v7 Chapter 2536: Why dare to do this! ?

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Through the information she learned, the godmother knew how much Bu Bo loved her sister.

I came to Buper this time to show off against Buper.

But Buper brought his sister over, which made the godmother feel that Buper wanted to showdown with herself.

How dare Bubo dare to do this! ?

Could it be that Bu Bo has something to rely on?

If Bu Bo has no support, he should not dare to take his sister to take risks.

No matter what, as the godmother of the Godmother Federation, you should have a good chat with Bu Po, the only person who passed the Godmother's nine exams!

Bugs and cacti are most common in deserts.

Ferris cactus, a unique desert plant, can quickly multiply by cutting off a leaf and inserting it in the sand.

In three to five years, it can grow from a person to a giant twenty or thirty meters high!

The taste of Ferris cactus is very similar to that of radish, but it is not as crisp as radish, and the taste is very sticky.

Although not tasty, the ferris cactus is enough to fill the stomach.

Ordinary people in the Federation of Gods and Mothers eat cactus as their staple food almost all the year round, and sauces made from various bugs are their daily side dishes.

During the festival, ordinary people are willing to kill a camel and celebrate the festival with a good camel meal.

Those with better conditions have the opportunity to eat the fruit of the Ferris cactus every few days.

The fruit of the Ferris cactus is sweet and delicious, and sells for a lot of money.

Since the Ferris cactus can only bear fruit when it is old, the insects attracted by the fruit of the Ferris cactus are a good material for tattoos.

This leaves the vast majority of the Ferris cactus fruit being used to feed the bugs that can be used for tattoos.

For families with relatively good conditions in the Federation of Gods and Mothers, eating fruit once is a very luxurious enjoyment.

The fruit in the spiritual fruit banquet mentioned by the goddess is definitely not something that is out of grade like the Ferris cactus fruit.

The godmother is ready to take a good look at what medicine is sold in Bu Po's gourd!

Bu Po and my sister have been standing at the door holding hands. Bu Po can clearly feel that the godmother's inner servant who went in to report has changed her attitude towards herself.

Become more respectful than before.

Bu Po immediately knew that such a situation would occur, mostly because the godmother had a better attitude towards herself.

Otherwise, this kind of thing that looks at people's dishes won't treat themselves like this!

"His Royal Highness, the Mother Goddess, wants to entertain you in the form of a spirit fruit banquet. This is your honor!"

Bu Po didn't say much after hearing the words, and directly took his sister into the room.

There is no concept of being favored in Bu Po's eyes.

If the goddess's spiritual fruit feast is a favor to himself, then what should Lin Yuan's dedication to himself be called! ?

If Bu Bo did not join the Celestial Council to grow up a year ago, he might have thought that the godmother was really good to him, and was ready to take on the responsibility of a master to teach himself.

But now Bubo has grown.

If the godmother really valued herself because of her talent, she should have cultivated herself as early as when she first came.

Instead of letting other members of the Mother of God's reservists crowd out and oppress him.

Usually, in front of Bu Po, the godmother went to the godmother's study, and it was the first time that Bupo entered the godmother's bedroom.

This vast space like a fairyland in front of me is actually just the place where the godmother sleeps every day!

This is really beyond Bu Po's imagination.

Bu Po's elder sister looked around dully like she was in an illusion.

In this unimaginable space, Bu Po's elder sister is very restrained, and even walking has become a smooth crutch.

But Bu Po quickly shook his head gently, no matter how good the godmother was, she couldn't compare to Lin Yuan.

From the perspective of God, Lin Yuan stood behind him like a spirit behind him, playing with the goddess.

In the past, when Bu Po met the Mother of God, it was through a curtain, even when the Mother of God was taking the nine exams.

It can be said that it is the first time that Bu Po has seen the original face of the goddess.

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Bu Po stepped forward and bowed to the goddess without being arrogant, and called out to the goddess.

The godmother heard this voice in the ears of the godmother, so that the godmother could not feel the slightest respect.

The godmother suddenly showed a beautiful smile, raised her hand, grabbed a fruit that Buper had never seen before, and threw it at Buper.

"It seems that you really don't have the slightest respect for my master!"

"Anyway, let's be a master and apprentice, sit down and talk and chat!"

After speaking to Bu Po, the godmother smiled at Bu Po's elder sister.

She raised her hand to signal Bu Po's elder sister to take care of herself, no need to be cautious.

At this time, Lingyuan's calm voice sounded in Bu Po's ear.

"Eat it, these fruits don't contain any toxins."

"It's just that it's best not to eat too fast. This fruit contains the spiritual energy you need."

"If you eat too much, the spiritual energy will flow up in the body and you will make a fool of yourself!"

When Bu Po heard the words, he picked out a fruit that was exactly the same as the one the goddess threw to him, and threw it to his elder sister and said softly.

"Sister eat it in small bites, this fruit is good for you!"

After saying that, Bu Po took out a chair and let his elder sister sit down first, and then he sat on the chair.

A surprised look appeared on the godmother's face.

The fruit that he threw is called the flexible fruit, and this kind of fruit was specially cultivated by himself.

Why does it seem that Bupo has eaten this kind of fruit and knows this kind of fruit very well?

The purpose of the godmother giving this fruit to Bu Po is to make Bu Po embarrassed, so that she can take the lead in the next conversation.

It was ridiculous to play tricks on a young godmother, but the young man didn't have his own way yet.

Just when the godmother was about to test Bu Po, she only heard Bu Po asked directly to herself in a calm tone.

"Lord Goddess, do you have any specific advice for me?"

"I've come!"

The godmother's eyes flashed when she heard the words, and then she stared at Bu Po's eyes tightly.

"Little Po, no matter what you say, I belong to your teacher."

"You can't get over it."

"What can a teacher do with a student? It's nothing more than giving you some guidance~www.novelhall.com~ I wonder if Xiao Po is willing to give the master this opportunity?"

Bu Po laughed twice when he heard the words, his voice was full of the innocence and childishness of a teenager.

However, Bu Po's eyes did not fluctuate.

"I've waited so long for the goddess to finally be willing to guide me carefully. This is my honor!"

"Thank you, Mother Goddess, for your love!"

"I just don't know that I am willing to give you this opportunity, Lord Godmother. What can you teach me, Lord Godmother?"

Mother God's temptation to Bu Po, Bu Po can be said to have returned it intact.

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Chapter 2536 Why dare to do this! ? Read it for free: https://,!