Chapter 1154:

Additional effect: [Abyss Gaze +40]: When you stare into the abyss, the abyss is also staring at you. If you stare at the Forbidden Book for more than three seconds, the gazer will be forced into the Forbidden Abyss of the Forbidden Book.

[Taboo-Corruption Rule +40]: When the will and the forbidden book merge, you will temporarily gain the taboo-Corruption Rule, the power of the rule to corrupt the target, the rule using the target is out of control, and lasts until the rule is completely corrupted or Solve out of control so far. Negative effect. Using this effect, you will be corroded by the power of corruption. The degree of corruption depends on your strength. When the degree of corruption reaches 100%, you will become a slave to the book of permanent taboos.


[Taboo-Distortion Rule +40]: When the will and the book of taboo merge, you will temporarily obtain the taboo-Distortion Rule, which distorts the target's body and soul, and makes the target's body and soul enter a state of distortion. The target cannot get rid of it. Become a taboo monster mastered by the taboo book. Negative effect. Using this effect, you will be backlashed by the power of the rule of change. After seven days, the effect of the rule of distortion will be synchronized to you. If you can't solve the state of distortion, you will be a slave to the book of permanent taboos.

[Forbidden Realm +40]: The Forbidden Book is a small world of its own, with special forbidden power. After the target enters the forbidden realm, they will always be trapped in the forbidden realm, unable to understand the rules of the forbidden realm. , Will not be able to leave (you can set and change the escape rules of the taboo realm).

[Taboo +40]: Those who hold a taboo book will become a temporary taboo, and the negative effects and power of the taboo will be -90%.

[Taboo Summoner +40]: Permanently summon the **** king level or even more powerful taboo existence (when you prepare powerful blood food and sacrifices, the probability of summoning more powerful taboo existence is higher), the unknown existence of taboo cannot be controlled, summon The final result is unknown (please use this effect with caution).