Chapter 2241

Nine Yang out, Emperor star dark!


The universe!

Just because of a prophecy, the old emperor Haotian and his people were pursued and killed by various ancient clans.

Haotian is in exile all over the universe!

However, the old Department of Haotian emperor still firmly believes that the emperor is not dead, and one day, it will roll up the soil!

On that day, it will be the nine suns in the sky and shine on the universe!

On that day, the mountains and rivers will inevitably change color. As far as Diwei can reach, they will bow down!


A Dayan era, 60 million years ago!

Ziwei star field, which has been turned into ruins of the old palace.

In front of Xiao zhantian, there is a powerful mirror suspended.

This mirror is golden, engraved with ancient road patterns, and the breath that spreads out seems to be able to communicate the heaven and earth.

At this time, the light lines in the mirror flash, which evolves a picture.

This is a vast sea of boundaries.

At this time, there was an imperial seal rising from the sky in the sea of the boundary.

This seal is just like the sun in the sky, and the light is shining on the sky.

If you look at it carefully, there are nine rounds of Tianyang floating on this imperial seal.

Nine suns in the sky, shine on the world!

This is the seal of Jiuyang emperor!

The seal of Jiuyang emperor is the seal of the universe and the emperor Haotian!

"The seal of Jiuyang Emperor Old friend, you are born at last Looking at the sudden appearance of the emperor's seal, Xiao zhantian can't help but look at his eyes.

In his eyes, it is full of vicissitudes of life.

Beside him, Xiao Yun and HengDi stood on the side.

"The seal of Jiuyang Emperor Father, is this the seal you made? " Next to them, Xiao Yun's eyes were also touched by the emperor's seal. Now, they have been in the Ziwei star region for a million years. In this million years, too many things have happened, and their identities have changed greatly.

Especially Xiao zhantian

The inner world of Shenfeng is not the starting point of Xiao zhantian.

Xiao zhantian's real identity is the great emperor of the universe!

The emperor Haotian ruled the twelve Dayan periods of Dayan. However, due to the exhaustion of Shouyuan, the emperor will become a victim in the future.

At this time, a new emperor was rising and wanted to replace him.

In his twilight years, Emperor Haotian had to leave behind for himself and fight again.

He cut off the Daoguo, trying to revive the first life, re prove the throne, ruling the eight sides!

Because, he can't die!

If he dies, Haotian will die!

For the continuation of the clansmen, Haotian emperor has arranged for millions of years!

Xiao zhantian is a remnant soul separated from him at that time, who escapes into the inner world of the sacred wind world Master, attempting to reincarnate and start over again.

In order to stay away from his enemy, he did so.

In fact, this seal is also his successor.

Unfortunately, in the seal of the emperor, his remnant soul was destroyed and could not be born in another way.

On the contrary, it is the most unimportant remnant soul, and finally reincarnation proves to be successful!

Now Xiao zhantian and Xiao Yun, who have been planning for millions of years in Dayan, are finally in the old palace of Ziwei star region.

At the moment, they also have a trace of capital to fight against the new emperor.

Now the emperor's seal has made Xiao Yun feel a little excited.

Because, this is his father's seal, if you can get hold of it, his father's fighting power will soar.

Moreover, in the Dayan universe, there is a prediction!

That is, nine Yang out, Emperor star dark!

Innumerable inferences of great powers indicate that the new emperor will be in danger as soon as the seal of Jiuyang emperor is printed!

At that time, Dayan universe, the supreme emperor, was afraid to change its master!

"Yes, this is the seal that my father held at that time."

Xiao zhantian stares at the emperor seal that evolves in the mirror, and takes a deep breath and says.

"Father, do you want to get back the emperor's seal?" Xiao Yun said with a smile.

He glanced at the imperial seal lightly.

The seal of Jiuyang emperor is a godless soldier.

However, Xiao Yun has his own Tao and his own emperor soldiers. He is not very interested in the so-called Jiuyang emperor seal.

"Ha ha, this seal of the emperor is a godless soldier that my father refined for twelve generations of Dayan. It is really powerful. However, it is no longer necessary to have this seal for my father to live a new life!" Xiao Zhan Tianlang laughed and didn't mean to take the imperial seal.

"This..." Next to him, Heng Di looked surprised, "if this seal falls into the hands of others, it will be a trouble."

If this seal falls into the enemy's hands, it will not be good!

What's more, if they get the seal of emperor, they can also have a strong emperor!

"The way of heaven is merciless, but in the dark, it has its own number. If the emperor prints it, it has its own destiny." Xiao zhantian smiles.But see his eye light, locked that piece of boundary sea.

Xiao Yun's eyes can not help but continue to look.

This piece of boundary sea is called Tongtian Jiehai!

At this time, an ancient imperial seal shines on the whole world sea, and the dazzling light seems to penetrate everything. Through the boundary sea, it enters into the divine world. The dazzling light covers the whole divine world, and a vast imperial power bursts out, which makes the practitioners of the whole divine world tremble.

Even the supreme, can not help but want to crawl on the ground, to worship.

That kind of prestige makes people feel respect involuntarily.

At this time, in the middle of the boundary sea, Jiang Chen raised his head and looked at the ancient seal in front of him, and his heart was full of waves.

Even if he had already surpassed the supreme realm, he still felt like an ant looking at the sky when facing the emperor's seal.

"What level of seal is this?" Jiang Chen's heart set off a lot of waves.


At this time, he felt his spirit resonated with the seal.

At the same time, the imperial seal is also trembling.

The whole world is resonating.

Resonance between heaven and earth

The whole world, it seems that only Jiang Chen is left, only this emperor seal!

"This boundary sea contains the supreme rules, and no one can break into it. This boy can make this boundary sea rule resonate with it?" Emperor Palace, constant emperor Mou Guang a congealing, can't help but look at Jiang Chen Gao in that boundary sea.

Today's emperor Heng has also stood on the top of the universe.

He can see only the extraordinary in the sea.

This boundary sea is the Dao sea and the formation of the rules of the universe.

This kind of boundary sea, even if the great emperor enters, may be lost.

However, he was surprised that the young man in front of him could resonate with the world.

Next to him, Xiao zhantian nodded slightly.

"The seal of Jiuyang emperor?" At this time, in the middle of the boundary sea, Jiang Chen looks at the imperial seal that emits endless divine power, and a wisp of information flows into his heart.

Then, in the center of his eyebrows, the lines of light bloomed, and the divine lines rose to the sky, evolving into a vast world.

In this world, a giant tree, standing in the middle of heaven and earth, seems to be hundreds of millions of Zhang high, supporting the sky and the stars!

When the imperial seal flashed, with a dazzling light, it entered the world evolved from Jiang Chen, and finally floated on the giant tree!

It seems that this imperial seal is extremely arrogant and does not want to live under the tree.

Then, in the middle of the boundary sea, there is endless road whistling, into the emperor's seal, into the giant tree.

Into the spirit of Jiang Chen.

Suddenly, Jiang Chen fell into a mysterious realm.

He felt himself in the sea of the road, endless rules of the road, swimming in his body.

"Emperor seal, he took it?" See this, even if is the constant emperor that heart also can't help but set off some waves.

He knew that it was Emperor's seal!

Even the emperor level strong can not control it!

At this time, he was accepted by a posterity!

"This young man has some skills!" Xiao Yun said with a smile, "however, this imperial seal, to him, is also a disaster."

"Hehe, happiness and misfortune depend on each other. Why worry?" Xiao Zhan Tianlang said with a smile, "in this world, which one didn't go through calamities to prove the road? Even if he was a father, he once stood on the top of the heaven and earth, but had not experienced ups and downs?"

"That is, only if we are indomitable and fearless, can we have a chance to step on the top of the road. Otherwise, we will only become oblivion in the long river of years, and we will never find any trace of existence. I hope this young man can go out of his own way!" Xiao Yun nodded slightly and said.

"However, I think there is a familiar smell in this epigenetic body. He will not be yours..." Xiao Yun's eyes narrowed slightly and looked at Xiao zhantian.

"Ha ha, it's true that you think, but it's not what you think. Ha ha, when he enters my universe, you will understand it naturally!" Xiao zhantian smiles.

"Oh Hearing this, Xiao Yun couldn't help narrowing his eyes, and looked at Jiang Chen in the sea. "It seems that this boy has some background." At this time, he was also full of interest in the posterity of the boundary sea, looking forward to his arrival.

"He?" The emperor Heng was surprised and didn't understand what Xiao Yun and Xiao zhantian said just now.

But it seems that this young man has some origin with Xiao zhantian.


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He was a genius of all ages, but he was robbed of his soul and his blood was damaged. He was reduced to mediocrity!

The man who captured the soul of martial arts was praised as the most likely hero of the generation to become a God for thousands of years. He was sought after by hundreds of millions of people and enjoyed the supreme glory!

Four years later, by virtue of the magic tree of martial spirit, Jiang Chen recondenses the spirit of martial arts, and opens a road for the strong to dominate nine days!

Do you lack the spirit of martial arts, a rare talent in a thousand years?

You have a natural spirit of martial arts, a rare talent for thousands of years?

Sorry, I have a tree of martial spirits, which can gather thousands of martial spirits!

With the continuous growth of the tree of martial spirit, the secret of thousands of years has been revealed The whole world, because of Jiang Chen and change!

Nine days of gods and demons, trembling because of him!

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