Chapter 5690: Mystery in the palace

Chapter 5690 Mystery in the Palace

Within the seven areas, the strength distribution of the cultivators was uneven. Yu Wenlan, Ji Yu, and Ye Hua were in the same area, so it was obviously much easier to fight against each other.

The other places are obviously not so easy to resist.

Without hesitation, the seven stars directly slaughtered the immortal cultivators in their respective areas. They received only one order, and that was to kill all the intruders.

Su Yan's area is facing Niu Jinniu, who is the most powerful of the Xuanwu Seven Stars.

Niu Jinniu rushed directly to the cultivator in the area, and the cultivator who collided with him was directly pierced by Niu Jinniu's horns.

Derby couldn't help but gasped when he saw it. You must know that the man Niu Jinniu pushed up was a real six-star God Emperor Realm expert, and he was killed so easily.

After Niu Jinniu pierced the man, he rushed towards Su Yan who was the closest.

Yuan Shuai hurriedly said after seeing it, "Daoist Xiaotian, be careful."

Yuan Shuai also only dared to remind him, you must know that this guy directly killed a God Emperor Realm six-star 1 existence just now, Yuan Shuai didn't dare to joke about his name.

Su Yan didn't expect that this guy would come directly to find him. Su Yan didn't panic when he met Niu Jinniu, after all, he had that strength.

Immediately, the Wanzai Frost Sword was called in his hand, and the surrounding temperature also dropped a bit with the appearance of the Wanzai Frost Sword.

Seeing Su Yan's posture, Yuan Shuai looked at Derby in disbelief. He never thought that Su Yan would dare to face Niu Jinniu.

After Niu Jinniu saw Su Yan's posture, he rushed over directly. He regarded Su Yan's whole movement as a provocation to him.

"Crazy collision!" Niu Jinniu roared with a deflated voice.

"Come on, Star Destroyer—Endless." Su Yan also directly raised his sword intent to the highest level, facing an opponent like Niu Jinniu, Su Yan still dare not be careless, after all, this guy is a real supreme. Although it is a puppet with a little lack of self-awareness, it is still supreme.

The moment the seven stars came out, Su Yan realized that they were seven puppets, or it could be said that they were seven energy bodies, and the seven of them were not living things.


The collision between Su Yan and Niu Jinniu caused violent energy fluctuations.

"Why are you standing still, let's go together." Su Yan said to the people around after he stabilized his figure.

Even if he can fight, then these people can't stand dumbly, besides, who doesn't want to save more power in this kind of place.

Relying on Su Yan's frontal collision and the assistance of others, Su Yan had the upper hand for a while.

Yu Wenlan also relied on the existence of the three masters, and with the cooperation of other people, he gradually gained the upper hand.

The other side has the largest number of people in the seven areas, and it also has the upper hand relying on the advantage of the number of people. The other four areas are basically being abused by the stars, and they can only hold together in a corner to defend hard.

"Roar—" After Niu Jinniu roared, the divine power on his body soared, the clothes on his upper body were directly burst, and his whole body became bigger in an instant, and then rushed over again, as if he could only charge.

On Su Yan's side, he also directly held the Wanzai Frost Sword and swung out a sword energy containing endless sword intent, and everyone else also used their housekeeping skills one after another.

Soon Niu Jinniu was beaten and retreated steadily.

"Star Destroyer-Endless!" At this moment, Su Yan slashed down with another sword art, and Niu Jinniu was also completely killed. Then the whole body turned into thousands of stars and dissipated.

After killing Niu Jinniu, Yuan Shuai looked at Su Yan even more incredulously, but he didn't ask any more questions.

On the contrary, Lao Niu said directly: "Xiaotian, can you have such strength at the level of the God Emperor Realm? Are you the young master of that clan, and you have such a talent."

"Low-key, low-key." Su Yan said hastily, he is not like the object of everyone's attention, he still wants to make a fortune in silence.

"What's the matter with being low-key? Are you low-key when you have this strength? In my opinion, no one present is your opponent." Lao Niu said proudly, as if it was himself.

Su Yan was also speechless after hearing this.

"Fellow Daoist, stop chatting, come and help me."

"That's right, I can't stand it anymore."


The area next to Su Yan has been cornered by the female earth bat to defend hard. There were originally twenty teams of immortal cultivators in the area, but now there are only eleven left, and nine immortal cultivators have already died at the hands of female earth bats.

Su Yan and the others were about to step over the crack to help.


Accompanied by a muffled sound, everyone's bodies were bounced back fiercely, and an air wall appeared in the air at some point, cutting off the connection between various areas.


Just at this moment, the terrain of the area where Su Yan was located began to change, and there were layers of downward steps slowly appearing at the border with the sculpture in the middle.

Obviously a passage leading to the next floor.

Several immortal cultivators rushed down without hesitation, Su Yan looked at Yuan Shuai, Derby and Lao Niu. The eyes of several people were full of curiosity about what was going on below, and they immediately walked down the steps regardless of the people above.

After all, they can't help them even if they want to help them above, and besides, there are probably treasures on the lower floor.

Yuan Shuai and Derby didn't dare to come down. After all, they were already quite dangerous when they faced the Xuanwu Seven Stars just now. Yuan Shuai, Derby and Lao Niu couldn't detect the fluctuation of divine power emanating from Niu Jinniu. rank.

In their opinion, Niu Jinniu's strength is definitely at or above the ninth star of the God Emperor Realm. After all, if their strength is felt with the divine sense, it is only one star higher than their eight star God Emperor Realm. They can still perceive a thing or two, but when they face Niu Taurus, they can't sense Niu Taurus' strength at all, which shows that Niu Taurus' strength is at least nine stars in the God Emperor Realm.

But after seeing Su Yan's strength, Yuan Shuai and Derby have a certain amount of confidence in what will happen next. Putting it on Lao Niu, he is simply a stunned young man who has never been counseled at all.

There were only seventeen immortal cultivators in an area on Su Yan's side. After they descended the steps, many immortal cultivators above were jealous.

Ye Hua was even a little anxious, he had long calculated that most of the treasures in the star palace were on the second floor, but at this time someone entered the second floor before him, he was anxious and had no choice.

The immortal cultivators in their entire area dealt with Dou Muxie in the Xuanwu Seven Stars. Although they had the upper hand, Dou Muxie couldn't beat them and ran away directly. The whole area of ​​theirs and other areas showed a similar pattern. A completely different scene.

That is to say, in other areas, the star hosts initiated the attack, but on their side, it was the immortal cultivators chasing the stars.