Chapter 3842

He Yixia drives out in a car. I have to say that a luxury car is a luxury car. Although its performance is completely different from that of his previous car, the driving experience is very good.

In this circle, she drove out directly. Shen Yu'an sat on the side and saw her smile. Only when she saw her smile, did she really feel the value of buying the car.


Shen Yu'an and he Yixia were married for the fourth year.

Four years later, their relationship did not change with the passage of time.

On the contrary, because of the tacit understanding brought by mutual running in, they are more adapted to each other's existence, and they are more accustomed to each other's life.

In the evening, after attending a friend's baby's full moon banquet, he Yixia felt something. When he came back, he couldn't help saying, "today's baby is really good. Do you see it? When I hold her, she still smiles at me."

"Well, it's very nice." In fact, Shen Yu'an didn't care much about other people's children. He didn't have any concept of children and was not his own, so he didn't see much.

He Yixia leaned on his shoulder and whispered, "shall we have a child, too?"

"Do you think it over?" Shen Yu'an asked softly, "when you are pregnant, it may affect your work. Having a baby in October will also put a lot of pressure on your body. Of course, once the child is born, I will accompany her as much as possible and take care of her, but I can't bear too much for you in those ten months. "

"I think so." He Yixia has been thinking about this question for a long time.

Her work has been very skilled, learning new content is also very fast, the two people have a stable relationship, she felt that everything is just right.

She looked up and reflected his handsome and handsome appearance in her eyes: "why not, we will..."

Shen Yu'an was hooked by her words and her throat knot slipped: "obedience is better than respect."


A month later, the family dinner in Baijing palace.

Chu Xiuping went fishing with Shen Fengshan and brought back some fresh and delicious perch.

The housekeeper came to ask for your taste.

Other people didn't care. Shen Chuxin raised his hand and said, "I want steamed food."

He Yixia, who has never been so picky about food, said, "fish with pickled vegetables."

When the dinner came out, he Yixia smelled the taste of sauerkraut fish, and his stomach was full of acid. He ran to the bathroom and retched for a long time.

Shen Yu'an followed in and frowned: "is the fish not fresh enough? If you don't want to eat, don't eat. I'll change the dishes in the kitchen

He Yixia looked at Shen Yu'an in the mirror, and said, "husband, do you think I'm pregnant?"

Shen Yu'an looked at each other in the mirror. Her eyes were stiff for a moment and said, "I'll call a family doctor!"

"No, I did. It's no use calling a doctor now. I have a pregnancy test in my bag. You can hold it for me

Holding he Yixia's fingers, shaking slightly, he turned out of the bathroom and went to the place where he Yixia put his bags. When he walked, he either hit the door or knocked his leg on the furniture. He managed to stumble and take things back.

What's wrong with Shen Chuxin and Chu Xiuping?

I don't know how long it took, Shen Yuan and he Yixia to come out together.

He held he Yixia carefully. Shen Chuxin and Chu Xiuping asked curiously, "elder brother, sister-in-law, what's the matter with you?"

"Original heart, don't you want ES's latest high order evening dress? If you place an order, I'll charge it. "

"Xiuping, you want the latest mechanical manufacturing equipment, also charge me."

Shen Chuxin and Chu Xiuping stared at each other for a long time before making a sound. Excited and surprised, Shen Chuxin asked, "so elder brother, is my sister-in-law pregnant?"

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