Chapter 5486

"That's the Hades Emperor's Wings. It is rumored that only those who have been blessed by the Hades Emperor will have the Hades Emperor's Wings"

The patriarch of the Bailong family said: "The wings of the Underworld Emperor are divided into two wings, four wings, six wings, eight wings, ten wings and twelve wings.

Among them, the twelve wings are the highest, and it is rumored that only the son of the Underworld Emperor is eligible to have the Twelve Underworld Emperor's Wings.

It's just that the underworld dragons are traitors of the dragons. They betrayed the Chaos Dragon Emperor and entered the underworld, and the underworld has always rejected them.

Although the Underworld Dragon Clan showed their loyalty, they were born as pioneers, made endless contributions to the underworld, and killed and injured countless powerful people, but the underworld has always been wary of them.

It has never been heard that someone from the Underworld Dragon Clan can become the son of the Underworld Emperor. If this Underworld Dragon Peak is the son of the Underworld Emperor, then it is probably the first son of the Underworld Emperor in the history of the Underworld Dragon Clan. "

With the explanation of the patriarch of the Bailong clan, everyone suddenly realized that Mo Ying, Xie Qianzhong and other powerful people did not know this secret.

"Son of the Underworld Emperor?"

Long Chen suddenly thought of Yu Qingxuan, the former daughter of the Underworld Emperor. It seems that the entanglement between himself and the Underworld Emperor seems to be all doomed, and one day it will be completely liquidated.

Long Chen looked at Minglong Tianfeng, his eyes gradually became sharper. At this time, the twelve wings of the Hades Emperor of Minglong Tianfeng spread the sky and the earth, ten thousand ways collapsed, and endless avenue runes circulated. A group of strong men never show their defeat.

The strength of this person far exceeded Long Chen's estimation. Because the gate of space was closed, without the blessing of the power of the underworld, the strength of the Underworld Dragon Peak would inevitably be greatly reduced.

However, even so, Mo Yang and others tried their best, but they still couldn't suppress him. Long Chen knew Mo Yang's strength. If he fought recklessly with the power of dragon blood, Long Chen had no chance of winning against him.

Now that so many of them work together, they can't win the Underworld Dragon Peak, which makes Long Chen have to change his original plan.

"Long Chen, why don't we take action together and kill Minglong Tianfeng first. Facing such a traitor, we don't need to tell him any rules." Xie Qianzhong suggested.

"That's right, this guy is very scary. If he is allowed to grow up, the children of our dragon clan will suffer." Chi Yue patriarch also said.

"Before the door of space is opened, this is our only chance to kill him, don't miss it." This time, even Mo Ying spoke.

Long Chen shook his head and said:

"If you can't kill him, even if you all shot, he can't beat him, and he will run away.

If he doesn't want to fight to the death, you can't stop him with the power of the Underworld Emperor protecting his body. "

"How do you know if you don't try?" Chi Yue said with a gloomy face. Long Chen's words were very hurtful. If others said such words, he would have turned his back on him long ago.

If you can't kill them, you can't stop them. This is simply the greatest humiliation to their patriarchs. They must not be convinced.

Looking at Patriarch Chiyue, Long Chen sighed and said, "Actually, I want to kill him more than you guys, such a powerful opponent, I would never miss it in normal times.

However, not today, we still have a more terrifying enemy, our power, we must not waste a single bit.

Although we are in an absolute advantage now, in fact, Longyu is in absolute danger, and a single negligence may lead to eternal doom.

We continue to stay here and maintain the strongest fighting state, and the fate of Longyu's life and death is in our hands, so please don't be careless. "

Long Chen used two "tens of millions" in a row, which made Mo Ying and the others tremble. Although they didn't get along with Long Chen for a long time, they admired Long Chen's methods from the bottom of their hearts.

Long Chen spoke to them in such a tone, which meant that the matter was more serious than they imagined.

Mo Ying nodded, and the other patriarchs also fell silent. At this time, the entire sky was already stained red with dragon blood, and the bloody smell in the air made people go crazy.

The Dragon Blood Legion rushed wildly, and smashed the formation of Yinglong and Bone Dragon into pieces, and they were completely defeated. Almost all the top powerhouses were wiped out.


Suddenly, the Dragon Blood Legion quickly dispersed, like bolts of lightning, rushed to the edge of the battlefield, and together with the arrogance of the Dragon Domain, they fought fiercely against the powerhouses of the Underworld Dragon Clan.

"Puff puff……"

The dragon blood warriors are like human-shaped lightning. Wherever they pass, stumps are broken and flesh and blood are flying. With the addition of the dragon blood army, the army of the dragon clan has decreased rapidly.




At this moment, the nine heavens trembled, the stars trembled above the sky, and blood rained down.

"Chi Chi Chi..."

The blood rained down on the ground, and the ground was corroded by the terrifying blood essence, which was the blood of the Dragon Emperor, and the ground could not bear it.

Ying Bufei, who is above the nine heavens, has gone mad, and the Dragon Blood Legion frantically beheaded his people, but he was entangled and unable to escape, so he had to desperately.

And the Dragon Blood Legion saw Ying Bufei desperately trying, so they abandoned the Yinglong clan and the Bone Dragon clan, and gave them a chance to breathe, lest Ying Bufei jump over the wall in a hurry and increase the number of variables.

The patriarchs of the seven dragon tribes were injured one after another under Ying Bufei's crazy counterattack, but they all gritted their teeth and tried their best to stop Ying Bufei. Even if he died, they must not let him rush into the battlefield.

The ancestors of these dragon clan kept burning their souls, and their lifespan was rapidly declining, but they didn't care at all at this time. They only had one thought now, and that was to complete the task Long Chen taught them.

"Ka Ka Ka..."

Suddenly, endless cracks appeared above the void, and the disappeared gate of space reappeared.

It's just that countless chains emerged on these space doors, binding them firmly and preventing them from opening.

These chains are exactly the sealing technique that Xia Chen used. However, as the door of space trembled, the chains rattled, and some chains were overwhelmed and began to break. It seemed that they could not last long.

"Hold on, when the door of space opens, we will kill all these stupid dragons." A half-step Dragon Emperor of the Nether Dragon Clan roared angrily.


As a result, he had just finished yelling when he was swept away by Gu Yang. After fighting hard, Gu Yang and the half-step Dragon King of the Minglong clan flew backwards at the same time.

"Brothers, work harder, kill all these guys before the door of space opens." Gu Yang yelled, holding a keel spear, and singled out the half-step emperor.

To everyone's horror, after going through continuous bloody battles, Gu Yang was still full of energy and energy, and was still at his peak.

"Boom boom boom..."

Gu Yang hit seven times in a row, and the half-step Dragon Emperor fought hard seven times, but the old man of the Underworld Dragon Clan and Gu Yang spurted blood at the same time.

"Asshole, you're cheating!"

The old man of the Minglong family roared, he fought against Gu Yang, and was suppressed by the powerful dragon soul on his body, making him extremely uncomfortable.

But because he had been in the underworld all his life and had never been suppressed by a dragon soul, he couldn't explain why, and the word "cheating" collapsed in the end.

"Cheat you uncle"

Gu Yang has a dragon soul possessed, like a god's help, fighting fiercely with the dragon clan, it can be said that he has taken advantage of the sky, and the half-step dragon emperor is singled out, this kind of opportunity is rare, he roared and killed again.

"Boom boom boom..."

Under the suppression of the dragon soul, the strong man of the underworld dragon clan couldn't tell the pain, couldn't use his strength, and was so angry that he wanted to vomit blood, and was killed by Gu Yang, making him fall back again and again.

"Boom boom boom..."

At this moment, eight consecutive explosions sounded, the endless chains were shattered, the eight space gates opened, and endless ghost energy poured in crazily.


When the endless spirit of the underworld poured in, the Underworld Dragon Peak, which was struggling to support under the siege, let out a roar, and the twelve wings behind him spread out at the same time, and in an instant, Mo Yang and others were immediately blown away by the terrifying wings go out.

Thousands of miles of wings trembled, and the terrifying aura of the emperor washed over the world. Hell Dragon Tianfeng had a ferocious face, roaring and shaking the sky:

"Damn it, none of you will live today."