is a blessing or a curse.

I don't know how long it has passed.

Because under the strong cover of Emperor Wei, it is difficult for the consciousness to disperse.

Black Flame Crow also doesn't know about the situation in the center.

Instead, as the distance continued to approach, the specific position was determined.

at this time.

Hei Yancrow finally came near the cave where Lin Xuan made bows and arrows.

The imperial prestige here is extremely strong.

Warriors below the emperor level can't even bear it, they will be directly shocked and faint.

The sea of ​​consciousness is very likely to be shaken, causing great damage to the foundation.

The power here is already beyond the tolerance limit of warriors below the emperor level.

"That Diwei should have come from this cave, finally arrived, croak!"

Hei Yancrow felt tears welling up in his eyes.

This road is really too difficult.

It was much more tiring than fighting against a strong player of the same level before.

A higher level of cultivation crushes people to death.

Hei Yancrow couldn't help but sigh with emotion.

Well, it's finally here.

At this time, it was murmuring in its heart, and it took a lot of energy to even speak out.

"Huh? There is actually a human warrior here? He came first, bad? Quack!"

Only then did Hei Yancrow realize that there was another warrior in that cave.

Very surprised and angry.