CH 336

After arriving at the encampment, I got off our carriage.

The members of the transport team also disembarked and went straight to make their reports.

I was the only one who got off the carriage.

For the time being, I left Seras and the others behind.

That especially goes for the Takao sisters, Sogou and Kirihara, I wanted to reduce the chances of them being seen.

As for my Fly King mask, Seras has made it in time and finished repairing it.

Although it looks a little misshapen, I’m now wearing my Fly King mask.

Soon after————-A chamberlain briskly ran up to me.

He asked me to come to the barracks where the Mad Emperor was staying.

After agreeing to the summons, I asked the chamberlain.

[About that matter I mentioned in the magical war pigeon, the place where the carriage can be hidden———–]

[As his Majesty has ordered…… In other words, as Fly King-sama had instructed, we have had it prepared.]

[Thank you. Well then, bring that carriage that way.]

[Understood. Now, Fly King-sama, this way please.]

Following the chamberlain, we entered the Mad Emperor’s barracks.

Although it looked simple from the outside, the perimeter of the building was well protected.

The interior also looked solidly built.

Rather than a barracks brimming with extravagance fitting for an Emperor————– it looked more like a barracks that prioritizes practicality.

As soon as I entered, the gazes of everyone inside simultaneously moved toward me.

Sitting on the chair in the back of the barracks is the Mad Emperor.

Around him were his Imperial Guards.

As for the other faces here, they were probably his close aides.

Beside him is also one of the heads of the three Elected Imperial Households, Yoyo Ord.

[Welcome back, Fly King.]

The Mad Emperor exchanged a few words with me.

It was a private exchange between the two of us.

A password of sorts to prove that I am indeed the Fly King.

Hearing our conversation, other than Yoyo, everyone looked confused.

They looked as if they wanted to ask what in the world we were talking about.

After that brief exchange of words……

[So, Fly King. How did it go?]

[The threat of the S-Rank Hero———— Kirihara has been eliminated.]

At my words, the aides exclaimed.

[As you can tell from my mask and robe, he had been quite a formidable foe.]

[However, you were able to subdue him. As expected——— Your plan had worked huh.]


[However, it seems like success isn’t always a good thing.]

[What do you mean?]

[When the time comes, I may end up wanting to rely on you. Your presence is quite the fascinating poison to me.]

[I’m extremely honored but…… even though it’s just a joke, as expected, you’re overestimating me. His Majesty is a great and intelligent person, so I think there would be no problem even if you don’t rely on me.]

The aides nodded in agreement.

……These guys’ Emperor need to be properly raised after all.

I don’t want to be strangely raised up by others, only to get suspected that I had some sort of ulterior motive.

On the other hand, the Mad Emperor, looking bored from all this farce, rested his chin on his hand.

[Yoyo, I want to talk with the Fly King alone.]

Yoyo responded, before clearing out the people.

The others also reacted as they are conditioned to do and left the barracks without any hesitation.

Yoyo also bowed to the Mad Emperor and followed them.

……I don’t think it’s a good idea to leave your Emperor on his own though.

I guess that’s just how much they trust me huh.

Well, the Mad Emperor isn’t really a simply strong warrior anyway.

[When my loyal retainers are lined up, we really can’t relax. Now then, I roughly grasped the situation from the message you sent with a magical war pigeon…… but I’d still like to hear some things from your own mouth.]

In response to his inquiry, I gave the information I needed to convey to the Mad Emperor.

[———–Understood. Let’s arrange everything in the direction you desire.]

[You have my gratitude. How is the situation over there…… of the Mira army?]

What happened to the combined enemy force after Sogou Ayaka left?

That is what I wanted to ask.

The combined enemy force had apparently crossed Mira’s borders.

However, the combined enemy force had currently halted just beyond the border.

The two armies are in a stalemate.

It’s just, there’s this lack of movement on the combined enemy force’s side, so much so that it looks eerie.

[Ayaka Sogou has told her troops not to march until she returns, and it seems that they had gone deep into Mira territory on their own accord.]

[This information came from Asagi-dono?]

[Umu. There was also a report from Mira that someone who looked like Ayaka Sogou passed through them. However, no one seemed to be able to stop her. And so far, Cattleya seems to be following her orders.]

Asagi and her group are now in this encampment.

[It seems that Ayaka Sogou had been the driving force for the combined enemy force’s breakneck speed. I heard that Neia’s Queen is also good at fighting, but we now have his Majesty and Yoyo-dono participating in the war. Mira also holds superior numbers…… Furthermore, the deeper they invade Mira’s territory, the easier it will be for them to wear out their provisions. Our side originally held the advantage in many aspects. However, the battle situation just turned upside down with the participation of that S-Rank Hero. Ayaka Sogou was, so to speak, the other side’s “magic”. If their magic had been broken…… the momentum they had before would crash down.]

This was just a rearranged version of Seras’ analysis.

The Mad Emperor agreed to my words……

[The other side’s magic, Ayaka Sogou, is now on our hands, Kirihara is rendered incapable to fight, and Hijiri Takao is an ally. With this, the threat of the S-Rank Heroes has disappeared.]

[The A-Rank Heroes too are now almost not an issue anymore.]

[Asagi Ikusaba is also on our side. We can count on her as an ally.]

[Yes, I think so too.]

Yes———— If it’s as an ally……

The Mad Emperor gave his thoughts on Mira’s future actions.

As long as Sogou Ayaka doesn’t return to their side, it should be difficult for the combined enemy forces to go on the offensive.

From the movements of the combined enemy forces, the absence of Sogou Ayaka in their ranks appears to be quite significant.

[In addition, we have now joined up with the Fly King Squadron, who had defeated Kirihara.]

In terms of combat strength, we are currently superior.

[But if it’s possible, I would like to avoid a head-on collision  with Neia’s Queen.]

If we can pull Neia off the Goddess’ side, we will have one less hostile force.

Mira must also continue to be wary of the two camps in the north that were on the Goddess’ side, Jonato and Magnar.

Meanwhile, the forces advancing from the east————

Urza, Bakuos…… and Alion’s main force.

We must defeat them to reach Vysis.

[I’ll try talking with Seras about Neia again. If we let them know that we have the means to defeat the Goddess, we may be able to draw the entire Neia army to our side.]


[Ayaka Sogou’s participation in the war may have caused some distortions in our assumptions…… but is the plan to march to Alion’s capital on schedule?]

[Yeah, we are planning to go up to Alion as planned. Although———— I still have some concerns about our strengths.]

[Those that are unaccounted for——— In other words…… It’s possible that they could deploy forces like the White Army they used to attack the Imperial Capital?]

Crossing his legs, the Mad Emperor placed his index finger on his white cheek.

[There is strength in numbers…… and in a war, just relying on clever schemes is no different from walking on a tightrope.]

The Emperor’s gaze drifted to the side.

[……Just sending out the Reserve Corps may not be enough.]

Thereupon, he turned his gaze back to me and spoke.

[Ayaka Sogou, who could apparently generate an army of silver…… Can we rely on her as an ally?]

[At the moment, I can’t give you a definite answer to that. I think it would be better to talk to Hijiri Takao about this.]


[I suppose so…… I would also like to meet with Hijiri in person at least once.]

[Well then———— Would you like to meet her now?]

Hearing my words, the Mad Emperor thought about this for a moment……

[Mhmm, I’ll do that.]

He stood up from his seat.

Just now, for a few seconds……

……It was just a little bit, but I didn’t expect he’d be nervous meeting Hijiri in person.


Perhaps, I may have overdone it with the explanations regarding information related to Hijiri earlier.

The space right next to the barracks where the Takao sisters are located is surrounded by a curtain, with even its ceiling covered just like its walls.

It’s as if there’s another tent next to their barracks.

A carriage fits inside this space.

This way, the people getting in and out of the carriage can’t be seen from the outside.

It seems like they imitated the “entrance” method of the so-called popular talents.

[From this point on, I will go in on my own.]

The Mad Emperor told his guards and stepped into the barracks by himself.

Of course, I followed him.

The people sitting inside the barracks sat up.

[Geh, so that’s the real deal?]

Itsuki softly murmured.

Perhaps, she’s talking about the Mad Emperor, being more beautiful than his portraits———-

Or perhaps, she feels like he lives up to his reputation.

In this world, it’s said that portraits are often “embellished”.

Well, in my former world, there were softwares and apps that could treat and enhance portraits……

[I am Falkendotzine Mira Diasordseat, Emperor of Mira Empire. I am here to see Hijiri Takao.]

In a stern, Emperor-like tone, the Mad Emperor glanced around the barracks.

Hijiri kneels down on one knee and bows.

[It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m Hijiri Takao.]

[I see…… So you’re Hijiri. Raise your head. Make yourself comfortable.]

Hijiri looks up.

Thereupon, the Emperor smiles.

[I’m so glad to have finally met you———— Hijiri. I’m so glad that you have come to me. You may stand.]

Hijiri stands up.

The Mad Emperor’s voice softened.

[S-Rank Hero…… It seems that calling out to you had been the right decision. Looks like the subordinates I had slipped into Alion have discerning eyes. The one over there is your little sister Itsuki, I presume?]

[Yeah, I’m Itsuki Takao.]

Keeping herself standing, Itsuki discreetly bows.

Right after that, Itsuki looked at her sister with a startled look on her face, seemingly remembering something.

And then, seeing Itsuki about to hurriedly get down on one knee. the Mad Emperor calmly raised his hand.

[It’s alright, you need not be so formal. Mira’s subjects aren’t present at this place. As for Ayaka Sogou———–]

[She’s in the carriage.]

[I see. I have a general idea of what happened. After Ayaka Sogou wakes up, I shall leave her to you, Hijiri.]

[I can’t completely promise that she’ll cooperate but———–]

[It needs to be said. Fly King advised me to leave her to you. In that case, I will do as the Fly King says.]

Hearing his words, Itsuki whistled.

[Fuuu~~ Someone’s quite trusted.]

[That aside———— There’s something I want to talk about with you. This also includes the members of the Fly King Squadron. I would like to set a certain policy on how to incorporate the powerful Heroes from Another World into the battle against the Goddess, as well as the coordination of detailed information.]

A long desk is set up in the center of the barracks.

Lamps are provided, so there’s no problem with the brightness inside.

Hijiri and Mad Emperor stood at either end of the table, facing each other across the table.

The conversation progressed with the two of them at the center.

Itsuki is sitting by Hijiri’s side.

It seems like the Mad Emperor immediately noticed how quick-witted Hijiri is.

In the midst of their conversation, he looked impressed several times.

While they were facing each other, I was sitting by the side, placed in the middle position between Hijiri and the Mad Emperor.

Hijiri sitting at the end of my right-hand side, while the Mad Emperor sits at the end of my left.

Meanwhile, Seras and Munin were standing to my left and right.

I responded as needed and expressed my opinions.

However, for the time being, it seems that the main interaction will be between Hijiri and the Mad Emperor.

I hear birds chirping.

I was watching them and listening to their conversation.

[————-How about we go with this direction?]

Hijiri puts a pause in the conversation.

[That’s fine. For the time being, Mira would also follow this policy.]

The policy was almost the same as what I talked with Hijiri after the battle with Kirihara.

Hijiri stares at the map spread out on the table and the written summary of their earlier conversation.

[Considering what Sogou-san is like, I would really want to keep in touch with Nyantan. Even if it’s just in the sense of increasing the number of allies on this continent. Of course, it would also be great to get a grasp of the Goddess’ movements and the situation over there.]

The Mad Emperor nodded in response.

[Let’s make use of what we could. We could get as much information as possible about Vysis’ movements through the combined efforts of those familiars and our spies.]

The existence of the familiars was revealed to the Mad Emperor.

However, I haven’t talked about how they’re connected with Erika———- the Witch of Taboos.

As for me……



[Princess…… No, she’s a Queen now huh. Queen Cattleya. Can you handle the situation over there?]

[The Prin———- Her Majesty and I had thought ahead of time how to avoid fighting in the event of us clashing. However……. With the situation like this, I feel that if we can explain to her the situation properly, she will become an ally. Even though her priority would be protecting the country, she doesn’t like Vysis’ way of doing things either.]

[I hope that when Cattleya gets swayed, Bakuos would also be pulled along with her.]

Hearing the Mad Emperor say that, I spoke.

[Is Vysis now in Alion?]

[According to the last report I received, she’s still in Alion. If that’s the case, then we should just continue our attack on Alion.]

Saying this, the Mad Emperor suddenly began silently contemplating.

The look on his face———- It’s as if he has some concerns that he can’t shake off.

[You have concerns in mind?

I asked, urging him to talk.

Hearing my question, with his gaze fixed on the table……

[That White Army from before…… I really just can’t help feeling concerned about those. From what I heard…… Vysis obtained the Heart of the Great Demon Emperor and if that was the driving force behind the creation of that White Army———— the False Sacrament…… The enemy’s main force may not just be centered on Alion’s human forces. Wouldn’t it be more likely that such a thing would occur?]


Would the unaccounted enemies only consist of that White Army?

The Heart of the Great Demon Emperor————- the Prime Origin.

The existence of that black orb that Hijiri mentioned……

If Vysis increases her power with that Prime Origin……

It may be difficult to win just by going up with the offensive.

No…… Her purpose itself was still not yet clear.

If we know her clear objective, we can make corresponding moves……

[What’s most concerning is the real strength of her forces huh.]

[I’ll put it simply. In other words…… In order to increase our winning rate, we want to increase our strength as much as possible. We want to make sure there are no oversights on this matter. Failure is not an option after all.]

That’s something I can also understand.

If the White Army comes out again, we will certainly need numbers.

Allies with strong combat capabilities too.

The Mad Emperor and Takao Hijiri.

Their gazes turned toward me.

I took a moment to pause and understand what they were trying to say————– before putting it into words.

[The Faraway Country huh.]

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