Chapter 557 - 557 Vast Sea Of Advanced Grade Gem Resources! Giant God Potion!

557 Vast Sea Of Advanced Grade Gem Resources! Giant God Potion!

At the core of the Titan Palace.

Zhou Zhou sat on the throne and looked at the extremely respectful Titan King below and the 300-odd Titan Kingdom ministers behind it.

Zhou Zhou was pleasantly surprised after seeing their specific Stats information.

Among the 300-odd Titan ministers, there were actually more than 100 Diamond-Tier Lifestyle Professionals, more than 200 Extraordinary-Tier Lifestyle Professionals, and three Epic-Tier Combat Professionals!

Even though they were much weaker than the Nether Bark Kingdom in terms of Epic-Tier Professionals, there were many more Extraordinary-Tier Professionals than the Extraordinary-Tier Ministers left behind by the Nether Bark Kingdom.

Not bad, not bad.

Zhou Zhou was quite satisfied.

“Fens. This King will give you three orders.”

Zhou Zhou did not think too much about it and looked at Fens.

“Your Majesty, please speak!”

Fens said respectfully.

“First: Integrate all the territories, subjects, high-level Elemental Gem resources, and other valuable resources of your Titan Kingdom.”

“Do this as quickly as possible and hand it all over to the Blazing Sun Kingdom.”

“Tomorrow at the latest!”

“I want to see that all the territories of the Titan Kingdom become the territory of the Blazing Sun Kingdom!”

“All the subjects of the Titan Kingdom become the subjects of the Blazing Sun Kingdom!”

“As for the development resources you need in the future, the capital will provide them.”

“Secondly, gather all the Lords in your kingdom. I want to see them and see their aptitude.”

“If there’s someone with good aptitude, I won’t be stingy with the rewards.”

“Thirdly, record all the people of foreign race kingdoms and related information of the people of foreign race alliance this time and hand them to me.”

Zhou Zhou said.

“Yes, Your Majesty!” Fens agreed without hesitation.

“Take me to the storage place of your kingdom’s golden tablet.”

Zhou Zhou nodded and said.

“Your Majesty, please follow me.”

Fens said. Then, he led Zhou Zhou towards the Kingdom’s Golden Token.

A moment later, they arrived at the location of the Kingdom’s Golden Token.

Just like the Tahan Kingdom, the golden tablet of the Titan Kingdom was placed in the Titan Treasure Vault.

After Zhou Zhou asked Xu An and the others to shatter the Kingdom Golden Token, he successfully obtained the three tokens, including the Kingdom Token.

Then, the familiar text notification appeared again.

[Cerulean Planet World Channel Lord Announcement: Congratulations to the Lord of The Blazing Sun for successfully breaking through a Beginner Kingdom Lord faction. Reward: Reputation Rating +3!]

[Cerulean Planet World Channel Announcement: Congratulations to the Lord of The Blazing Sun…]

[Cerulean Planet World Channel Announcement: Congratulations to the Lord of The Blazing Sun…]

[Lord Talent Notification: Congratulations, you have conquered a Beginner Kingdom and triggered the White Silver-Tier Lord Talent—Embrace of the Conqueror. You have obtained the loyalty of a hero with an Extraordinary-Tier Hero Fate Level slot!]

[Note: This hero is rushing to your territory. Please note the latest new Subject list!]

[The Lord Of The End Class Hint: You have destroyed a Beginner Kingdom-level Lord faction and collected 20% of the power of the Law of The End. The grade of the Crown of The Final has increased by another step!]

[Current collection progress of the Power of The Final Law: 80%]

[The Lord Of The End Class Hint: You have destroyed a beginner Kingdom-level Lord faction and collected 100 points of Final Nirvana power progress. You can use 100 points of Final Nirvana power to exchange for a chance to revive after death and increase your strength greatly after revival!]

[Current Power of Final Nirvana: 100 points]

[Current number of resurrections: Three]

[The Lord Of The End Class Hint: You have conquered a Beginner Kingdom Lord faction. A member of the Final Guard has received your summon. You can summon him!]

[Current number of Final Guard members: Four (Summonable)]

Zhou Zhou nodded in satisfaction.

Very good!

Tomorrow, there will be three more Reputation Rating talents and an Extraordinary-Tier hero!

The Crown of The Final was only 20% away from increasing its grade.

He had four resurrection slots!

There were also four members of the Final Guard!

These rewards came so easily.

Zhou Zhou thought happily.

Then, he began to happily collect the treasures in Titan’s treasure vault.

A moment later, he used the King’s Treasure Box to put away the entire treasure vault in Titan’s treasure vault.

There were more than 80,000 treasures among them!

The total value of the Mist Cores was about 1,200 Legendary-Tier Mist Cores!

The number of high-level Elemental Gems was the most shocking!

There were a total of 210,000 Life Elemental Gems alone! There were also 180,000 Death Elemental Gems!

This was not all the high-level Elemental Gem resources of the Titan Kingdom.

According to Fens, most of the high-level Elemental Gem resources of their Titan Kingdom were buried in the territory of the Titan Kingdom and had yet to be developed.

If he developed them all, there would probably be more than a million high-level Elemental Gem resources!

“This time, my kingdom shouldn’t be short of high-level Elemental Gem resources for the time being, right?”

Zhou Zhou was delighted.

Other than the above resources and treasures, Zhou Zhou also saw another item that interested him.

He flipped his right hand and a formula appeared in his hand.

This was a high-level Potion formula called the Giant Spirit God.

[Potion Recipe Name: Giant God]

[Recipe Quality: Epic-Tier Advance Grade]

[Recipe Effect: After consumption, it can greatly increase the size of a life form. It can be increased to a height of up to 2,000 meters. At the same time, it can greatly increase the physical fitness of life forms in all aspects. Duration: one hour.]

[Recipe Materials: Cloud Piercing Divine Fruit (Epic-Tier Advance Grade Materials), Blood King Flower (Epic-Tier Advance Grade Materials), Sky-Piercing Wood Root (Epic-Tier Advance Grade)…]

[Formula Description: A special Potion that can greatly increase the size of life forms. It can greatly increase the combat strength of life forms.]

[Learning Requirement: Can only be learned by Pharmacists, Alchemy Pharmacists, Doctors, and other herb-related Lifestyle Professionals.]

“This Potion is interesting.”

Zhou Zhou rubbed his chin and thought to himself.

There were many Races on the High Continent with very huge bodies.

Due to their size, even if they did not know any Skills, the huge power brought about by their size was enough to crush many high-level life forms.

The most famous representative among them was the Behemoth Race!

Even though Zhou Zhou had once defeated many Behemoth Lords on the Myriad Race Battlefield, their astonishing performance was still fresh in his mind.

“I can try to make a batch of this Giant God Potion.”

“This way, my soldiers will have the confidence to fight head-on against super-sized enemies like the Dragon Race and the Behemoth Race in the future.”

Zhou Zhou thought to himself.

Then, he put away the blueprint.

“Your Majesty, are you satisfied?”

Fens asked respectfully.

“Not bad.”

Zhou Zhou looked at Fens and patted its shoulder.

“From now on, the title of the Titan Kingdom is gone and will be changed to ‘Titan State’. You will be the future Governor of Titan State and be in charge of the matters of Titan State. Don’t let me down!”

“I won’t let you down, my Lord!” Fens’ body trembled as he looked at Zhou Zhou in disbelief, as if he could not believe that Zhou Zhou had given him this position. Then, he immediately knelt on the ground and said excitedly.

Zhou Zhou nodded.

He had always been tolerant of subordinates loyal to him.

Moreover, most of the Subjects in the Titan State were from the Titan Race. It was the most convenient for the former Titan King to manage them.

In addition, this Titan King was also a talent with the potential of a High-level God-Tier. Handing it over to it would not be a waste of its abilities and potential.

Then, Zhou Zhou did not stay any longer and returned to Back Blazing Sun City with the soldiers.

There were many gains today that he had yet to see and he had to organize today’s total profits at night.