Chapter 101

After Story 1. Honeymoon (4)

It was as if her inner walls were tightening all over him. Evan stopped pounding her uterus and lifted her waist to somehow contain his climax. Still, Aris quickly moved and pressed him.

“Evan, mo, more! Deeper, deeper! Aahh!”

She wrapped her arms and legs around him. She embraced him desperately as if a newborn child was holding the hand of its mother, who is everything in the world.

Evan knew he couldn’t stand his climax, and he pounded her waist for his own and Aris’ pleasure. The uterus had already descended, and the inside was so tight that it was difficult to even stay still. But didn’t Aris want that? She asked him to go deeper. That’s why Evan shoved his penis into the narrow road he had come and went and made Aris go to the climax again.

“Hahk…… ! Haa, ah! Haahng!”

Unlike the climax, which she had already experienced several times, Aris now was trembling without even knowing anything. She looked like she was about to faint at any moment. Still, Evan continued to thrust. Every time he went in, Aris let out a squeal, and every time he came out, her inner wall that came out with him, went in with his cock at once.

Not only that, how deep Aris reached her climax, when his cock came out, the inner wall came out together, and Aris’ love liquid came out fiercely through the narrow gap between Evan’s penis and the inner wall. He stuck his cock in to stop it, and every time he moved his waist again, the liquid leaked out and his pants were soaked in her juices.

For Aris, it was only after an eternity of time had passed as Evan hugged her tightly and shoved his thing deep into her. And something warm burst inside Aris.

“Haa, haa…….”

Evan let out a heavy breath. The liquid she had endured so far filled her insides. Then, as the volume gradually decreased and a gap formed, the white liquid flowed out and fell to the floor.

It would have been nice if there was a break time, but Aris’ inner wall, which was still trembling at its climax, continued to squeeze on Evan. Besides, apart from the wedding ring she shared with Evan, not a single one of the dozens of Bloody Reds he had given her was worn on Aris’ finger. That drove Evan even more crazy.

Aris, who had become his wife, was cradled in his arms, not even wearing the Bloody Red. And he was the only one who could hold her now. So, before returning to the capital, he intended to come inside Aris to his heart’s content. Since he was Aris’ husband, he wanted the first child to be his too.


Aris’ head fell powerlessly onto Evan’s shoulder. Aris, who couldn’t come to her senses due to the great pleasure, eventually passed out.

“…… Was it too much?”

Then he looked back at the actions. But he’s done a lot more than this, so he thought it was okay. He guessed that Aris was also excited about making love with just Evan alone.

More than that, there was a problem with their clothing. The exposed breasts can be covered with his coat. But what about his wet pants? He didn’t pay much attention to the employee’s eyes, but he was a little embarrassed. With only the front of his pants wet, he was worried that there would be unnecessary misunderstandings.

Besides, he didn’t want to be away from Aris yet. He knew he had to put her in bed and let her rest, but he couldn’t help it, because it was a husband’s instinct to still lust after his wife’s body. Of course that didn’t count having desired her for a very long time, even before they became husband and wife.

After thinking briefly, Evan came up with a good idea. He can cover his pants, without separating her. Since Evan wasn’t one to be conscious of the employees’ gaze anyway, he immediately stood up with his hands on Aris’s hips.


Aris was in a dazed state, but she let out a sweet sigh as Evan’s penis was digging deeper than ever before. And with each step Evan took, her sighs grew heavier and heavier, and Evan’s penis filled her entrance tightly.

“Huuht, uhh.”

“Haa, Aris. Let’s go to the room right away.”

As soon as he entered the mansion, he intended to go into the nearest room and continue his thrusting with her leaning against the wall. What does it matter, since this mansion itself was prepared for Aris.

“Huh, Ev, Evan?”

“Have you woken up?”

“This, this…… ahng!”

Aris was afraid that she might fall, so she hugged him tightly. The place where Evan and her had been sitting a while ago was getting further and further out of sight. Feeling ominous, Aris glanced back and saw that the mansion was getting closer and closer.

“Br, brother! Put me down!”

“Brother…… ?”

“Evan, please…….”

Aris begged him with her face flushed red. Aris had not been able to breathe properly in the pleasure until a moment ago, so there were clear traces of tears in her eyes. Her appearance made Evan even more turned on.

Asking to put her down, instead he lifted Aris’ butt high and let only his glans hang over it, then let go of her butt all at once.

“Hahk! Evan, hahh, uht…….”

As if that wasn’t enough, he lifted her hips up again just enough to keep his cock from slipping out, then pulled her butt hard towards him, while still holding her hands in his arms.


With just that once, Aris reached her climax, and the stars twinkled before her eyes. Instead of asking him to put her down, excited breaths and cries flowed from her mouth.

“Go, good! So good…… More, do more.”

Evan laughed at the sincerity that leaked out without her even realizing it. She begged straight into his ear, so Evan couldn’t hear it wrong. If it was Aris’ request, Evan couldn’t refuse. Even more so if it was something like this.

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