Chapter 1873: Enjoy! If it's true, then he...

"you dare!"

The loud shouts of anger and anger came from the mouths of Gu She and other dark species. They had always been calm, but at this time they seemed a little flustered.

It is conceivable how jealous they are of the power of time and space.

"Joke, why don't I dare!" The Blood God clone sneered, this is just the beginning, and there are even bigger surprises waiting for them.

It stood upright and covered the big net woven by [Devil Poison Ivy], blocking the way of Gushe and other dark species.


"Go away!"

"Aren't you afraid of the power of space at that time?"

The three-headed dark species roared anxiously, and had no choice but to charge straight towards the big net.

"Do you think I'd be afraid?" The Blood God clone looked at them and sneered.


"Chop up that big net!"

The ghost fire in Gu She's eye sockets jumped violently, feeling the power of time and space behind him, knowing that there was no extra time to waste, he immediately held the bone blade in both hands, and the original force exploded, slashing towards the big net.


Hazley and Morvalon also roared, each holding a soldier and bombarding the vine net.

boom! boom! boom!

The three attacks landed on the big net at the same time, tearing it apart in an instant.

However, they were unexpected.

Another large net condensed out and used them as a hood.

"You!" Gu She, Movalon and other dark species instantly widened their eyes, feeling like they were being played with, and wanted to vomit blood in depression.

"Go on." The Blood God clone shouted loudly as he stepped back.

Gushe, Movalon, and Hazley's three-headed dark species flickered with cold light in their eyes, but they didn't say a word. They could only bombard the big net again, tearing it apart.

"It's too late!" The blood **** clone moved his lips slightly, and a voice came out.

Gushe, Movalon, and Hazley's three-headed Dark Seeds were awe-inspiring in their hearts, and looked back, their faces changed greatly.


The Void Turbulence had already swept over, instantly involving the three of them.


Screams followed.

Movalon and Hazley are both flesh and blood, and they were wrapped by the power of time and space. The result is no different from that of Salit. .

Gu She has traces on the bones, like the marks of a sword, and a groan came out of his mouth, obviously suffering a lot of damage.


A gnashing sound came out from between its teeth.


Gu She's whole body erupted with light, and the whole body turned into a jade-like appearance, temporarily blocking the power of time and space outside the body, stepping on his feet, the speed exploded, rushing out of the area, and killing the blood **** clone.

"Devil Bone!" The blood **** clone's eyes flashed, and he saw the power of this [Devil Bone] talent, which could temporarily resist the power of time and space.

"The strength is good, no wonder you dare to kill me."

He smiled lightly, turned around and left, rushing towards the next void turbulent area.

"Are you just running?"

Gu She looked at the Blood God clone galloping all the way in front of her, her heart was so angry that it almost spit out from its eye sockets.

"No way, who made my strength not as good as yours." The Blood God clone said calmly.

"..." Gu She was speechless.

Why is this blood clan blood son so brazen?

Doesn't he have the pride of being a genius?

If it is replaced by other geniuses, who would be willing to admit that they are inferior to others, this is a strange thing.

Roar! Roar! Roar!

At this time, there were bursts of roars from the rear, and it was actually Salit, Movalon, and Hazley's three dark species rushing out of the turbulent void.

There were many wounds on their bodies, and blood was flowing, but the wounds healed at an extremely fast speed, and the granulation squirmed, stopping the flowing blood.

There was even a black light blooming on them, which seemed to have opened up a certain physique, which made their bodies swell, their bodies became stronger, and stopped the collapse.

These Dark Seeds were extremely angry at the moment, and the killing intent towards the Blood God clone was boiling to the extreme, and they wished they could be smashed to pieces.

After rushing out of the turbulent void, he frantically pursued the Blood God clone.




A loud bang came from their mouths, and the meaning of anger was almost beyond words.

"Stop him from different directions, this time we must not let him escape." Gu She said in a cold voice.

Salit, Movalon, and Hazley's three-headed dark species did not say much, nodded, and flanked the past in different directions, to block all the escape routes of the Blood God clone.

"Want to surround me!" A trace of coldness flashed in the eyes of the Blood God clone, and a picture of the void appeared in his mind. This is the location of the turbulent voids in various places that Wang Teng's body just recorded.

With the first lesson, these dark species will definitely be more careful, but it doesn't matter, they probably never thought that he had set up more than 30 Void Turbulence Areas here to wait for them.

And even if these thirty or so Void Turbulence Areas didn't work, he still had one last move...

Detonate all the Void Turbulence Zones, turning this Void into a place of riots.


The Blood God clone steered the Blood Spirit Flying Boat, saving the consumption of the original force in the body, and at the same time picking up the space attribute and time attribute of the area just now.







"Not bad, there are so many attributes this time." In the swallowing space, Wang Teng's eyes lit up slightly.

Unexpectedly, after detonating the void turbulent area, you can get so many attribute bubbles. If you encounter the void turbulent area next time, can you also use this method to obtain more attributes?

I have to say that Wang Teng's idea is getting more and more dangerous.

How dangerous it is to detonate the Void Turbulence Area, you can see the reaction of the dark species such as Gu She.

Now Wang Teng actually wants to take the initiative to detonate the Void Turbulence Area, just to pick up attribute bubbles, what is the difference between this and killing?

Fortunately, he was just thinking about it. If he really did that, he still had to be careful.

Before, the Blood God clone entered the void turbulent area, and used his body as a bait to attract Salit to attack, and he also took a great risk.

A little careless, he will also be hurt by the time and space power.

Fortunately, he still has the [Empty Flash] skill. As long as the time is calculated correctly, he can escape before it is detonated.

This is his greatest reliance, otherwise he would not dare to do such a dangerous thing.

After a while, the Blood God clone came to the second Void Turbulence Area with a few Dark Seeds.

But this time, Gu She was already prepared, and shouted directly: "Don't approach, there is a void turbulent area there."

The three-headed Dark Seeds of Salit, Movalon, and Hazley were awe-inspiring in their hearts, and did not dare to approach the slightest.

"I want to repeat the same trick again!" Salit snorted coldly.

"Hahaha..." The Blood God clone laughed loudly, a sword appeared in his hand, and slammed into the Void rotation area.


Void turbulence erupted, and the power of time and space swept away all around.

"Mad!" Salit, Movalon, and Hazley's three-headed Dark Seeds shrank their pupils, feeling the terrifying power of time and space, and didn't dare to get close to them at all.

"Come here!" The Blood God clone reached out to them, hooked his fingers, and then disappeared in place.


"This guy is too arrogant!"

Salit, Movalon, and Hazley's three-headed Dark Seed Qi's eyes spit fire.

Gu She didn't say much, his eyes glanced in the void, he found the position of the blood **** clone again, and went straight to catch up.

Seeing this, the three-headed Dark Seeds of Salit could only follow immediately.

However, in order to avoid the sweeping power of time and space, they could only circle a large circle, and were once again pulled away by the Blood God clone.

"You are too slow!"

The blood **** clone laughed.

"The middle demon emperor level, you are not as good as us in terms of the original force, I see how long you can escape!" Gu She said coldly.

"Then come on, come on." The Blood God clone laughed, driving the blood spirit flying boat, constantly wandering in the void.

Every time it encounters a void turbulent area, it will detonate directly, so that Gushe and other dark species will not dare to approach.

boom! boom! boom…

In the following time, the void turbulent flow areas were detonated everywhere, blocking the pursuit of the four dark species behind.

They were careful enough to perceive the purpose of the Blood God clone, but not every time they could perceive it in advance, and they were still affected by the power of time and space that detonated several times and were injured again.

"This madman, isn't he afraid of being involved in the power of time and space?" Salit's wound was healing, but it still made him feel extremely painful, and he couldn't help but said angrily.

Although its physical body is extremely powerful, and it can use its own special talent to quickly recover from its injuries.

But the power of time and space is too powerful, they can only be suppressed temporarily, but cannot be eliminated in a short time, so every time they are swept, the power of time and space in their bodies will increase by one point, and the impact on them will also increase. one cent.

Over time, the situation of these four dark species is getting worse and worse, and it has not returned to its former heyday.

"He has a talent for space and can avoid those forces of time and space in advance." Gu She said coldly.

It was also very depressed at this time. He didn't expect that the strongest genius of the dignified bone spirit clan would be forced to such a point by a blood clan of the peak of the median demon emperor level. It was a joke.

As time passed, the killing intent towards the blood son of the blood race became stronger and stronger in its heart, and it could no longer be suppressed.

The substantive killing intent pervaded it, making Salit and the three dark geniuses of Movalon feel terrified.

"It's really a space talent!" The three dark geniuses of Movalon were shocked.

Before they heard Gu She said that the blood son of the blood clan had a talent for space, they still didn't care.

After all, they are all high-ranking demon emperors, and their strength is much stronger than that of the blood clan blood son.

And they can interfere with the space themselves, and they don't feel that they are much worse than the blood clan blood son.

But now they really realize how mysterious the space talent of the Blood God clone is.

Just running rampant in this void, this spatial talent is enough to make them terrified.

"You think I'm lying to you." Gu She snorted coldly.

Working with these waste materials is really exhausting.

"What should I do now, let him escape like this." Salit frowned.

"I can't run, he's only at the mid-level Demon Sovereign, and the power of space he can master must be very limited. I'd like to see how many times he can use it." Gu She said coldly.

"Yes, I must kill this bloodline blood son today. His talent is too strong, and he must not stay." Hazley said coldly.

Salit and Movalon nodded at the same time, since they had already shot at the blood of the blood clan, it was naturally impossible to be good.

The opponent is only in the middle of the Demon Sovereign level, so it is so difficult to deal with, not to mention that he has spatial talent. If he grows up, he will definitely become their enemy in the future, and I am afraid it will be their nightmare.

At this moment, these Dark Seeds are all determined to kill the Blood God clone.

It's just that they don't know that in the blood god's mind and body, they are also regarded as the target of death.

boom! boom! boom…

A burst of roars echoed in the void, and more than thirty turbulent areas in the void were detonated by the Blood God clones one after another.

This entire void was completely plunged into chaos.

When Xue Lan Bo arrived, what he saw was this situation, and he was immediately hesitant.

The power of time and space is so chaotic that even it does not dare to approach it easily.

"Xue Lanbo, the blood of your blood clan will surely die. This must be the riot caused by the attack of Gushe, Salit, and the blood of your blood clan can't escape." A sheep-headed demon clan's dark species laughed loudly. road.

Xue Lanbo's eyes flashed rapidly, and his eyes couldn't help showing worry.

It thought that when it left the ancestral land, Lord Mozun once explained that if it was impossible, he would make it the leader of the blood race genius, leading the blood race genius to compete with the geniuses of other dark races.

Now it can't leave other blood geniuses for the blood son alone.

Thinking of this, Xue Lanbo suddenly turned around, looked coldly at the few dark geniuses behind him, and said coldly: "Then use your lives to pay for the blood son."

The faces of those dark-species geniuses changed drastically. They wanted to stimulate Xue Lan Bo, but they didn't expect it to be too much. This Xue Lan Bo obviously transferred all his anger to them.


Xue Lan Bo burst into the shadow of the small world above his head, and rushed towards a few dark geniuses.


On the other side, when the last Void Turbulence Area was detonated, the Blood God clone suddenly stopped, looking back at Gushe and other Dark Seeds across the last Void Turbulence Area.

"Run, why don't you run!"

Salit waited for the Dark Seed to be stunned for a moment, then a sneer appeared on his face, looking at him mockingly:

"Your original force and the power of space should be almost consumed."

Being led by the nose of the blood clan in front of them, after going around for so long, they felt like a dog being pulled on a rope, and their hearts were already full of fire.

At this moment, seeing the blood **** clones stop, their eyes are full of cold light, staring at him, as if they want to choose someone to devour.

"Do you think so?" The Blood God clone said with a weird smile.

Gu She suddenly frowned, and for some reason, it felt an ominous premonition.

It was born with this kind of premonition, otherwise it would not have been able to detect Wang Teng's spying, but now this premonition has reappeared, making it vigilant in his heart.

"It's been around for so long, it's time to end." The Blood God clone said lightly.

Salit, Movalon, and Hazley's three-headed dark species frowned when they heard the words, what kind of conspiracy does this guy have?

Before they could think about it, the blood **** clone suddenly flashed complex and mysterious runes in the eyes, and the power of the space within the body swept out.


His spatial power and mental power are like infinitely extending silk threads, rapidly spreading out towards the depths of the void, as if it has turned into an invisible big net, including the more than 30 turbulent areas in the void. .

At the same time, in the more than thirty void turbulent areas, the star-like light spots suddenly lit up.

Void Mayfly!

Wang Teng had hidden the Void Mayfly there for a long time. No one would have imagined that there were still these undetectable little beings in the Void Turbulence Area.

With the arrival of Wang Teng's space power and spiritual power, the Void Mayfly was activated, and he immediately sensed the specific situation in the more than thirty Void Turbulence Areas.

The reason why the Void Mayfly is left is for the final linkage.

He must clearly perceive the situation of the ancient space runes over there before he can link them.

After all, in the void, his mental power cannot extend too far, and it is easily disturbed.

But with the Void Mayfly, it's different.

These little beings are his eyes.

Now that the eyes are activated, Wang Teng can "see" the situation over there. The ancient space rune is activated instantly, and then connected to the spiritual power through his space power.


A loud noise suddenly came out.

Thirty or so Void Turbulence Areas seem to have been turned into a whole. They were originally detonated by the Blood God clone and were already extremely unstable. Now they are linked by the power of this ancient space rune, and the effect is as if Pour hot oil over the flame.


In an instant, this area boiled, and terrifying and abnormal space cracks appeared, like glass shattering, spreading across the entire area.

This area is like a complete mirror, which was smashed by Wang Teng at this moment.

The terrifying power of time and space swept out, rolling in all directions, like a terrifying storm.

In this storm, it is not the power of wind and thunder, but the most terrifying power of time and space.

Even if it is a Demon Venerable-level existence, it is not easy to touch the power of time and space.


"What happened???"

"what have you done???"

Gu She, UU Reading www.uukanshu.comSalit, Movalon, and Hazley's four-headed dark species looked extremely horrified, their pupils contracted violently, and their eyes were fixed on the Blood God clone.

"Enjoy it!" The Blood God clone opened his hands and said with a smile, "This is a game I specially prepared for you."


The ghost fire in Gu She's eye sockets is already beating to the extreme, as if there is a gust of wind blowing, it never thought that it would be calculated by a median demon emperor level, and it was also played around.

"By the way, I asked Xuejinsi to tell you about me. I didn't expect you to believe it." The Blood God clone turned around and wanted to leave, but suddenly remembered something and turned back.

Gu She's pupils shrank, and she fell into deep suspicion. Could it be that all this is a trick of this blood clan's blood son?

If it's true, then he's... terrifying!