Chapter 3420 - 3420: Doing as he pleased (2)

Chapter 3420: Doing as he pleased (2)

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“Pei Pci Pei! Don’t jinx it!” Xia ruofei quickly said,”I don’t want to cause any more trouble. I can’t wait for an elevator to take us to the highest floor of the Tower of Trials and get the biggest opportunity!”

Ling Qingxue also laughed hysterically.

In the hidden space enshrouded in purple mist, the green – robed elder couldn’t help but jokingly curse,””This little guy is really lazy! It seemed that he had to give him a good beating! But… What is this elevator?”

Naturally, Xia ruofei did not know that the green – robed elder who had been watching him was now interested in the elevator. He said to Ling Qingxue,””Let’s go, Qingxue! Let’s hope we can get the reward smoothly, then we’ll go to the seventh floor for a stroll!”

“En!” Ling Qingxue nodded.

The two of them stepped onto the qushuang flying sword and flew towards the light spot indicated on the map in Xia ruofei’s perception mirror.

According to the map, the location of this passage was at the bottom of the mountain. It was much lower than the place where the Vermillion Jade Fruit tree had been found.

Hence, after Xia ruofei and Ling Qingxue flew out of the cliff, they went straight down.

Based on past experience, there would not be any more danger after the mission was completed. However, Xia ruofei did not dare to let his guard down. In the Tower of Trials, any moment of relaxation could be fatal.

Therefore, he had been releasing his spiritual power to maintain a high level of vigilance. The speed of his descent was not particularly fast. In short, he was advancing step by step.

The cliff was so deep that they couldn’t see the bottom. Looking down was a dark abyss, which was still very creepy. Fortunately, the passage marked on the map did not go all the way down. It was about seven or eight hundred meters away from the top of the mountain.

Xia ruofei and Ling Qingxue flew down on their flying swords. Although they were not very fast, the distance was not very long. Hence, they arrived at the point indicated on the map in a short while.

The two of them discovered that there was a platform of about 40 to 50 square meters on the mountain wall.

It was obvious that this platform was man – made. The ground was very flat, as if a sharp sword had directly cut off a piece of the cliff.

“It should be here!” Xia ruofei said.

He controlled the qushuang flying sword to land on the platform. The two of them jumped off the flying sword and looked around. This place was like the top of the mountain, a whole piece of rock. Not a single blade of grass grew on it. Everything could be seen at a glance.

On the side of the platform near the mountain wall, there was a door formed by a light curtain.

Xia ruofei and Ling Qingxue were already very familiar with this kind of portal. This was obviously the entrance to the seventh level of the trial Pagoda.

Next to the light curtain Door, there was a stone platform with a brown wooden box on it.

Other than that, the entire platform was empty.

Xia ruofei said hesitantly,”it’s that simple?” Are there no more tests?”

Ling Qingxue burst out laughing and said,””What other tests do you want? Can’t it be simpler?”

“Of course I hope it’ll be as simple as possible!” Xia ruofei said,”but I’m a little uncertain. This doesn’t seem like the senior’s style!”

“How can we guess senior’s thoughts? Let’s hurry and see what kind of reward we can get after completing this level’s mission!” Ling Qingxue said.

“Alright then!” Xia ruofei said,”Qingxue, wait for me here! I’m worried that there might be a trap up ahead…”

“Mm! You should be careful too!” Ling Qingxue said.

Xia ruofei nodded and walked towards the stone platform cautiously.

He had already used his spiritual power to investigate the area, and there was nothing unusual in the vicinity. However, the ordinary – looking brown wooden box could isolate his spiritual power, so he had no idea what was inside.

However, it had been proven many times that the spiritual power was not absolutely reliable, especially in the trial Pagoda. Anything was possible. Basically, the senior who designed the mission in the trial Pagoda could achieve whatever effect he wanted. As a young cultivator in the Golden core stage, Xia ruofei could only accept it.

Xia ruofei was well aware of this, so he did not dare to let his guard down.

He carefully walked to the front of the stone platform, but nothing happened.

Xia ruofei mumbled,”could it be that there’s something wrong with this wooden box?” With the protection of the formation, he couldn’t get it at all? Or maybe after you open it, a nascent soul monster will jump out?”

In the hidden space enshrouded in purple mist, the green – robed elder saw this scene and muttered to himself happily,'”‘This little kid seems to be scared out of his wits. This is a snake’s shadow!”

However, he felt that this was quite interesting. He had always assigned tasks and even gave out rewards as he pleased. Sometimes, he could make changes at the last minute with just a thought. It was too simple.

Xia ruofei tried to reach for the brown wooden box.

Contrary to his expectations, he did not encounter any obstacles at all and easily grabbed the wooden box in his hand.

“It seems like the problem lies with the wooden box itself…” Xia ruofei mumbled to himself.

He weighed the wooden box and found that it was not very heavy. He could hear the sound of objects colliding with each other when he shook it slightly. He did not know what was inside.

Ling Qingxue saw that Xia ruofei had managed to get the brown wooden box so easily and finally felt relieved. She walked towards Xia ruofei.

“Don’t come over yet.” Xia ruofei waved his hand to stop Ling Qingxue.”Maybe there’s something strange about this wooden box!” I’ll open it here, come over if you don’t have any problems!”

Although Ling Qingxue felt that Xia ruofei was being a little too cautious, she still nodded obediently and said,””Alright! Then be careful!”

Xia ruofei nodded without turning his head. His eyes were fixed on the wooden box in his hand.

He took a few steps back, putting some distance between him and the light screen and the stone platform. Then, he placed the wooden box on the ground, took a deep breath, and directly opened the lid of the wooden box.

At this moment, Xia ruofei had already filled his entire body with vital Qi. The qushuang flying sword and the blue immortal sword were circling around him, ready to attack at any time.

However, nothing happened. The wooden box was easily opened by him. No terrifying demonic beast jumped out from inside, nor did it launch a fatal attack. It was completely calm.

Xia ruofei was a little surprised, but he still looked into the wooden box.

After taking a look, Xia ruofei was stunned. There were two dark red fruits in the wooden box. Xia ruofei was very familiar with these fruits because he had just eaten one and a half of them. ????????????????????????????????.????????????

That’s right, the things inside the wooden box were two Vermilion Jade fruits.

“How is it?” Ling Qingxue asked.

Xia ruofei smiled bitterly and said,”come and see for yourself!” There shouldn’t be any danger.”

Ling Qingxue walked over quickly and looked at the screen. She couldn’t help but call out,””Vermillion Jade Fruit? The reward for the sixth level is the Vermillion Jade Fruit?”

“Can you scam me any more?” Xia ruofei did not know whether to laugh or cry.

He and Ling Qingxue had both consumed the Vermilion Jade Fruit, and they had basically reached their limits.

Even Xia ruofei himself did not think about eating half a Vermilion Jade Fruit. When he had consumed the remaining half, he felt that he had reached his limit and could not eat another one.

The Vermilion Jade Fruit was also very magical. For example, if a cultivator took one and then took it a second time, although the total amount of energy wouldn’t increase, the impact on the senses of the cultivator who took the Vermilion Jade Fruit was basically the same as taking two Vermilion Jade fruits at the same time. In other words, even if he took the second fruit after a long time, the impact would still be stacked.

Hence, Xia ruofei and Ling Qingxue had already reached their limits and could no longer take the Vermillion Jade Fruit.

According to Xia ruofei’s experience, most of the things in the trial Pagoda could not be stored in a storage treasure, including the two Vermilion Jade fruits that he had picked.

Then … What was the point of rewarding him with two Vermillion Jade fruits? Xia ruofei had the urge to curse ….