Chapter 165 - Ear

In these few attempts, Gu Qingchen was already close to Rong Yu. Although she was wearing a t-shirt, her clothes were still wet. Rong Yu was not wearing any clothes. When he used his strength, his chest was always touching Gu Qingchen’s chest, but Gu Qingchen could not care less about the awkwardness. She just wanted to help him put on his pants.

Gu Qingchen changed her position and faced Rong Yu as she did at the beginning. She squatted on Rong Yu’s lap and crossed her arms behind Rong Yu. She pulled the corner of her pants. At this moment, their faces were very close to each other. She could even feel the heat coming from Rong Yu’s breath.

“Three, two, one, go!”


It was finally done!

Gu Qingchen was a little tired. She felt as if she had accomplished something amazing. She heaved a deep sigh of relief and helped Rong Yu to tidy up his pants. She had finally helped him put them on properly.

After putting on the pants, Gu Qingchen was so tired that she collapsed on the ground and sat down. For the first time, she felt that putting on pants was also labor.

“Doctor Gu, you should change your clothes too. My shirt is dry. You can change into my shirt first.”

Rong Yu looked at his surroundings and a trace of admiration flashed across his eyes. Gu Qingchen was indeed not an ordinary weak girl. If an ordinary girl encountered such a situation, she would not pull him to the shore and even start a fire. Perhaps, the two of them would sink to the bottom of the river and become water ghosts.

However, Gu Qingchen was different. She always did something that would make him look at her in a different light. Such a woman was truly the only woman who could stand by his side!

“This…” Gu Qingchen thought for a moment and nodded, “Okay.”

Picking up Rong Yu’s shirt, Gu Qingchen went to a place that Rong Yu could not see. She changed out of the wet t-shirt and put on Rong Yu’s shirt. Suddenly, she felt warm all over.

Although her coat was almost dry, it was a cardigan with no zipper or buttons. It was not convenient to change it, so Gu Qingchen took it off and prepared to put it on Rong Yu.

Her pants were also wet. After thinking for a while, she took off her pants. Rong Yu’s shirt was very big. After she put it on, it was already up to her knees. She decided not to be unreasonable and dried the clothes and pants dry first.

Gu Qingchen was wearing Rong Yu’s loose shirt. She placed her wet clothes beside the fire to dry them. Then, she walked to Rong Yu’s side.

Rong Yu was originally resting with his eyes closed. When he heard Gu Qingchen’s footsteps, he opened his eyes and saw Gu Qingchen wearing his white shirt under the fire. Her hair was wet. Rong Yu’s heart tightened and his eyes were fixed on Gu Qingchen, he did not regain his senses for a long time.

He had suggested Gu Qingchen change his shirt just now because he was worried that Gu Qingchen would get sick if she wore wet clothes. He did not expect that Gu Qingchen, who had changed into his shirt, would make his heart beat faster when she stood in front of him.

No wonder many men liked to see women wearing their shirts. Gu Qingchen looked very sexy now.

Gu Qingchen was a little nervous when she was stared at by Rong Yu with such naked eyes. “This is my jacket. It’s already dry. You can put it on first.”

She had never seen Rong Yu’s eyes so passionate. She was at a loss for what to do. She could only say something to stop her wild thoughts.

Rong Yu seemed to have come back to his senses. He took a deep look at Gu Qingchen and closed his eyes. Very soon, he returned to his indifferent look and said, “Okay.”

Gu Qingchen brought her coat to Rong Yu and put it on from the back. However, her coat was too small for Rong Yu, so she could only put it on. It was exposed in front of Rong Yu.

“How do you feel now?”

She had given Rong Yu an injection just now, but Rong Yu’s forehead was still very hot. She didn’t have any medicinal herb in her hand, so she couldn’t bring down his fever.

“I just don’t have much strength. Everything else is fine.”

Rong Yu said it casually. She knew the effect of her medical skills and the injection she gave.

Although she had stabilized Rong Yu’s condition, Rong Yu would still feel pain.

“Does your leg still hurt?”

Rong Yu was stunned for a moment before he looked up at Gu Qingchen and said softly, “It’s much better than this morning.”

Since Gu Qingchen already knew about the condition of his leg, there was no need for him to hide anymore. “Where are we now?”

Rong Yu cleverly changed the topic, but Gu Qingchen did not feel good. Her feelings were very complicated, and she felt sorry for Rong Yu.

In order not to make her feel sad and self-blame, Rong Yu always played it down or changed the topic to divert her attention. He silently endured his pain alone.

“I don’t know what this place is, but I’ve looked around, there’s no one around. We’re in a wasteland. We were washed away by the water, the mercenaries must have left.”

Gu Qingchen had also thought about whether she should think of a way to return to City Y directly. However, Rong Yu’s situation was not optimistic, and he was even weaker now. It would be a little difficult for him to go back, so he might as well rest here for the night.

Rong Yu nodded, “It’s already dark. We can’t go back even if we wanted to. Don’t worry, Butler Qin will come over.”

Butler Qin?

Gu Qingchen finally remembered Butler Qin and Xiao Liu, and a hint of worry appeared on her face. However, Rong Yu said, “They’re not that weak. Don’t worry.”

Since Rong Yu had said so, she did not need to worry anymore. Rong Yu should know his people well.

“It’s my fault.”

If it were not for her, Jiang Yi and Jiang Zhong would not hire mercenaries to kill Rong Yu.

Rong Yu shook his head and said in a hoarse voice, “Do you think that the two of them can find such professional mercenaries?”

Gu Qingchen was stunned. What did he mean?

After thinking for a long time, Gu Qingchen raised her head and said, “Do you mean that these mercenaries were not hired by Jiang Yi and Jiang Zhong?”

Rong Yu shook his head again, “It did look like these mercenaries are hired by them.”

Although she said it very implicitly, Gu Qingchen understood it. She frowned and said, “Do you mean that someone wants to use Jiang Yi and Jiang Zhong’s hands to harm you?”

If that was the case, this matter would not be so simple.

Rong Yu coughed twice. Gu Qingchen looked a little worried. There was no water here. Rong Yu had a fever and needed to drink some water.

“Do you think everything that happened yesterday and the mercenaries today are all coincidences?”

Gu Qingchen’s heart sank when she heard this. What happened yesterday and the mercenaries today were all planned by this person?

First, he made her drink the wine at the banquet. If she made a fool of herself at the banquet, he could chase her away from Rong Yu. Even if nothing happened, she would definitely not be able to get up the next day.

Rong Yu would go to his mother’s grave every year on the day of her death. Last night, Rong Qingtian did not come today because of Rong Cheng’s matter. In other words, only Rong Yu would appear here today. Furthermore, if Gu Qingchen was drugged, she would be too weak to go with Rong Yu.

Once Rong Yu was injured in the gunfight, there was no way to treat him immediately!