Chapter 120 - You and My Brother Are About to Get Married

Jiang Tong cleaned up the table and picked up the rope on the floor. She rolled it up and placed it in the bottom drawer of the small cabinet. There was also a black leather whip. This was something that she already had at home. Although Jiang Tong had already moved out of the house and did not live here, she only took some clothes and toiletries. She did not need to take too many things since South Washington’s house was in a ready-to-move-in condition.

Jiang Tong was busy tidying up. Xie Wenkai was already asleep on the bed behind her, wrapped in a blanket. Xie Wenkai had the habit of taking an afternoon nap. However, his nap now had nothing to do with an afternoon nap. He was just tired, and he slept very soundly. There was still a faint smile on his lips.

“Ring ring ring.” Jiang Tong’s phone suddenly rang. She turned her head to take a look and answered the call. “Did the Xie family’s investigation point to you?”

“Yes, Sister-in-law. You know that the Xie family is looking into you?” The person who called was Zhou Mingfei.

“Yes,” Jiang Tong replied. After she returned, she took the opportunity to ask Xie Wenkai when they were taking a break. She asked him who else knew about the information he had found after he had finished looking into her. Xie Wenkai said that he had destroyed the information after he had finished looking into her. He was really very careful, afraid that his parents would find out that he had investigated a young woman. The crux of the problem was not who Xie Wenkai investigated, but the target of his investigation was a young woman. Xie Wenkai had already been careful to such an extent at home. The reason Xie Wenkai was able to investigate Jiang Tong’s information was that Jiang Tong had used her cell phone number to send a message to Xie Wenkai. Her cell phone number was verified by her real name, but Xie Wenkai’s mother did not have this advantage since she did not have Jiang Tong’s number.

Although Xie Wenkai’s mother could also find Jiang Tong’s phone number as long as she checked Xie Wenkai’s phone records. However, Xie Wenkai’s mother wouldn’t do that. The first thing she would investigate would be Jiang Tong’s Lamborghini. She directly investigated the owner of the Lamborghini through the license plate number. However, the Lamborghini wasn’t under Jiang Tong’s name, but Guan Sandao’s. Jiang Tong only drove the car, so she didn’t need to worry about any violations. Guan Sandao would handle it. Therefore, it was obvious that Xie Wenkai’s mother would investigate Guan Sandao. Naturally, she would also look for Zhou Mingfei.

However, neither Guan Sandao nor Zhou Mingfei would reveal any information about Jiang Tong. Jiang Tong knew these people too well. She could even deduce everyone’s reaction step by step.

“Guan Sandao just called me. He said that the Xie family’s madam went to look for him and asked him who drove the Lamborghini. Guan Sandao did not dare to say anything about you, so he pushed the matter to me. Then, Madam Xie called me,” Zhou Mingfei briefly explained the matter.

Guan Sandao was very good at handling things. He had always respected Jiang Tong, so his relationship with Zhou Mingfei became closer. Some things were easier to communicate with Zhou Mingfei.

“What did you say?” Jiang Tong asked Zhou Mingfei casually. At the same time, she turned to look at the bed. She heard a movement behind her. It was Xie Wenkai who had been woken up. Xie Wenkai wrapped himself in the blanket and blinked at Jiang Tong. He looked like a young man who had fallen in love because his first time had been taken away by Jiang Tong. In addition, Jiang Tong had satisfied his masochism, this caused Jiang Tong’s position in his heart to be completely different.

Jiang Tong walked over and rubbed Xie Wenkai’s hair. Xie Wenkai moved closer to Jiang Tong. He tilted his head and rubbed it against Jiang Tong’s arm. Then, he grabbed Jiang Tong’s tender hand and used his teeth to gently rub her fingertips, he didn’t make a sound. He knew that Jiang Tong was on the phone.

“I just told Madam Xie that you’re my sister-in-law. I also told her that you and my brother are about to get married.” On the phone, Zhou Mingfei finished his sentence and asked, “Sister-in-law, what’s going on? The Xie family has been investigating you for the past two days. Did my brother tell you about it yesterday? When Madam Xie called just now, her tone sounded quite harsh. I asked her if you offended her, but she didn’t say anything. She just said that she wanted to look for you.”

Of course, Madam Xie didn’t dare to tell Zhou Mingfei the truth. She wouldn’t allow her son, Xie Wenkai, to have any stains on him. Therefore, she only said that she wanted to look for Jiang Tong and didn’t mention Xie Wenkai at all.

“I told Madam Xie that if there’s anything she needs, she can talk to me directly. She didn’t answer. She even said that it has nothing to do with the Zhou family, but it has to do with you, Sister-in-law.” Zhou Mingfei curled his lips. Then he said, “And then Madam Xie hung up the phone.”

“Mm. Alright, I got it,” Jiang Tong nodded.