Chapter 1163

After looking at Tang wennuan, Gu Xi seems to understand something for a moment.


"Xiao Jiu, listen to my explanation."

Blue nine just stopped a taxi, was pulled back in hand.

Her face is not very good, but still calm, smell speech sneer: "explain what, I don't need to explain, but there are also a lot of trouble. Since you have a girl partner, don't call me again, my time is also very precious."

After that, he would break free of his hands and get on the bus.

Ye Qi held on, "it's not what you think."

The driver saw that it was a quarrel between the young lovers. Some of them asked with a smile: "do you want to get on the bus?"



The two agreed.

LAN Jiu stares at him.

Ye Qi pulled a man into his arms, looked at the driver and said, "you hurry to go."

The driver shook his head helplessly, drove the car and left.

Blue nine ruthlessly stare at him: "what do you want to do?"

"Said to help me." Ye Qi's helpless way.

"I don't think you need my help." LAN Jiuyi pushed him away, speechless.

"Don't you see that Tang Nuan did it on purpose? She was not hurt at all

Blue nine eyes light flashed: "what's the matter with me?"

"It's none of your business, of course. Didn't she do that to stimulate you?" Ye Qi said with a smile: "you are also on her way? Are you jealous and don't admit it? "

"You think too much." Blue nine mouth hard way.

"Is it clear to you?" Ye Qi looks at her like a smile.

Blue nine has a little red face.

She didn't know why. When she saw it, she was very angry.

I feel like a joke and I want to run away from that place.

So I left without thinking about it.

Did not expect Ye Qi will catch up to explain to her.

Now I feel embarrassed.

"Well, go back. My family is still waiting to see my girlfriend." Ye Qi reached out and plucked her messy bangs.

Blue nine glared at him, "who is your girlfriend?"

"You promised before."

"That's fake, not real. Is it really good to cheat your family like this?" She was dissatisfied.

"Do you suggest that you and I develop into reality?" Ye Qi said with a smile.

Blue nine Leng Leng Leng, what does he mean, seriously?

Looking up at his smile, she was not sure. She knew that she was not worthy of him, but she was reluctant to refuse.

So he hesitated and asked, "are you serious?"

"A joker, I think?" Ye Qi held her face in his hand, and said solemnly.

Blue nine eyes some Dodge, is not has not been chased by the boy, but ye Qi so, let her really embarrassed.

"You promise me?" Seeing her hesitation, he asked again.

"I, I don't know..." Lan Jiu was embarrassed.

Hearing the speech, ye Qi's eyes flashed a disappointment, and then he laughed and said, "I know I'm a little abrupt, so you can't accept it for a while, but it doesn't matter. I'll give you time and you'll always give me the answer. Now, let's go to see your future mother-in-law with me first?"

Blue nine helplessly glared at him.

Ye Qi laughs. When she doesn't pay attention, she steals a kiss at the corner of her mouth and pulls her back. As soon as she enters the door, he sees the ugly Tang Nuan's warm parents. He pulls some stiff blue nine forward and introduces: "Dad, Ma, this is my girlfriend, LAN Jiu."