Chapter 794: Epilogue

Currently, a man that was almost in his thirties was playing with his newborn children, holding them with a single arm each and then making them feel like they were flying. There was a third one sitting at the top of his head, but he was using magic to keep that one there.    

Of course, that person was Billy. If you thought that it was another person, I don't know what to say to you. Regardless, Billy said while smiling from one ear to the other. Around one year had passed since his fight with Uvish. He thought that he was going to die, but in the end, while in his spirit form, he managed to control himself and return to his body. With his nervous system destroyed, Billy couldn't do much, but the life and time spirit helped him restore that, and then he was able to use his and Uvish's powers. When those two worked together, they could even revive people. Not too often, though.    

In any case, with his powers back, Billy was able to absorb Uvish's soul until he created a new body for him. Although he wished to recreate his original, Billy never saw Uvish when he was alive. Moreover, it would put the spirits in the wrong spot since they would have to endure the same hatred as Uvish. Since Billy was going to take away his powers and memories anyway, making him suffer the hate of others probably would make him grow up and become an asshole again. That was right. After resetting his soul, Billy transferred it to a baby's body.    

Billy worked behind the scenes to make the tribesmen find him and then think that he was the child of one of them that had died… He thought that he was being too kind, but Uvish was gone. What was left of him was just a pure soul, so it was fine.    

"So cute!" Billy rubbed his cheek against Aurora's since she was giggling blissfully.    

"You are going to spoil another one of our daughters…" Kate said and then sighed.    

Mother, I am not spoiled!" Christina protested.    

Recently, Christina had been calling her parents like that instead of papa and mama, she wasn't an adolescent yet, but it seemed that she would become one of those teens that would think that their parents were uncool and lame; Billy could only shrug while thinking about that since it was funny.    

While Billy was playing with his new children, his wives and the other kids were training. Billy thought that they should relax more since he became the ruler of that world and the shield around to prevent invaders was completed.    

Speaking of them, it was about time to tell who gave birth to who. It seemed like one massive coincidence, but Kate gave Birth to Arthur, Natalie gave birth to Aurora, and Sarah gave birth to Reed. So, each of his wives gave birth to a boy and a girl. Billy was looking forward to making some more, but perhaps it would be a good idea to wait a few years. The cries at night were driving Billy's wives mad, even though he was the one who looked after the kids when they cried at night most of the time.    

"Billy, let's spar," Natalie said.    

"I forgot where I put my glaive during the battle. Creating a new one is too much of a pain," Billy said.    

"I see… You think you would win easily," Natalie furrowed her eyebrows.    

"I wonder how you reached that conclusion given my words…" Billy said and then sighed. "As far as I am concerned, spars are made to make people polish their skills, not to win or lose. So perhaps you don't want to spar."    

"That is right. I want to test my strength," Natalie said.    

Billy scratched the back of his head and then sighed. He knew that they couldn't drop their guard, and an enemy might show up knowing how to deal with that barrier. Still, the chances were minimal, and Billy had already made some preparations for that.    

"Can I send a clone to fight?" Billy asked. "Someone has to look after the kids since you guys are training junkies."    

"It is fine, as long as you do it seriously," Natalie said.    

"How could I fight seriously against one of my beloved wives?" Billy asked. "Besides, you know that when it comes to those techniques, time is the best option."    

Billy taught his wives and friends how to use Final Aura and Magic Limit break, but for some reason, they couldn't use it as well as Billy and Uvish. Still, it was better to train regularly than boost their powers like that.    

"Billy, if you keep repairing her swords, she will keep challenging you every day," Sarah said.    

"It is fine to have a goal in life," Billy said.    

"Yes, but it is unnerving when that goal in her life does nothing but spoils his kids all day," Sarah said.    

"I suppose…" Billy rubbed his chin thoughtfully.    

"Besides, your kids are starting to think that you are lame since you stay home all day," Sarah said.        

"How can this be? I am the coolest dad in the entire cosmos," Billy said.    

Sarah sighed. Lately, she has been complaining a bit about that, and Billy knew that she had a point. He has been enjoying too much his days off. Pretty much every day was a day off now… While he was the ruler of that world. It wasn't like Billy had the need or ambition to give others orders. Playing with his kids was a lot more satisfying.    

"I guess I will visit everyone and see how the shops are doing," Billy said.    

"Don't return late, be back for dinner," Sarah said.    

Billy sighed. First, she complained that he was staying at home too much and now she wanted that. Women indeed were a mystery that humans would never understand…    

In the last year, a lot of things changed. One of them was that Alexander and Lily were traveling around with Lara to look for the invaders. Some of them had been dealt with. Some of them surrendered and were sent back to their home planet, and some decided to stay and build villages. While that diversity wasn't a bad thing, many people few cautious of them since they once had been enemies. Still, all of them abandoned their weapons once they learned that Billy's barrier could protect them from invaders.    

Despite that, people like Alexander and Lily worked by contacting those villages to keep things under control. Billy found them in one of the shops that he built in those villages, and as usual, he was selling pills on them.    

"Well, well, if it isn't Billy… the lazy bum," Alexander asked.    

"It would be a pity if this lazy bum challenged you to a duel and kicked your ass," Billy said.    

"He is in a bad mood because Sarah keeps scolding him," Lily said and then laughed.    

"Putting that aside, how are things around these parts?" Billy asked.    

"Everything is fine. Only those who have big balls like me have the courage to piss you off," Alexander said.    

"Don't flatter yourself. Instead of courage, it would be more accurate to say that it is stupidity," Billy said. "It seems that ruling by fear is truly efficient."    

"Don't joke about that. A lot of people around these parts respect and fear you, so they won't be able to tell when you tell a joke," Lily said. "How are those three? We are thinking about taking a break from this job, but I think it is too soon."    

"Well, taking a few days off is fine. If someone causes a problem, you just have to make an example out of them when you return," Billy said. "In any case, I need to keep going. Too many shops to inspect and too little time to do so."    

After saying his goodbye to those two, Billy moved around and talked with his friends like Aura, Rosalie, Svan, and Felipe. Things were going pretty well in their states. Most of the reconstruction had been finished, and it had been an easy job since mages were pretty much everywhere now. Thanks to that, Billy wondered how things would play out in that world… in the past, the human story in that world was pretty restarted every five hundred years, but now it was different.    

Billy wondered where he should go next… after talking with Alessandro, he decided to head to the demi-humans continent since it would be better to leave the southern part of the human continent for later. Much to his surprise, he found that things had changed there quite a bit, and Icarus and Lucyna decided to live there and help Meryl keep things under control.    

Even now, Icarus hadn't done anything to get closer to Lucyna, and at that point in time, Billy decided that he was a lost cause. Regardless, they were many towns under construction there, and they were different from the humans since most demi-humans were used to hunting instead of trading for what they needed.    

"What is up, Billy?" Icarus asked. "It is rare for you to visit. Your new kids aren't that young anymore?"    

"What is that supposed to mean?" Billy asked. "I am taking a break since I guess I have rested for too long. I can't let my kids think that I am someone who stays at home all day."    

"It might be a little too late for that…" Icarus said while frowning.    

"Well, I supposed your earned your rest after all those crazy battles," Lucyna said. "It doesn't surprise me that you can't find anything interesting to do aside from watching your kids grow… come to think of it, isn't that what people in their sixties feel when they watch their grandkids?"    

"It is exactly that," Icarus said.    

Since Icarus was saying that, then it was pretty accurate… Regardless, they guided Billy through some of the towns that they were building, and he saw a lot more people than expected. Even some humans had moved to those parts. Despite that, things were as calm as they could be.    

"... Oh? Our great ruler decided to pay a visit to us?" Meryl asked while smiling when she saw Billy. "Forgive my rudeness. I will bend my knee now."        

"Yes, peasant, you should know your place, muahahaha," Billy said. "This isn't as fun as I thought… I guess. It is because I never had such aspirations. In any case, you are pretty good at leading people and making them build builds, huh? Were you an engineer or something before?"    

"You realized that a lot sooner than those two," Meryl said. "Yes, you are right. Still, as expected, I never had the chance to engage in such large-scale projects. Using magic also helps quite a bit, so this is really fun."    

"Since things are growing here, we thought that it would be a good idea to repair the tunnels and then build some underground trains as well," Icarus said. "That would save a lot of time since some people came here to live and others are just visiting. We also need some materials on the human continent."    

"I guess that is fine now," Billy said. "Still, I will ask for a transport fee since I will be the one repairing everything."    

"You can always leave the task to others who can use magic," Icarus said.    

"No way, and lose the chance to become even richer?" Billy asked. "Wakanda of nonsense, is that?"    

Even now, Billy was hard to understand… he probably was the richest and strongest man in the world, and he still wanted more money. Still, fortunately, he only wanted more because he was bored and he liked efficiency.    

"I will repair the tunnels in the next few days, that will keep me busy, and my wives won't have reason to complain," Billy said.    

"So, you showed up because they complained…" Icarus said and then shrugged.    

Billy left the demi-humans continent and then headed to his former home. Things were changing there as well since a lot more people were visiting the place. Most of them wanted to know more about the place where Billy and his friends grew up. Despite that, it looked like the place was turning into some countryside town. Things were easy going there. In any case, after paying a visit to the parents of his wives, Billy went to his old home and saw his grandmother making some medicine and his parents sparring. Billy truly felt like a lazy bum after seeing that…    

"Welcome back, Billy," Drew said.    

"It is rare for you to come alone," Camilla said.    

"Yeah… the others are doing their own things at home," Billy said, and then he approached to help Anna. "I was inspecting my shops and decided to show up."    

"Do you still remember how to handle medicinal herbs?" Anna asked.    

"Of course, while I automated most of the process, I am the one who does most of the things when the machines break," Billy replied.    

"That is surprising. Most people nowadays only want to learn magic to deal with health problems," Anna said.    

"That is because most of them are too young. Eventually, everyone will realize that pills can help only in general cases," Billy said.    

"That is true. You always realize things sooner than the others," Anna said while smiling.    

"How about a spar, Billy?" Drew asked.    

"Why does everyone want to spar with me?" Billy asked. "Dad and Natalie are too much of battle junkies."    

"I guess we are," Drew said.    

In the end, Billy made a spear using earth magic, and then he assumed his stance. When the spar started, and they charged at each other, Billy used to raise a bump on the ground and made his father trip. When Drew realized what had happened, Billy's spear was in front of his nose.    

"My win," Billy said.    

"It is not fair if you use magic," Drew said.    

"Dad once said that fights aren't fair most of the time, and we have to be prepared for this kind of thing," Billy said when he helped his father get up.        

"I don't remember saying that," Drew said while frowning.    

"I guess it was something I said to Hector and Christina then," Billy said and laughed.    

"Can you believe this boy? He is already trying to outsmart his dad," Drew said and then slightly punched his son's side.    

"Let's just be thankful that he isn't as naive as his old man," Camilla said and then laughed. "By the way, Billy, did you already visit Samuel's dojo? He is building one while he develops his own fighting style… your father didn't like the idea that he wanted to do something different than us. Still, he changed his mind when he almost got his ass kicked."    

"I went easy on him.. and I paid the price, that is all," Drew said.    

"He mentioned something like that, but he also said that he didn't want to borrow my influence and I should keep my distance from the time being," Billy said. "It seems he wants to see how far he can go by himself. Ah. youth…"    

"You are quite young yourself, aren't you?" Camilla asked.    

Meanwhile, Samara was still doing the work of helping newbie dungeon explorers, but now she had a team that helped her with that. Not to mention, they also were hired to even help the big guilds. Billy felt satisfied knowing that his siblings were doing so well.    

Talking with his parents about random things was quite nice. Billy couldn't remember the last time they did that before things got filled with battles and crazy situations. Thanks to that, Billy wondered if it was time to reveal his secret, that he was originally from Earth. That person that he was back there changed nothing regarding his life, but…    

"I guess I should talk with those three first…" Billy thought.    

After a while, Billy headed south and then confirmed that things in the southern part of the continent were as calm as they could be. To the point that Haruna was considering paying a visit to see Billy's new children. While Hector probably was going to like that, Billy wondered how many people she would bring with her… it would be a pain if she brought dozens of officials from her army.    

Billy's last stop had been the tribesmen's main village. He had decided to keep a distance and let the new Uvish grow naturally without interfering, and he noticed him moving around the village chief house.    

"... It seems that kid like this place," Billy said.    

"Yes, my daughter is looking after him, so it is normal for him to be here all the time," Totaic said. "For some reason, everyone looks calm when he is nearby."    

It was probably because of the presence of the spirits… even now, they were looking after their practically reborn friend. They were determined in not to let him carry the weight of the world ever again and give him the chance to live a normal life.    

"You could at least look less serious when looking at the time," The time spirit said.    

"This is my Pokerface," Billy said. "I am not particularly mad, or anything, and everything that happened is in the past. Besides, you should know that there is no reason for me to interact with him, and you probably think that is for the best since he won't grow close to the idea of someone that can talk with the spirits inside him."    

"Yes, it is…" The time spirit said. "We are thankful for all your hard work."    

"What about the others?" Billy asked.    

"They are sleeping, we are beings that exist to keep balance on the world, and the world is on balance thanks to you," The time spirit said. "We are finally free to do what we want."    

"You guys want to sleep?" Billy asked while frowning. "I suppose it must be difficult to be ten thousand years old… In any case, take turns keeping an eye on him to avoid problems."    

"We certainly will," the time spirit said.    

"Speaking of which, you guys appeared when the first humans showed up and when mana was introduced in this world," Billy said. "Do you have any idea who did that?"    

"No, my power can't help with that either, since I can only see and control the time of this planet, and up to a point, we were born," the time spirit said.    

That was a bit… Billy didn't know how to feel about that mystery. Someone created humans and made mana emerge in that world, but that someone or something never did anything after that. Was that a good or a bad thing? Considering that Uvish did what he did and only the spirits got in his way, he assumed that no one else would. The origin of life on the planet was part of someone else's plan. Still, their development apparently wasn't in their interest.        

With those kinds of thoughts, Billy returned home. Just as Sarah asked, he arrived before dinner time, and then he helped his wives feed the kids. They were about to graduate from breast milk, after all. During that time, he wondered if he should tell his wives that he had come from Earth. He couldn't sense any point in doing that, but something inside him wanted to tell them.    

"Can you three come to my room later?" Billy asked.    

Billy's wives looked at him suspiciously. Those words were quite misleading, after all. Still, he never asked anything too weird out of them, so they had no reason to think that he was plotting something… not many reasons at least.    

"I just want to talk about something," Billy said and then sighed.    

Those three nodded and showed up at Billy's room one hour later. After a few moments of silence, Billy took a deep breath and decided to tell them everything. Still, their reactions were worse than he had expected…    

"The truth is… I am someone from another planet," Billy said. "Uvish brought my soul here and many others to enact change in this world and make things more favorable to him."    

"You are… from another planet?" Kate asked while looking at the other two.    

"You don't look very different," Natalie said while frowning.    

"That is because only my soul was brought here… not my body, not like my previous body was much different than this," Billy said.    

"Really? Don't you imagine things?" Sarah asked. "Maybe Uvish made you dream of that and think all those things."    

"No, he wouldn't… would he? Stop putting weird thoughts in my mind," Billy said. "Think about it. Some things that I created are things from my other life."    

"While most of them were amazing, they didn't look alien," Kate said.    

"Billy… you already have done more than most people. You don't need to say weird things to make you feel more special," Natalie said.    

"You really think that my pride is that cheap?" Billy frowned.    

"You are already special enough, Billy," Sarah said. "Just forget about those weird dreams."    

"Come on… please, believe me," Billy said.    

"All right, all right, we believe you," Kate said while head patting Billy said.    

"I feel so humiliated now…" Billy said and then sighed.    

"I am sleepy. Good night…" Natalie said and then fell down and began to snore.    

"I guess we should stay here as well," Sarah said.    

Before long, those three were sleeping, and Billy was facepalming. Words couldn't describe how stupid he felt… in the end, his first life ended a long time ago, and it didn't have any relation with that one. He already knew that, but only now the doubts in his heart had disappeared.    

In the end, Billy also went to sleep while groping some boobs to feel more relaxed. He had to enjoy that as much as possible because he knew they would soon go on other adventures, and this time, they would explore larger civilizations… Billy truly couldn't have asked for a better life…    

The end.    

Author's Notes since the real Author's notes below are too damn short: To those who managed to read this book until here. You have my utmost gratitude. It was fun to write this book, but I am not sure if I managed to make it reach its true potential. Even I could tell that the book could be awesome and different in many aspects, but along the way, I wasn't sure if I managed to pull it off.    

Anyway, enough with the excuses, Billy's journey is the fifth journey that I have completed, and I hope that you had as much fun reading as I had writing the book. Your thoughts and suggestions are greatly appreciated, I may not be able to answer all of your comments, but you can rest assured that I read all of them. It is the least I can do for those who read my books. =D        

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