Chapter 261 261- Sword Comprehension Grass

Chapter 261: The Unraveling Alliance

Hemire and the three geniuses accompanying her were shocked and filled with fear. Despite their belief in their own strength, they knew they couldn't fight against the ten exceptional geniuses aligned against them. The odds were stacked too heavily in their opponents' favor.

Just as the geniuses were about to launch their attack, Harris interrupted them. He looked directly at the four individuals standing beside Hemire and spoke with a sinister tone, "I know none of you are related to her. If you help me capture her, I promise to let you join our group, and I will protect you against the Clan Leader of the Nari Clan."

The expressions of the three geniuses underwent a change, their hesitation evident. However, Arianna spoke up with determination, "I will not betray her, and I will fight to the death."

Having once been a ruler of a mortal world, Arianna now found herself as an ordinary genius on the Immortal plane. Nevertheless, she held onto her principles and rules.

"Haha! Count me in. I want to fight all of you and see the limits of my own body," Kieran chuckled, his towering stature somewhat intimidating.

Shade remained silent, not uttering a word, and the same held true for Dave. No one took Dave seriously, assuming him to be the weakest among them.

Hemire felt grateful and realized she hadn't been mistaken in her choice of companions.

"Hmph, since you seek death, I will send you to the afterlife," sneered Harris as he signaled the geniuses from the Yang Family and Wenson Family to attack Hemire and her companions.

Dave, who had been observing the situation, marveled at the loyalty displayed by these three geniuses. Faced with imminent death and aware of their slim chances of winning, they chose to remain loyal and refused to betray their allies.

This was the reason why Dave had initially acted as if he didn't care about them – he was testing their character.

While Dave possessed the ability to slay the enemy with a single slash, he opted to conceal his full capabilities.

Boom! The clash began, and Hemire and her companions found themselves overwhelmed by the combined force of the ten geniuses. Meanwhile, Dave was beset by two assailants, parrying their attacks with ease, his movements appearing simple yet efficient.

Recognizing their disadvantage, Dave decided to toy with his opponents.

<Sin of Pride>

He unleashed his energy, allowing it to infiltrate Rannis' body. Rannis ceased his attacks and muttered, "Why am I listening to Harris?"

Suddenly, he felt compelled to obey Rannis, believing himself to be superior to everyone present and that he should be the one giving orders.

"Stop!" Rannis shouted, and everyone halted their actions. Harris was stunned and shouted back, "What are you doing?"

Unbeknownst to them, Dave's sin energy had corrupted Rannis, clouding his judgment.

"You are inferior to me, so you are not worthy of commanding me!" Rannis bellowed, asserting his dominance and ordering the geniuses of the Yang Clan to cease their attacks and gather around him.

Harris, filled with anger, retorted, "Your Yang Clan is weak and can be decimated by my Wenson Clan. You're lucky to be following me, so be obedient!"

Hemire, Kieran, Shade, and Arianna were left stunned, unsure of what was happening. Seizing the opportunity, they decided to make their escape. Dave smiled and released more sin energy, manipulating the emotions of those present, then followed Hemire.

Harris and Rannis completely forgot about Hemire and remained oblivious to the fact that they were being driven by their own emotions and pride.

Unexpectedly, a genius from the Yang Clan suggested to Rannis, "Young master, what if we kill them and steal their treasures?"

"Yeah! I bet they have many valuable treasures in their spatial rings."

"Haha, that's right! We must show them our power."

Unbeknownst to the geniuses, the energy of greed had also seeped into their bodies alongside their pride.

Proudly nodding, Rannis decided to attack Harris.


The scene unfolding before them was unbelievable. The alliance between the two clan geniuses had crumbled, and now they were turning on each other, engaged in a deadly battle.


Panting heavily, Hemire and her group found a location to rest. They were confused about what happened but they only think that both of them are proud, which leads to internal strife. No one would expect that Dave would easily corrupt their minds.

Even if they are genius, and their cultivation is high, if their willpower and soul are weak, they can easily be manipulated by Dave without them knowing.

Hemire decided to rest as they were a bit tired from fighting Harris and his gang. As they found a cave to rest, Dave saw a lot of tall grass and it excluded a soothing aura.

[Ding! Immortal grass has been found]

[Mission: Collect 100 immortal grass]

[Reward: Sword Comprehension Grass]

Dave was stunned as he didn't expect that he would trigger a hidden mission. He used his Ancestral eyes and realized that the Immortal Grass can be used as an alchemy item and can create an Immortal pill that can make a mortal soar in the sky and become Immortal.

Of course, their potential will be reduced and the quantity of their power is weaker than those who reach immortality through hard work.

The reward is also good as it will directly help him attain a higher level of sword comprehension. The levels of swordsmanship are Sword Apprentice, Sword Master, Sword Grandmaster, Sword King, Sword Emperor, Sword Venerable, Sword Saint, and Sword God.

He now attained the level of Sword Emperor, and the reward can make him reach Sword Venerable anytime he wanted. Due to his training inside the tower and constant practicing, his attainment in the sword is increasing day by day.

Some rewards in the tower also help him reach Sword Emperor Level. Dave realized that no one recognizes the grass as it looks simple and looks like ordinary grass.

Dave waved his hands secretly and used his <Hands of Greed> and collected all the grass silently without them noticing.

[Ding! You collected 300 Immortal Grass]

[Ding! You received the Sword Comprehension Grass]

[Ding! Bonus Reward for accomplishing the mission: 10 million Sin points]

Dave was delighted as he didn't think that his mission here would be fruitful.