Chapter 738 Part 1: End of the local dark league’s branch (Bamboo City)

Chapter 738 Part 1: End of the local dark league's branch (Bamboo City)

From MC's perspective:

Bamboo City,

The branch leader left the bamboo shop in search of Vincent Carey. He got the current location of Vincent Carey from his men.

There is a market nearby. Where the place is usually crowded with people. Hearing that Vincent was spotted in that crowd.

The old man quickly rose above the ground and started moving towards that market. He is flying as low as possible to avoid being spotted by other high-ranking wizards.

At the same time, he keeps his mana fluctuations under control.

He doesn't want to alert the authorities.


In the Gregor Mansion, I continued to wait. The killers would try to check every shop on both sides of the street.

So I don't want to appear outside right now.


The killers split into teams and started to inspect the nearby shops.

Not long after, branch leader Hudson appears above the market. At night time, no one is looking at the sky. His black attire also makes it hard for people to notice.

The old man starts observing people down below. He saw his men also searching each shop. But there was no sign of Vincent Carey.

He couldn't help but furrow his eyebrows. After carefully observing for a few minutes, he decides to visit the train station.

If the target leaves the city under his nose, then it would be a problem.


The next second, he disappears from the spot and starts moving towards the Train Station.

Time flies,

After arriving at the station, he disguised himself as an elderly person to enter the station.

One hour later,

In the Gregor Mansion, I thought it was the right time to leave. I appeared outside and walked out of the washroom.

The shop was filled with customers. So no one paid any attention to me. I stepped out of the shop successfully.

Then I started moving towards the Barber Shop. This time there was no one to stalk me.

The killers must have gone somewhere to look for me. After walking through the people, I came to the street end. There are no more shops ahead.

Seeing that I rushed out towards the destination. Soon, I reached 52nd Street. The Barbershop was one of the big shops located here. n-/0Velb1n

So it easily caught my attention. Seeing that the shop was lit up with lights. A quick gleam flashes in my eyes.

"Someone is working here. But I don't know whether he is an innocent local or a member," I muttered to myself.

Then I took the mask from the storage bracelet to cover my face. Seeing that no one is here to monitor the place.

My eyes flickered. Then I strode toward the shop. When I got there. I saw a middle-aged man sitting behind the desk alone.

My mouth curves into an arc. I walked into the shop. Hearing footsteps, the middle-aged man woke up.

Seeing someone suspicious walking into this place. He became alerted.

"Where is the leader?"

"I got important information to share," I said to the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man was startled. He realized the visitor was one of his own. He also noticed that he wasn't able to see through the visitor's strength.

So the vigilance disappeared from his eyes and became relaxed.

"What's your code name?"

"Boss is not here. I can record your intel now. When he comes back then I will give it to him," The middle-aged man said.

He wasn't surprised by the member's words. There are a lot of people who come here to pass on information from time to time.

That's the real purpose of the Barber Shop.

At the same time, I realized the middle-aged man is quite clever. So I thought of something else.

"Do you want to get us killed?"

"I was entrusted by someone to pass the information directly," I said in a threatening tone with a little bit of coercion.

The middle-aged man was caught off guard and stumbled backward a little.


"What you said?" The middle-aged man asked back.

Then he realized today is different. The local members have left to complete the dangerous mission.

"Could he be here for that?" He said in his heart. The next second, his expression changes drastically.

The Intel is not something he could hear with his authority. Then he decided to take this member to the boss's room.

"You come with me!" The middle-aged man said before walking towards another room.

Seeing that I followed him from behind. It's good that he fell for my trick. Otherwise, I would have resorted to violence.

After walking into another room, the middle-aged man tapped the plain wall.


A secret room door appeared.

I raised my eyebrows in surprise. This is the second time for me to enter the lion's den after Beluz City's mission.

I have to say the success of that mission gave me a lot of confidence.

"Come inside. The boss will be here shortly," The middle-aged man said.

Then I followed the secret path to enter their base.

I looked around. Then I saw a lot of piled-up gadgets on the ground. There are also some unknown items placed on the shelves. This room has one big hall with no other exit except the secret path.

There is a big desk and chair at the end of the hall. Then I thought of something. Appearance might be deceptive. There might be another secret room behind these walls.

"You wait here. I'll have to wait to stand in at the front desk," After saying that the middle-aged man left.

From the beginning to the end, he didn't cross-questioned me. He was sure of my identity after experiencing my coercion.

I looked at the desk. In curiosity, I walked to the desk. When I got there. I saw multiple files on the desk including some sketches.

Then I shook my head. I don't want to touch any of these things here. It might leave traces of mine.

I thought their branch leader might be here. But it looks like I have to wait for him.