Chapter 1421 Was I Cruel?

Li Xue said and her words held the content that instantly made Zhang Qian Lan pale. "You…"

"What? Did you really think that I would never know that you were behind it? Mrs. Zhang, when you dig a grave for someone, you should prepare yourself to fall in one as well. After all, not everyone would be ignorant to let it go every time." Li Xue said as she dusted off her hands before propering her dress.

Last day, when those two men came to stab her in the hospital, she had already heard him showing their disappointment after taking Zhang Qian Lan's face. Of course, she doesn't need to be told what it meant for them to mention their name.

"Li Xue, how could you hold the grudge of something that has not happened? Even if I send them, you are all safe and sound with your baby." Zhang Qi Lan spoke, trying her best to hold back her stutters that were coming along with her tears. Her tears could be said to be of regret. Maybe because she felt playing a part in the reason behind what Zhang Xiaotong suffered today.

When Li Xue heard her, she wanted to laugh out loud. "Mrs. Zhang, I have never said that I am a person who does not hold grudges. Furthermore, didn't you call me a witch? I thought after all that I did to you and your daughter, living up to your given name was the greatest compensation I can offer you." She said as she pressed a smile.

Zhang Qian Lan felt she would spit out blood, but unfortunately verbal attacks damage people mentally and there hardly come any physical damage.

"Li Xue, you better not call yourself kind from next time. You are the cruelest person I have ever met."

Li Xue gave a small laughter. Nodding, she accepted heartily. "And Mrs. Zhang, you also believe me, I have never got a better compliment than this. Thank you." Saying that, she turned to look at Feng Shufen and with an expression of mission accomplished and said, "Do we have more things to do here, honey?"

Feng Shufen stared at her and then shook his head. Li Xue gave a small clap, "Great! Let's go back then. I think I need rest. I am suddenly feeling all sleepy." She said, hooking her arms with his.

Feng Shufen looked at her adoringly and then nodded. Brushing away the hair from her face, he scooted closer to wrap his arms around her protectively. "Let's go then." He said and then turning his back to the rest of them all, he took her away.

The Zhang couple tried calling them out but their calls served no purpose. While the men held them back, Gao Fan stayed back to give them the necessary orders. Once done he also turned and left, leaving the old couple to wail at their own caused losses.

Back near the car, after making Li Xue sit inside, Feng Shufen got inside from the other side. Seeing Du Fan in the driver's spot, she was not surprised, knowing that he might have gotten called to drive them back.

But what perplexed her was the fiddling Feng Shufen was doing around. The first three minutes, Li Xue was confused seeing his actions. Not able to keep quiet for long, she couldn't help but ask, "What are you doing, Mr. Beelzebub? Are you searching for something?"

Feng Shufen made a last move and then looked up at her to say, "I was just adjusting the things around. You wanted to sleep, now you can." He said and then Li Xue looked around to check.

Definitely, she could sleep all comfortably now. She didn't realize it before but now that she was seeing, it was not just the seat that was expanded out for comfort but there was also a pillow, cushions and duvet around. When did he manage to be so thoughtful? The car definitely didn't have all this before.

The more Li Xue looked at the arrangements made, the more her lips curled in contentment. If the man was really going to take care of her like this, she would get spoiled sooner than she had thought.

"Mr. Beelzebub, you know you are really spoiling me like this. If women came to know that a species of husbands are like this, they might not be able to live happily with their husband, thinking and wishing that only if they had one like you."

Feng Shufen simply shrugged, "Not every desire is bound to be fulfilled. They should have given the thought before making the choice." He said and his words didn't hit Li Xue's understanding at first.

But when it did, she pursed her lips and blinked her eyes of amusement at him, "Mr. Beelzebub, I was praising you. Do you really have to look down at other men?"

"If the man can't even take the responsibility of the pain that his women suffer because of him, he is not worthy of her." He retorted and Li Xue no longer had any words to defend the ignorance of other men. Also, there was no need. What does she have to do with others, when she holds the best one of all?

Shaking her head, she didn't ponder more on it, rather scooted closer to the man and said, "Fine, I got your point. But why are we discussing this? I am sleepy and didn't you ask me to sleep?"

Feng Shufen looked around and then adjusted the pillows. Setting one near her head and another to her back. "Yes, you should sleep now. I have adjusted it for you." He said, and Li Xue rejected him before putting away the pillow from her head.

"Although I appreciate your efforts, I feel more comfortable sleeping on you than these pillows." She said and the next moment, she leaned in to put her head on his arms. "Your faint fragrance is like a tranquilizer. It will bring me to a better comfortable sleep."

She said and Feng Shufen paused for a moment. Just when Li Xue thought that he might not have understood what she was speaking of, his arms came to wrap around her, making her lean on his chest for better comfort.

"If that's so, this would be better. Sleep." He said, and a smile curled up Li Xue's lips. Her arms went to get wrap around his waist, while Du Fan started the ride.

Closing her eyes, Li Xue tried to relax when suddenly her brows scrunched up with a thought. And she asked, "By the way, do you think that I was cruel to shoot her like that in front of her parents?"