Chapter 4152: Take care of the overall situation

At this moment, the Taihuang's Dao body exploded with murderous intent!

The murderous intent released was extremely terrifying!

This gaze instantly made the whole battlefield a little different!

What a gaze affects is not the battlefield on the corpse Luo Chen's side!

But the entire battlefield!

Especially Gu Difu and Gu Dituo's expressions sank instantly.

There are still masters?

Fortunately, the other party is in another time and space and hasn't come yet!

And at this moment, Long Yi's expression changed!

Because once Taihuang Dao Body makes a move, it will definitely change the entire battle situation and plan!

That terrifying power is definitely something that no one on the battlefield can ignore!

Because just one look can give people an extremely strong sense of oppression.

This is not the Taihuang Dao Body of the previous life.

It is no longer a flawed Taihuang Dao body, let alone reviving a lifetime?

That terrifying gaze swept across the battlefield, and it was obvious that he really wanted to kill him!

In the space behind Taihuang Dao Body, the vibrating Taihuang Sword instantly became excited at this moment!

The breath that emanates can be felt even through time and space!

"If you make a move, there will be monstrous karma!" At this moment, Gu Difu said indifferently.

No one wants another master who may be of similar strength to join in.

Because they are still sure to win the battle!

"And the karma of your own contamination is already like a vast star, entangled with you, you may not be able to get any benefits!" Gu Difu raised his hand and knocked the old emperor away!

He is right!


"You don't belong to this era. Going against the current is already a monstrous violation of the law and karma!"

"If you want to act forcefully now, you are not responsible for a little bit of cause and effect!"

This is the same reason that Qiushui goes against the long river of time and goes up to kill people.

This is forcible killing, and the karma to bear is not that small.

And Luo Chen was playing tricks, his soul entered the first era, which is not too much a violation of cause and effect.


The Taihuang sword behind the Taihuang Taoist expression is about to break through the void with a clang in an instant!

"I want to kill!"

"Everyone here must die!"

"Even if it is caused by karma!"

"Forget it." Luo Chen said suddenly.

"Don't ruin his plan!" Luo Chen said softly.

Luo Chen's words fell to the ground, and the Taoist body of the emperor disappeared!

And at this moment, Long Yi looked at the hidden Taihuang Taoist body, and finally heaved a sigh of relief, and the heart that was hanging just now finally let go.

Because once Luo Wuji's other body joins in, then things will be troublesome and completely out of control!

Long Yi didn't doubt that Luo Wuji's body was really capable of killing everyone here!

After all, even Long Yi could feel the terrifying aura!

"It's really unfathomable Luo Wuji."

"No wonder he dared to come here through the first era alone!" Long Yi sighed.

Fortunately, I didn't do anything in the end!

Otherwise, I'm afraid that the whole plan will be terminated because of this!

Thanks to Luo Chen for dissuading him!

"He is also demonstrating!" The queen's voice sounded.

"He knows that we have used so many people, including the Fifth Prince, and even him."

"He is also warning us that he also has the ability to sabotage plans and flip tables!" the queen said softly.

We are all smart people, some things can be seen at a glance.

"That's why he dared to do this when the king was not there!" Long Yi smiled wryly.

This is also what he admires Luo Chen.

"The king doesn't mean much to him."

"He's very useful!" the queen said leisurely.

Obviously, if the Taihuang Dao body made a move just now, unless the queen made a move to stop it.

Otherwise the whole plan will go to waste!

Luo Chen prevented the Taihuang Dao Body from making a move.

It's not because Luo Chen cares about the queen's plan.

It's just that I simply don't want the second prince to die in vain.

I just respect that the second prince is a man!

Otherwise, the people here today might not be able to live!

However, at this moment, an accident appeared again on the battlefield!

In the three-on-one situation just now, Wu Wang, who was already injured, joined again.

The battle on the corpse Luo Chen's side was too fierce.

With the Taihuang Dao body disappearing, Luo Chen continued to sit quietly under the tree of sentient beings.

Then he glanced at the prince.

At this moment, the crown prince wanted to repair his body, but he was afraid that the time and place would be wrong. If there was a fight, it would be his side.

He wasn't ready at all when the time came, so he could only be on guard.

Unless Luo Chen freed up his hand here.

"You fix it. Next, we can watch the show for a while. It doesn't have much to do with us!"

"The big show is about to be staged!" Luo Chen sat down and drank tea by himself.

Then Luo Chen shouted to Dao Zisheng with great strength.

"Ah Sheng, let your people evacuate, let the corpse go, trust me, don't force that corpse, his mission is over!" Luo Chen held up the teacup in one hand, as if toasting.

It was such an action that made Dao Zisheng furious instantly.

Kill Luo Chen!

How did this become so tortuous?

Now the situation has changed again, but Luo Chen is still sitting there drinking tea. How is it different from the dream?

Isn't he busy for nothing?

"Brother Luo, we have the advantage!" Dao Zisheng tried his best to look confident!

"Pretending to be quite similar, are you sure you have the advantage?" Luo Chen sneered.

At this time, the four kings almost pressed down on the corpse Luo Chen and beat him, and it seemed that they could crush the corpse Luo Chen at any time.

In fact, even if Dao Zisheng told him to stop, it would be very difficult.

One of the six kings fought, and the other was killed. The key is that the opponent is still a fairy who is fighting to cross the ninth floor, and he is still a dead person!

If you don't keep it, it really can't be justified.

Therefore, the kings at this moment will definitely not give up!

And the corpse Luo Chen is indeed just like what Luo Chen said, it seems that it is really just to make Luo Chen contaminated with more karma.

So when the matter of the fifth prince is over.

The corpse, Luo Chen, seemed to have the intention of returning to the big ship.

It seemed that something on the big ship was attracting him!

And the four kings are attacking wildly, not giving any chance at all!

Under another round of fierce attacks, King Si, who had been dormant for a long time, sneaked away at this moment!


He really succeeded in the sneak attack this time. After all, in that kind of high-intensity battle, the corpse itself is a corpse, and it is definitely not as good as a living person, and there is definitely a blind spot.

If he was alive, it would be hard to say about this sneak attack.

This time, the sneak attack arm seemed to be inserted into the chest of the corpse abruptly!

King Si certainly knew that he couldn't kill the corpse, after all, he was already dead.

What he has to do is crush the corpse!

However, at the moment when he was about to be shattered, the corpse suddenly stopped all movements, and its hands dropped down!

It seems to have given up resistance directly! "Isn't it good to be alive?" Luo Chen picked up his teacup and shook his head.