Chapter 468

The plutonium dragon was a new creature that the Terran Civilization wanted to create by merging nuclear technology with the biology of San Soliel’s dragons.

This was why Louie had plundered raw materials from the United States military base

“If I were to create this dragon with purely divine power, I would need to use a lot of it, but with this blueprint and technology…”

Louie gazed at the blueprint which the Terran Civilization had perfected to the cellular level.

Although Louie did not know anything about the technology and did not possess biotechnology at the level of the Terran Civilization, he could use magic to replace the gap in his understanding. Although it would consume his divine power, the granularity provided by the blueprints, and the ability to combine simpler elements into a powerful whole by following instructions would allow him to greatly save on the consumption of divine power.

Ultimately, the replicability and efficiency of technology were what gave it an edge over most magic.

“But the Terran Civilization is ultimately a technological civilization and does not have a full understanding of magic and divine power. The design above still has its defects. Nuclear radiation might indeed be poisonous and lethal to mortals, but in the face of powerful magic and legendary rank powerhouses, it is still too weak.”

“I need to make some changes to this dragon. I will weave magical properties into its nuclear radiation so that it not only causes physical destruction but also magical destruction. This way, no existence below true gods would want to face it… No, even true gods would not want to face it. Trying to kill it should force them to waste a certain amount of divine power. This would certainly give them a headache.”

“That’s it. I can even use the method the Intelligent Brain used to transform me. Since I can fire an electromagnetic cannon with my body, I don’t need to waste this nuclear material. I can give it the ability to perform nuclear fission, then in the future, I can add nuclear fusion.”

Louie’s brain began to whir with new ideas.

With the Terran Civilization’s technology as the foundation and divine power as support, Louie was able to slowly complete the blueprint.

“This should be enough. Next, I need to create the first perfect plutonium dragon, and then use it as a template to mass produce them with divine power. This is the way to imitate technology. The following plutonium dragons do not need to be as strong as the first one and can be a few levels lower. I also do not need them to have a subjective consciousness. I only need some powerful cannon fodder.”

“With these cannon fodder, I can send them all into the Abyss to start a war. Facing an army of legendary dragon species, even if there are more demons in the Abyss, I would still gain more recognition from the source of order. Then, one day, I will become order itself.”

Louie looked at the 3D model of the plutonium dragon blueprint in front of him and revealed a satisfied smile.

The path to becoming a god among gods was already in front of him. As long as he did not make a stupid mistake and moved forward step by step, he was bound to have an unhindered future. With true gods being almost impossible to kill, his chances of reaching the peak were very high.

“Now, the most difficult thing is to create the first plutonium dragon.”

Louie frowned. Creating a new species was not so simple; otherwise, the gods would not need to go to the main continent to gather faith. They could just directly create a new race and have the new race believe in them.

To create a new race, a god first needed to have the proper racial divine authority. For example, the Kobold God could create new kobolds and have them reproduce to populate themselves. This way, they could become future believers after reproduction.

This was the advantage of having a racial divine authority. Although it would not increase the level of a god’s divine power, it could elevate the godhood to a high level. Even the Kobold God could reach a godhood of level 15.

Louie had the divine authority of dragons. Creating a new kind of dragon from the perfect blueprints should have been simple, but unfortunately, Louie did not have many dragon believers, as a result, he could not make full use of the divine authority.

“I really am the false God of Dragons. The other gods even call me the ‘God of Dreams’, because my main divine authority at the moment is dreams.”

“I can’t delay this any longer. I need to go to the ‘Dragon Island’ near the Dragon Kingdom on the main continent. I need to make those dragons believe in me.”

“If those stupid dragons don’t do as they’re told…”

A hint of killing intent flashed in Louie’s pupils. As the Dragon God, he did not mind killing the entire dragon race. He could even use the divine authority of dragons to curse the entire race to let them know the price of disrespecting the Dragon God.

“Dragon Island has older dragons. They should have enough experience and wisdom compared to their idiotic younger counterparts.”

After making this decision, Louie got up and prepared to set off for the Dragon Kingdom to meet the Mythril King who had ruled over it for a thousand years.

Louie calculated his every step precisely to not make any mistakes.

But sometimes unexpected things could happen. Just when Louie was about to open a portal and let his incarnation descend on the main continent, his eyes looked towards the west of the continent at the territory of the Subila Empire.

“There seems to be a problem in Princess Andrea’s place…”

Louie sensed Andrea praying towards him through a token that Louie gave to Princess Andrea after meeting her.

The princess had information about the ‘Prince of Lies’, the location of his grave as well as the location of the divine authority of killing that Louie sought after. After thinking about things, he decided to respond to the princess first.

With a thought, Louie connected his will to Alexia. As his child with the Silver Moon Goddess, Louie was able to directly communicate with Alexia without any barriers.

“Father God, you’re awake!”

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The two dragons were connected by divinity. Louie was able to sense his daughter’s surprise and moistening emotion. He did not say anything unnecessary, “Dispatch a small force to secretly infiltrate the now Subila Kingdom to contact Princess Andrea. I will then instruct Clooney to send some clerics to follow.”

“In accordance with your will, Father God!”

Alexia did not ask Louie about the reason and immediately obeyed.

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