Chapter 1200

1200 Chapter 1200-crocodile warrior

The sudden increase of 1000000 raw gemstones showed the determination of the God’s alligator continent’s prodigies. Many people chose to give in.

However, there were still people who continued to bid.

“I’ll bid 2.1 million!”

“Two million two hundred thousand!”

There were still two more people bidding, raising the price to two million and two hundred thousand.

“Three million!”

The Paragon of the Shen ‘e continent spoke again. His eyes were bright, and he was determined to win. He raised the price to three million.

“E Kuang, since you want this sky Thunder wood so much, I’ll give it to you!”

The young man who had bid earlier said and withdrew from the competition.

E Kuang was the name of the most powerful heaven’s favorite on the Shen ‘e continent.

forget it. Three million raw stones is not worth it. I’ll stay and buy something else!

The other young man shook his head and also gave up on the competition.

E Kuang’s face revealed a smile. His Thunder mentality had just reached a bottleneck. This sky Thunder wood might be able to help him break through the bottleneck. Now that he saw no one competing with him, he was naturally overjoyed.

“Haha, since that’s the case. I’ll buy this sky lightning wood …”

E laughed.

“Wait a minute, I’ll bid 3.5 million raw stones!”

At this moment, a voice was heard, causing e Kuang to stop mid-sentence. Then, his eyes flashed with a sharp light as he looked at the person who spoke.

it’s you, someone from the divine wilderness continent!

Seeing the person who spoke, e Kuang’s eyes became even sharper.

The one who made the bid was naturally Lu Ming.

“I’ll offer 3.5 million raw stones. Do you want it or not? If you don’t want it, the sky lightning wood is mine!”

Lu Ming glanced at e Kuang and said indifferently.

“I bid four million raw stones!”

E Kuang gritted his teeth.

“Five million!”

Lu Ming immediately added one million.

Right now, there was a mountain of raw gemstones in Lu Ming’s storage ring. He had a lot of raw gemstones, so he would not even bat an eye if one million raw gemstones were added.

E Kuang’s face darkened.

Five million raw stones had already exceeded his budget.

“Kid, you’re determined to go against me, right?”

E Kuang stared at Lu Ming with an unfriendly look.

“What a joke, everyone naturally wants treasures, and you’re not the only one who can use the sky lightning wood. I can also use it, so I naturally want it too. If you want it, then add the raw stone. If you don’t have any, then shut up!”

Lu Ming said calmly.

kid, don’t think that just because Long Chen has appeared in the divine wilderness continent, the rest of you trash can do whatever you want. Let me tell you, Long Chen isn’t here. I can suppress you with a flip of my hand!

e Kuang shouted in rage and turned hostile.

During this period, Long Chen’s name was also known, so e Kuang knew about it.


Lu Ming pursed his lips indifferently.

“Everyone, is there any rule in the treasure Exchange Tower that we can’t fight?”

E Kuang’s voice was heard.

“No, in the treasure Exchange Tower, there is indeed no rule that forbids us from fighting!”

Someone said with the attitude of watching a show.

alright, this person is deliberately provoking me and raising the price. I can only teach him a lesson and let him know that everyone’s actions and words are linked to his strength. Without strength, there are some actions that can’t be done and some words that can’t be said!

E Kuang stood up and stepped forward, closing in on Lu Ming. His eyes were cold.

hehe, it seems that e Kuang has gone mad. That kid is most likely going to be abused!

Someone sneered.

indeed, the divine wilderness continent’s long Chen is indeed strong in combat. But other than Long Chen, the others are all trash. It’s normal for them to be abused if they want to use Long Chen’s name to do as they please!

“It’s only a matter of time before such a person is killed!”

A series of discussions sounded in the surroundings.

Lu Ming heard all these discussions.

Lu Ming was speechless. Since when did he use Long Chen’s reputation to be so overbearing? Could it be that he had borrowed Long Chen’s name to buy something at a high price?

These people were too imaginative!

Actually, this was no wonder!

In the past, the divine wilderness continent had never been considered strong among the other continents, being below average.

This time, an existence like long Chen had appeared. His combat strength was shocking. In the eyes of others, Long Chen was a special case. The rest of the divine wilderness continent were still trash.

Now that a piece of trash was acting so arrogantly, they naturally thought that Lu Ming was using long Chen’s name to act tyrannically.

“Hmph, brat, if you leave this place now and give up on bidding with me, I’ll let you leave!”

E Kuang said.

In the end, he was still a little afraid of Long Chen. They lived near soldier peak and general peak. He was afraid that Long Chen would find trouble with him later.

Lu Ming shook his head. Xiaoqing, why do I feel that our chances of winning are much higher if someone like him is participating in the selection of the deity sect? ”

I think so too. Eh, look, this person’s face has become darker than a pig’s liver!

Xie nianqing squinted his eyes and mumbled along with Lu Ming.

The two of them exchanged words, which made e Kuang’s face turn into the color of pig liver.

“You’re looking for death! I’ll cripple you!”

E Kuang roared in anger. Sharp nails grew out of his claws and his palms were covered in scales. He looked like a crocodile’s claw, and there were traces of lightning on it.


E Kuang clawed at Lu Ming’s throat. It was as fast as lightning and unbelievably fast.

This claw was terrifyingly powerful. Even an ordinary seventh level spiritual God Realm martial artist would be killed by it.


The eight streams of dragon energy in Lu Ming’s body burst forth. The muscles on his arms bulged as he threw a punch.


A dull sound of impact was heard.

Kachaa! Kachaa!

Immediately, the sound of bones breaking could be heard. E Kuang groaned and his face changed. His body retreated rapidly.

Dense inscriptions appeared on the ground of the hall, dispersing e Kuang’s power.

“This person is so powerful!”

On the side, the others were shocked and somewhat aghast.

At this moment, e Kuang’s claws were completely deformed and twisted. Clearly, e Kuang’s five fingers had been broken by Lu Ming’s punch.

With one punch, not only did he Block E Kuang’s attack, but he also broke e Kuang’s finger. Such power was shocking.

“You’re looking for death!”

E Kuang’s embarrassment turned into anger. He roared and the aura of the peak fifth level spiritual God Realm erupted. At the same time, his bloodline appeared above his head.

He transformed into a giant crocodile that was flashing with lightning. However, because he was in the treasure Exchange Tower, his giant crocodile’s size was much smaller, unlike the mountain-like size outside.

In this place, the giant crocodile’s body had shrunk to ten meters in length, but its power had not weakened at all. It was still terrifying.

E Kuang roared and pounced at Lu Ming.

“Today, I’ll teach you a lesson!”

Lu Ming stood up and his third bloodline emerged. His hair turned blood red and his endless killing intent enveloped e Kuang.


His third bloodline turned into a combat sword. Lu Ming held the sword and slashed.

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