Chapter 2612

"I didn't expect that my strength would be improved so much by breaking through half step." Han Feng muttered.

The breakthrough to the half step supreme is still only half step supreme. In the early stage, even the realm is not stable. However, compared with the real supreme, Han Feng is almost the same.

What a huge gap is between the two. Han Feng thought he had reached the infinite level of supreme, but he did not expect that he could match the beginning of the supreme.

"The power of the supreme power in the early days, the evil thoughts of that day, the expression at that time..." Han Feng thought of this and laughed.

I'm afraid that the evil thoughts of heaven never thought that Han Feng would have the supreme fighting power for hundreds of years. Before he could get revenge, he was caught by Han Feng first.

The strength of the evil thoughts of heaven is strong, far more than half step supreme, but it is far worse than the real supreme. Han Feng is just grasping at will, and the evil thoughts of heaven will never escape.

Han Feng wanted to wipe out the evil thoughts of heaven. However, he found that if the evil thoughts of heaven were completely destroyed, it would also have an impact on the heaven in the world of Shenyun. He immediately understood why the two supreme masters just sealed the evil thoughts of heaven instead of erasing them.

Therefore, Han Feng took out the evil thoughts crystal, and the evil thoughts of the heavenly way instantly turned into a sphere of consciousness, which could no longer be transformed into human forms. Then Han Feng handed the body of the evil thoughts of heaven to shenyunzong, the eternal gate and the endless mountain, and left.

…… "When I absorbed evil thoughts and magic crystals, I found that the weak power of heaven contained in it not only helped xiaopang recover, but also seemed to improve the secret of nine flame fire."

"Now this evil thought magic crystal not only contains the magnificent power, but also contains the strong power of heaven. I wonder if it can make my nine flame secret formula further." Han Feng's eyes narrowed slightly, guessing in his heart.

Soon, Han Feng gave up guessing. Instead of guessing, it would be better to absorb them cleanly. If they can break through, they will know.

I don't know whether Han Feng has the supreme combat power after breaking through the half step supreme. The speed of the sky fire tower is faster than before. If you fly past the half step supreme, you will not be able to see it clearly, and you can only see the purple and gold light.

Han Feng settled down to practice, and time was fading away in the return journey of the sky fire tower.

…… Millions of years later, the sky fire tower arrived in the world where Han Feng lived.

Han Feng's majestic spirit instantly enveloped the whole heaven world. He was relieved to find that the purple night supreme seemed to have revenge in the future.

"Before and after not more than 20 million years, the purple night supreme should not have been out." In just 20 million years, Han Feng had risen from the seventh level peak when he left to the present half step supreme peak, which was something Han Feng had never thought of at the beginning.

Twenty million years, compared with an entire era, is only a fraction.

Therefore, when Han Feng returned to Tianwaitian, the four masters of Tianwaitian were shocked.

They thought Han Feng would come back for at least half an era. How could they know "Han Feng!"

"Han Feng!"

Without waiting for Han Feng and the four masters to recall the past, Qingshan and Yaqing, who have received the news, have rushed to see Han Feng immediately.

More than 10 million years of separation, this time is too long, now the two girls have stepped into the ranks of high-level gods, in the world of heaven has a great reputation.

After the Qing Dynasty, Qing emperor's two titles, even if it is a small thousand gods, is also like thunder.

The four masters joked for a while, and then gave the space to the three young couple. As for Han Feng's experience in these years, it's not too late to talk about it later. The four masters believe that since Han Feng has come back, even if the time is short and surprising, he is not coming back without doing anything. I'm not sure that Han Feng has now stepped into the eighth or even the Ninth level.

…… "Half step supreme peak?"

"Supreme combat power?"

After a short period of warmth, the second daughter learned of Han Feng's experience and his current accomplishments and combat power. She opened her mouth wide in amazement.

Half step supreme, what the devil Lord thought that day was to break through the half step supreme? As a result, it not only ended the road in Han Feng's hands, but also was broken through by Han Feng to reach the top of banbu.

"Han Feng, tell the news to the four masters as soon as possible. The four masters must be very happy." Qingshan even busy road.

Han Feng kisses Qingshan and Yaqing, and says with a smile, "OK, for my husband, I'll tell the four brothers that we can live together in the future without any other things to separate us from each other."

"Of course, the premise is that purple night is really looking for death to find trouble in our world." Han Feng laughs strangely. Today's Han Feng, even if ziye Zhizun really breaks through the supreme, he is not afraid at all.

At the beginning, Hanfeng has already had the initial combat power of the supreme. Now it has reached the peak of banbu supremacy, and the strength of Hanfeng has surpassed the supreme peak.

"The four masters will be terrified if they know their husband's strength now." Yaqing chuckled.

"I'm not to blame." Han Feng shrugs.

…… Facts have proved that Yaqing's guess is very accurate, and the four masters are really scared.Half step supreme peak state, stronger than the supreme peak? Are you sure you're not making fun of them? The four masters look at Han Feng strangely. It's not that they don't believe in Han Feng, but that this thing is so fantastic that people can't believe it.

Han Feng sighed and simply took the four masters out of Tianwaitian.

"Fifth brother, you are..." Sky trace master puzzled looking at Han Feng.

Han Feng smiles and opens his hands. In an instant, the vast power is like a beam of light, breaking through the clouds and opening up many spaces.

Boom! Boom!

The powerful power changed the look of the four masters, and then their pupils shrank and saw a more shocking scene.

The emperor of Tianwaitian felt the terrible smell suddenly rolled out of the sky. One by one, their faces changed slightly, and they ran out quickly. Then their faces were as shocked as the four masters.

This world, in ancient times, was also a continent. As a result, because of the war with demons, it was fragmented into three thousand deities and countless inferior planes.

But at the moment, these divine realms are gathering in a certain direction at an amazing speed. Many warriors in the divine world are also looking at this scene in horror. They don't understand why the divine world suddenly moves on its own. Is there any disaster to happen?

At this time, Han Feng transmitted the message to all the people in this world. Only by this, the four masters could not do it, because their spirits could not cover the whole world of heaven.

"I am the Supreme Master of Jiuyan. Don't panic at the current affairs. Just look at it quietly." With the majestic roar into all the people, now Han Feng is half step supreme, can already call himself supreme.

Even after more than 10 million years, they still remember that they had killed the Lord of the demons and saved their world. When they heard that it was Han Feng, they immediately put their hearts down. What made them wonder was why the title changed from the master of nine flames to the supreme of nine flames?

The strong man who knew what the supreme is was silent for a moment, and then the three thousand gods were in a uproar.

Han Feng did not pay attention to the noise. Under Han Feng's control, all the divine planes gathered together, and finally they were perfectly inlaid. In just a few days, 3000 gods had been united and became a vast and boundless continent.

Another month later, the numerous lower planes scattered in the starry sky were also included in the mainland.

At this point, the broken continent of ancient times took shape again.

At the moment of the formation of the continent, the defense of the whole continent was upgraded by several grades, and the air transportation of the whole continent was also soaring.

Han Feng, who has seen Shenyun big world, knows that this is the real heaven way world. The broken continent not only reduces the defense of the heavenly way barrier, but also leads to the separation of the integrity of the mainland's air transport. Now that the air transport is gathered together, the warriors of the whole continent will usher in a period of rapid rise in strength.

As a matter of fact, at the moment when the mainland was completely formed, many warriors who were trapped in the bottleneck and could not break through instantly broke through. These warriors knelt on the ground and cried out: "the supreme nine flame! Nine flame supreme! "

The voice is becoming more and more spectacular and powerful. Even the ruler of Tianwaitian and the emperor of gods, it seems that all the martial artists on the mainland are shouting "Jiuyan supreme". At this moment, Jiuyan's reputation on the mainland surpassed the four masters and became the first person in the world.

"Now, do the four brothers doubt it?" Han Feng said with a smile.

The four masters shook their heads in succession. At this time, they did not dare to doubt.

This continent, finally named Jiuyan continent, is divided into many divine realms. Although there are many divine realms, their luck is not very different. This has led to the emergence of more and more masters. These masters cherish Han Feng and respect Han Feng more and more.

Therefore, ten million years later, Han Feng's influence in Jiuyan mainland reached its highest point. At this time, if Han Feng gives any order, many gods and gods will fight for it. He is a fanatic fan, and no one is allowed to speak ill of Han Feng. He is a proper brain powder.

Unfortunately, Han Feng has not appeared in front of people for nearly 10 million years. In addition to accompanying his wife and family, Han Feng tried to gather the real Tao fruit and promote him to the supreme.

Ten million years after another, the nine flame continent has become more and more prosperous, and the God King and God Emperor emerge in endlessly. Gradually, although the reputation of Hanfeng is still shining, the prestige is still the highest, and the fanatical fans are gradually calming down.

Tens of millions of years later, a demon full of terror is approaching the world of nine flames. The breath of terror is far beyond the half step supreme. It is the breath of the supreme being. This demon is the supreme of purple night.

The purple night Supreme Master has been completely promoted to the supreme one, but the following bad news makes the purple night supreme angry. Now the purple night supreme comes to the world of nine flames to avenge his younger brother.

However, the purple night supreme is not close to the land of nine flames, and the endless void suddenly bursts out, engulfs the purple night supreme with lightning speed.

"Supreme fire!" Ziye supreme was shocked. Ziye supreme had just broken through, and his realm was not stable. In addition to his cultivation, all other aspects did not keep up with him.The purple gold supreme fire easily swallowed up the purple night supreme, and then a purple pagoda suppressed it. Before the purple night supreme had time to beg for mercy, it was blasted into slag by the purple gold pagoda.

Before he had made his way to fame, he fell on the outside of the world of heaven. In the world of heaven, no one knew that there had been a supreme one who wanted to revenge.

Tianwaitian, in a palace, Han Feng smiles and closes his eyes again.

After returning to the land of Jiuyan, the evil thought magic crystal of the evil thought of the heaven's way broke through the nine flame secret formula again and reached the limit of this skill. Hongmeng's supreme fire broke through the true level and stepped into no higher level.

Tens of millions of years after the return, Hongmeng supreme body, Hongmeng supreme Jia, Hongmeng supreme seal, Hongmeng supreme fist have also stepped into no superior.

Therefore, Jiuyan Tianhuo pagoda has been restored to the level of supreme artifact. Only in this way can the initial breakthrough of the supreme purple night be blasted into dregs.

Because of the limit, the immortal Helios cannot be promoted any more. However, with the help of the sky fire tower, the immortal immortal body realizes the next stage, which is comparable to the Hongmeng immortal body of the supreme deity.

Today's Hanfeng, in addition to Daoguo, other aspects are basically supreme level.

However, where is the supreme being so good to break through? Shenyun supreme also used hundreds of generations at the beginning.

What is the way of heaven? What is my way? How to condense the fruit thoroughly? All kinds of doubts filled Han Feng's heart.

Time flies by, an era has passed, Han Feng is still half step supreme, but Jiuyan land has a master, known as Qinglong master.

An era Two eras Three eras One era after another, more and more masters of Jiuyan continent, guitiancheng, the second generation of Dragon Emperor, Yaqing, Qingshan, and many new faces became masters.

Han Feng's name has gradually become a legend, and even some younger generations doubt whether it really exists.

Only when they reach the divine emperor level and even the master level, can we know that the nine flame supreme is not a legend, but a real existence.

Han Feng and his wife spend less and less time with each other, because it seems that Han Feng has entered a special state. If you close your eyes, you can close them for tens of millions of years.

Sitting on the ground in a daze, can daze on the era.

Reading, looking at the eyes of a hazy, millions of years can not wake up.

The nine flame continent, a hundred eras passed by in a flash. On that day, the sky suddenly appeared with nine colors, blocking the sky. The vast pressure was like the collapse of the sky, instantly oppressing everyone.

"I am the Supreme Master of Jiuyan. Today, I have achieved the Tao of detachment. Ha ha ha!" The roar of laughter shook the world. At this moment, when Jiuyan went up to the top of the world, he suddenly saw a picture of the endless light of heaven behind a man in green clothes. They could not help kneeling on their knees, looking up at a certain direction and congratulating from the heart: "Congratulations to the Supreme Master of Jiuyan

"Congratulations to the Supreme Master of Jiuyan

"Congratulations to the Supreme Master of Jiuyan

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