Chapter 120

Chapter 120

Thinking that Selina knew enough, Fionel generously poured out what she knew. There were too many secrets for her to keep to herself and forget.

“I met Rosalyn, Irell… and there were others.”

“…Wait a minute. Didn’t he think of Rosalyn as his sister?”

“What kind of brother slept with his sister?”

“They even slept…?!”

Selina screamed in exasperation. Well yes, she was too clingy to be a sister. Rosalyn alone couldn’t have been like that, but at that moment, the Crown Prince’s performance was so believable that she couldn’t even doubt it.

“Sleep with Rosalyn in the morning, and sleep with Irell at noon.”

“Crazy, crazy…”

The word really crazy should be used in this case.

Did he live like that with a face that looked so righteous? The Crown Prince’s image fell, even after hitting the earth’s surface. She saw him beating the Princess with her own eyes. So even though she knew he was a bad guy, Selina didn’t expect him to be this dirty.

…He was not just tyrannical and selfish, he was even obscene.

“The Duke said the Crown Prince was not interested in women…”

“It’s true that he was not interested in women. He sees them as prey, not women. He was not interested in marriage and he was not interested in dating, the only thing he was interested in is ‘Can I destroy them, too?’”

Selina shook her head, looking completely fed up.

“No, isn’t it normal that people don’t know? Why don’t they know? No, they know, but if they get caught talking behind his back, the Crown Prince would kill them to shut them up?”

“They do shut up because they’re scared, but… only women who’re not in much interest become the prey. It wouldn’t have been much.”

The looks, the status… Just as it was with Kalcion, with those two, the people who look with eyes thinking ‘maybe…’ would pile up and overflow. It was so natural that he became interested in people whom he wasn’t, and thought of flirting as a game.

It was a very common and obvious ending.

“By the way, you know very well?”

It was quite detailed information for someone who had been observing while coming and going.

While it was a thoughtless question, Fionel flinched and averted her gaze.

This was plain to see that she was hesitating as she rushed to come up with an excuse. A person’s creativity tended to burst at unpredictable moments. Selina’s creativity exploded right now when she didn’t expect it at all.

“You…don’t tell me… it’s your experience?”


Fionel, who had been stabbed in an area she hadn’t defended against, shriveled up. That attitude meant affirmation.

“Hey. So, it’s not only towards the duke. You acted as if it was fate from the very beginning of life.”

“How, how long is life…! I’m talking about my childhood. Still, I wasn’t left out?!”

“There must have been nothing worth not leaving out.”

Due to her personality, there was no way she would have just let the chance pass. There was a 100% chance that she jumped over with excitement. The Crown Prince had already achieved his goal, so he would have let go of her hand cleanly.

It was quite a good thing that things weren’t hard because of her personality.

“Because I didn’t ask for anything too much so I wasn’t left out. Greedy ones like you were left out, and they cried.”

“What greed?”

“The Crown Princess position or something like that? I don’t fall in love for things like that. Love is just doing it because you like that person.”

Although she hated Fionel, she acknowledged her subjective views on love.

“Do you love the Duke that much, too?”

“Of course.”

“Even if the Duke goes bankrupt and loses all of his territory, no money, and even his position?”

“That is enough for me. At that time, I will feed him and look only at him. Oh, I wish that was the case.”

Her face, which was so tense at the story of the Crown Prince, quickly melted away as if it was good just thinking about it. For a moment, Selina thought about the vacancy beside Kalcion after she had left. She wondered if it would be better to have Fionel, who genuinely loved him.

“In that case, as soon as he opens his eyes in the morning, I would clean his eye boogers with my hand, brush his teeth with my hand, and feed him breakfast with my hand. A duke who wears only the clothes I give him and eats only the things I feed him… Ah!”

…She’s crazy.

Selina blamed herself for thinking even for a moment that if it were Fionel’s pure love, it would be okay. Her pure love was a piece of sh*t. It was just the crystallization of possession and obsession.

“Give up early because there will never be anything like that in your life.”

Selina glared at Fionel, not hiding the displeasure that emanated from inside her. She was getting worried about the future. There were only people like this around, so she wondered if Kalcion would be okay after she went back.

“You don’t know what will happen to people, don’t let your guard down. At best, I can be a lover.”

“You can’t even be a lover at best. First of all, won’t Rosalyn win first?”

On top of the rampaging Fionel, there was Rosalyn, who treaded well. Fionel, who was always pushed aside in terms of family, wealth, and beauty, jumped up and down in pain from being stabbed.

“I will definitely wait and see how long you will last!”

Fionel screamed and ran out of the break room.

With a voice like that, even if someone were listening outside, they would have thought they were here for a fight. Selina wondered if she should make up an excuse for being alone in the break room with Fionel, but it worked out.

As she stopped by the bathroom while she was there, she left the break room leisurely.


As soon as she opened the door, she was confronted by the Crown Prince.

She was frozen and couldn’t greet him right away. Before Selina, who hastily regained consciousness, could greet him, the Crown Prince smiled broadly and opened his mouth.

“Is my face so amazing?”

“…Why are you in front of the break room?”

‘Please, don’t say he has heard everything about Fionel…’

They had been talking about something directly related to the Crown Prince, so they whispered as low as possible. Even if there were people hiding in the break room, they wouldn’t have been able to understand what was going on unless they put their ears directly.

It could be that meeting the Crown Prince was a real coincidence… still, Selina couldn’t believe it was a coincidence.

“Are you going to say that this is also a coincidence?”


The Crown Prince smiled confidently.

“There are a lot of eyes in the Palace, especially since this is my space. Since you and Fionel looked unusual, I tried to stop you if there was a fight.”

He said, ‘eyes.’

It wouldn’t just mean many people were watching. It must mean that there were people planted by the Crown Prince everywhere.

Selina recalled the ‘coincidence’ that kept repeating over and over again. As she started to doubt it, everything from the beginning seemed suspicious. There was absolutely no way that Fionel and the Crown Prince were working with each other, so this must have been the work of hidden eyes.

Then, from the moment she appeared, the Crown Prince’s goal had already been set.

Selina’s curiosity, which she had forgotten for a while, increased. The reason why he tried to kill her, was it Rosalyn’s intention, or was it the Crown Prince’s intention…?

“As expected, we had a great fight.”

“You were shouting loudly.”

“…I am ashamed.”

“Your voice was not heard. It’s difficult for it to cross the gates of the palace where voices fluttering like a spring breeze are loud.”

Selina laughed lightly.

“Are you on my side now?”

“Isn’t the world always on the side of the beautiful?”

“Do I even need the world? In my life, having one person on my side was enough.”

“It would be an honor if that could be me.”

The Crown Prince’s flirting continued, giving no time to rest. Selina laughed again. She left the Capital after today anyway. It was not difficult for her to suppress her reluctance, thinking that she no longer had to see his face.

“That’s something we’ll have to wait and see, right? Now, I hope you will be by my side as I return to the party.”


As soon as the Crown Prince grabbed her outstretched arm, she saw Kalcion at the end of the hallway.

As Selina said, he couldn’t be a pervert Duke who followed her to the bathroom, so he must have hidden in the hallway and watched but then jumped out when he saw the Crown Prince arm in arm with her.

He looked like he was going to grab the Crown Prince now. Selina shook her head imperceptibly in his impatience.

‘He’s not trying to kill me!’

Conceivably feeling her sense of urgency, Kalcion frowned and then disappeared beyond the hallway wall. Meanwhile, perhaps not noticing it, the Crown Prince started walking, looking down at Selina with a smiling face.

“Huh? Where are you going?”

It wasn’t the direction she came from.

This was the Royal Palace.

If the Crown Prince put his mind to it, he could drag her somewhere unknown and do whatever he wanted. Selina, stricken with anxiety, looked for Kalcion with her eyes though he had disappeared from her eyes.

‘Still, he should be hiding somewhere and watching…’

She didn’t ask him to go away at all because Kalcion was meticulous when it came to safety.

“Didn’t you want an escort to the party?”

“Is this the way to the party?”

Would he take her to some shady place and do something like, ‘This is just the party with just the two of us partying’?

Contrary to Selina’s concerns, what came out at the end of the long hallway was a special entrance prepared on one side of the party hall.

Since it was the Crown Prince’s Palace, there was an entrance for people entering from outside and an entrance connected to the Crown Prince’s Palace. The entrance connected to the Crown Prince’s palace was, of course, for the Crown Prince’s appearance.

“His Highness the Crown Prince enters!”

The shouts of the attendant with a good voice split the party hall.

The people gathered at the attendant’s shouting all bowed their heads and waited for the Crown Prince. With Selina at his side, the Crown Prince marched forward proudly and was greeted by the people.

It was like getting proposed in a public place.

Selina had cold sweat running down her back.

‘What is he doing…?!’

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