Chapter 1087: 7 mages sacrificed

   A few minutes later, seven blue star sixth-order mages died in the tide-like Skrull army formation, and their bodies were completely reduced to dust under the spell covering the sky.

The strength of the Skrull army is completely out of proportion to them. They are like flowers blooming in a blizzard, and they are destroyed and withered in a short time.

Tian Tian (Game ID [Pastoral Pastoral]), Kang Wenliang (Game ID [Don’t Answer]), Shen Jialin (Game ID [The Sixth Finger]), Sato Eriko (Game ID [Smiling Sakura]), Suzuki Principle (Game ID ID [Big Boss of the Suzuki Consortium]), Palin Doyle (Game ID [Son of Michelangelo]), Angst Muhammad (Game ID [Holy Spirit]).

In this way, 7 players sacrificed their lives in full view, using their lives to teach mankind a painful lesson.

The air at the Xuanwu node was extremely dull, and many people knew what happened, and they looked sad.

Su Yu also had a sullen face, and said loudly: "Notify the whole army, seven warriors Tian Tian, ​​Kang Wenliang, Shen Jialin, Sato Eriko, Suzuki Principle, Palin Doyle, and Angst Mohamed used [Invisibility] to infiltrate the Skateboard. Lu position, wanting to sacrifice himself to destroy the cracking ray tower just built by the Skrulls.

They did not succeed, they were discovered by the Skrulls and sacrificed in the Skrull army.

Although they did not succeed, they sacrificed for a just cause, and their spirit will be forever remembered by us!

After the war is won, I will build a huge monument for them, and their names will be engraved on the monument forever, immortal! "

Su Yu's voice covered the entire Xuanwu node, but he didn't mention the "resurrection".

Although the front-line troops more or less know that they can be resurrected after the war is won, this is a well-known secret, and it is not easy to tell it in public.

Hearing Su Yu mention the "monument", everyone understood what he meant. After the war, Su Yu would definitely be the first to revive them.

The red-eyed black dragon who was fighting on the front line sighed. He communicated with Qian Cupi Buzui beside him with mental strength: "Curator Gu, I have to say that His Majesty Di Xin's return is really meaningful.

If there is no resurrection promised by his old man, I am afraid we would not be so daring to sacrifice, right? "

"That's for sure, as long as people are afraid of death. His Majesty Di Xin solved this biggest problem for us." Qian Cup Bu Drunk agreed.

At the same time, Qian Cup Bu Drunk was always looking straight ahead, as if he wanted to penetrate the chaotic battlefield and see a clear position.

The position he looked at was the position where the herd enemy in the cloud disappeared.

In addition to drinking thousands of cups, everyone in the audience, whether they are humans or high-level Scruis, are also paying attention to this position.

They were all thinking in their hearts—where did the herd enemy in the cloud go?

Among them, Morgan Lieyang is of course the most concerned.

After easily killing 7 blue star high-level mages, he immediately discovered this problem—why did the big fish in the opposing formation disappear?

He quickly sprinkled a handful of [Development Dust], and the silver light fragments instantly covered the 2 km radius of the place where the herdsmen disappeared in the cloud.

At first, he thought that [Dust of Appearance] could easily find the enemy herd in the cloud, but something unexpected happened to him—after the silver light sprinkled, the enemy herd in the cloud did not appear!

This situation made him feel tense.

He just saw that the Herdsman in the Cloud drank a bottle of quite high-quality potion, and the [Dust of Appearance] did not work, so this means that the Enemy Herd in the Cloud was no longer able to be developed by the [Dust of Appearance] under the blessing of the potion. , or did he already run out of the 3km range in a short period of time?

The former is possible, and the latter is not less likely.

Without thinking too much, Morgan Lieyang immediately expanded the coverage of [Dust of Appearance].

He poured out all the dust in the bag and expanded the coverage to 5 kilometers, already approaching the battle front of the two civilizations.

But after the silver dust scattered all over the sky, there was still nothing to gain. There was no silver figure he wanted in the silver world.

This made Morgan Lieyang take a deep breath.

It is impossible for the herd enemy in the cloud to move so fast in the invisible state, which means that there is a high probability that [Dust of Appearance] has failed!

Sensing that Morgan Lieyang seemed to be in trouble, the Skrull gods, especially the god-level powerhouse Heber who was closest to him, immediately sent condolences: "What's the matter? Can't you find that blue star? Do you need help? ?”

Morgan Lieyang originally wanted to refuse casually.

But after thinking about it, he suddenly thought that he seemed to have another trick!

So he immediately replied: "I really need help, Your Excellency Heber, can you temporarily lend me a third of my spiritual power?"

"Borrow? What kind of borrowing?"

"Is such that…"

After a brief explanation, Morgan Lieyang successfully borrowed one-third of the spiritual power from Heber.

He opened a secret method that he had mastered but not commonly used, and released the spell by using Heber's spiritual power increase.

An orange-red halo surrounded his body, and a large black and purple halo appeared on the top of his head.

This is a very high-end tracking secret method. Using this secret method may be able to find out the position of the herding enemy in the clouds.

The spell was quickly released by him, one in each direction, east, west, north, south.

What surprised Morgan Lieyang happened very quickly. This secret method really works!

Not long after he used the secret technique, he immediately sensed something wrong in one direction!

This breath is very special. After a simple analysis, he immediately discovered that it must not be from the Skrulls! Because there is no smell of Scruis in the breath!

Qi is not a Skrull, and he is in the Skrull army, so who else is there besides the enemy in the cloud?

Morgan Lieyang is ecstatic!

"The seventh-level blue star, he's in that direction!" Morgan Lieyang stretched out his finger and pointed 30 degrees south of due east: "Although I don't know his exact location, it's definitely in that direction!"

In that direction?

The high-ranking Skrulls around Morgan Lieyang looked in the direction he was pointing.

Their spiritual power was also released, taking the lead in scanning the ground and space in that direction.

"Everyone above the seventh level, go together." Morgan Lieyang commanded: "Everyone in this direction get out of the way, we can use the cover attack to force that blue star man out!"

"Obey, Your Highness the Third Prince."

The three seventh-orders beside Morgan Lieyang and the two seventh-orders not far away responded at the same time. They quickly formed a team of five, ready to carry out a cover attack in the direction he said.

All the troops and warships that Morgan pointed in the direction quickly avoided to avoid being accidentally injured.

Morgan Lieyang closed his eyes again, and continued to use the secret method to monitor the direction of the herd enemy in the cloud.

He can't escape this time!