Chapter 2146 - 2146 10,000 Year Meet

2146 10,000 Year Meet

Yang Ruoxu said in a deep voice, “Additionally, let me remind you guys. Although you’ve already surpassed most cultivators of the same cultivation realm after entering the academy, cultivation is like sailing against the current. If you don’t advance, you’ll fall behind. You must not slack off at all.”

“In about a thousand years, the Divine Firmament Immortal Domain’s 10,000 Year Meet will begin.”

“All of you should have heard that as the name implies, the 10,000 Year Meet is a cultivation gathering held once every 10,000 years. At that time, many cultivators of the Divine Firmament Immortal Domain will be gathered.”

“At this 10,000 Year Meet, there will be the largest marketplace in 10,000 years with countless unique treasures gathered by the paragon disciples of the major sects and factions.”

“At that time, these paragon disciples will have the most intense collision to fight for a spot on the Earth Ranking!”

Su Zimo was enlightened.

So, the fight for the Earth Ranking was at the Immortal Dao Meet that was held once every 10,000 years.

There were many motives for such a gathering.

On the one hand, it was to gather the paragons of the Divine Firmament Immortal Domain and provide them a chance to make a name for themselves.

On the other hand, it could also give many cultivators in seclusion a chance to exchange pointers.

Yang Ruoxu said, “The venue of the 10,000 Year Meet is different each time. Almost all of them are held in the regions of the three Immortal Kingdoms and four immortal sects.”

Apart from Divine Firmament Palace, only the seven major factions could hold such a grand cultivation event in Divine Firmament Mainland!

“I know,”

Suddenly, Princess Scarlet Rainbow shouted and said smugly, “The next 10,000 Year Meet will be held in our Yan Yang Immortal Kingdom!”

“That’s right,”

Yang Ruoxu nodded slightly and continued, “There are a total of a hundred spots on the Earth Ranking. The major sects and factions value the Earth Ranking immensely and it’s the same for the academy.”

“On the one hand, it’s a symbol of honor. On the other hand, the higher one’s ranking on the Earth Ranking, the greater the benefits they will receive.”

“Apart from that, if any of the outer sect disciples of the academy can enter the top ten of the Earth Ranking, they can join the inner sect in advance and enjoy the cultivation resources of the inner sect disciples even before they become Heaven Immortals!”

“What cultivation resources do inner sect disciples have? Do they get more Essence Spirit Stones?”

Someone in the crowd asked.

Yang Ruoxu smiled gently. “Outer sect disciples can receive 1,000 Essence Spirit Stones a year. Internal sect disciples can receive ten times that number. In other words, they can receive 10,000 Essence Spirit Stones!”


Yang Ruoxu paused for a moment before continuing, “As an inner sect disciple, you also have a chance to collect Essence Spirit Liquid!”

The crowd exclaimed. It seemed like Essence Spirit Liquid was something that was extremely famous, but Su Zimo had never heard of it.

“Essence Spirit Liquid is purer and richer than Essence Spirit Stones. There are extremely few impurities and it’s easier to absorb and refine it,”

When Princess Scarlet Rainbow saw Su Zimo’s puzzled expression, she sent a voice transmission secretly, “A single drop of Essence Spirit Liquid is comparable to 10,000 Essence Spirit Stones!”

Su Zimo was secretly speechless.

It was no wonder why Heaven and Earth Academy was a heaven-grade sect—they actually had such good stuff.

If Essence Spirit Liquid was coupled with the richer Heaven and Earth Essence Qi in the inner sect environment, one’s cultivation speed would definitely increase by another level!

Yang Ruoxu left a few more reminders before turning to leave.

Su Zimo and the others descended and there was already an outer sect steward waiting below.

The outer sect steward’s surname was Chen and he was skinny. He was a Grade 9 Earth Immortal and looked at Su Zimo and the others coldly.

Everyone had to collect a few items from Steward Chen.

Identity badge.

Upon receiving it, they had to carve their names on it.

Su Zimo received the identity badge and rubbed his fingers gently.

The identity badge was made from an unknown wood and was extremely tough and indestructible.

Princess Scarlet Rainbow came to the side and whispered, “The material used for our identity badges is different from the inner sect disciples. Theirs are made from rare metals and can even be used as Dharmic treasures!”

“I heard that the identity badges of legacy disciples are made of jade. If they wear it on their bodies all the time, it can even nourish their Essence Spirits.”

The academy did not have any uniform requirements for the attire of disciples and was more casual.

Apart from the identity badge, there was also a manual with many rules of the sect as well as reward and punishment mechanisms.

“The first lesson for you guys after joining the academy is to memorize the sect’s rules when you head back. Don’t leave anything out!”

Steward Chen said coldly, “Don’t regret it when you break the rules and are punished.”

“All of you, listen up!”

“I don’t care what your identities were in the past. After entering the academy, you only have one identity—a disciple of the academy!”

It was clear that Steward Chen was trying to establish dominance among the newcomers.

However, for Su Zimo and the others to be able to stand out in the Immortal Sect Selection, all of them were paragons and had experienced countless bloodshed. Although they were respectful on the surface, they thought nothing of Steward Chen’s words.

Steward Chen sneered, “Don’t blame me for not reminding you guys. In each batch of newcomers, there are always foolish ones!”

“For light offenses, you might be stripped of your status as an outer sect disciple and be punished to become a servant. If it’s serious, you might be kicked out of the academy or even killed on the spot!”

At that point, everyone’s hearts skipped a beat as they gradually realized the gravity of the matter.

Sensing the fear in everyone’s eyes, Steward Chen looked satisfied. “I’ll put it bluntly. If I catch any of you making mistakes, don’t blame me for not taking our relationship into account!”

“Of course, I don’t have any relationship with you guys to begin with.”

With that said, he flicked his robes and turned to leave, leaving everyone with a skinny back view.

Princess Scarlet Rainbow sent a voice transmission with her spirit consciousness, “Little Earth Immortal, you don’t have to listen to his threats. There’s an outer sect Disciplinary Elder. Even if anything happens, this steward won’t be the one to enforce the rules.”

“Most of these outer sect stewards were outer sect disciples in the past as well. However, they failed to break through to the Heaven Immortal realm even after cultivating for a long time. As such, they could only take on jobs such as stewards in the outer sect and rely on that status to exert dominance. There’s nothing much to them.”

Su Zimo nodded.

“Let’s choose a few servants first so that they can help us with some trivial stuff.”

Princess Scarlet Rainbow pulled Su Zimo and wanted to take a look at the servants’ area.

Although she was a princess of the Yan Yang Immortal Kingdom, she had just entered the academy and everything was new to her—she wanted to take a look around.

“I don’t need servants.”

Su Zimo shook his head. “Princess, go on your own.”

He intended to enter seclusion right away after joining the academy!

There was still a thousand years to the 10,000 Year Meet and time was relatively pressing.

When he received the inheritance in Astral Sect, he had accumulated a large amount of Heaven and Earth Essence Qi in his body. He wanted to enter seclusion now to refine the Heaven and Earth Essence Qi.

He wanted to raise his cultivation before the 10,000 Year Meet as soon as possible.

He was the number one of the Immortal Sect Selection.

However, he might not have absolute confidence in the fight for the Earth Ranking if the difference in cultivation realm was too great!

There was always someone better out there. For example, the Zi Xuan Immortal Kingdom already had a monster incarnate like Yun Ting. At the 10,000 Year Meet, the Earth Ranking would be ranked again and countless paragons and monster incarnates would appear!