Chapter 5204: Beating the sheep with common sense

Chapter 5204: Using human nature to beat the sheep

After Zhang Xu heard what the little girl said, he thought of the energy stone he casually put in his pocket before going out. He took the energy stone out of his pocket and played with it in his hand.

 “Ouch, ow, ow, ow….”

When the tiger saw the energy stone in Zhang Xu's hand, he immediately stood up and roared at Zhang Xu excitedly. However, he never approached Zhang Xu because the beast's instinct told it that the two people in front of him were in danger.

“It seems that this tiger is chasing us because of the energy stone in your hand. I don’t know what attraction this energy stone has to them. Can’t they also cultivate?”

"May be."

“How about you give them the energy stone? Anyway, the energy stone in your hand is only about the size of a walnut. Even if they can borrow the energy stone to practice, this energy stone will not have much impact on them.”

 “Okay, but you can’t give things for free, you need to exchange them for something.”

The tiger howled after hearing Zhang Xu's words, and immediately turned around and ran deeper into the forest.

 “Did it understand what you said?”


“It seems that this tiger is really no ordinary tiger. If tigers were not difficult to raise, I would have taken it back to raise it.”

“It’s okay if you like it. The base is big, so you can keep it there.”

Lu Xiaoxiao thought about it after hearing Zhang Xu's words, and finally shook her head, because she thought the tiger should like the mountains and forests more than being kept in captivity.

 She cannot ruin the tiger's freedom because of her own selfishness.

Zhang Xu was not too surprised when the little girl refused, because he had guessed that the result would be like this from the beginning, so he did not continue the topic, but asked the little girl: "Do you want to hunt pheasants and rabbits?"

"It would be better if we can catch a wild deer. Deer are full of treasures. I want to save more and eat them later." "Okay, let's go to the creek. Deer like to drink water and eat there." Grass."

Lu Xiaoxiao nodded after hearing Zhang Xu's words, and then she and Zhang Xu walked towards the stream.

When they approached the creek, they saw a group of wild goats drinking water by the creek. Although they didn't see any deer, they were not disappointed because the mutton hotpot was also delicious.

So the two of them acted separately, one on the left and the other on the right, and directly started to encircle and suppress the group of sheep.

 A few minutes later, Lu Xiaoxiao saw that all the sheep had been caught in one fell swoop, and not one escaped. She nodded with satisfaction.

Then she said to Zhang Xu: "Put all the food away."

"You do not want?"

“I won’t handle it. Just give me a share after you finish it.”

"Okay." After Zhang Xu finished speaking, he put all the sheep directly into the Qiankun bag, and then he took out an empty bucket from the Qiankun bag to wash away the blood on the stream.

When he finished rinsing the blood and was about to put the bucket away, he noticed an animal approaching, and he immediately pulled the little girl and ran towards the woods.

When they ran into the woods, they saw several deer walking towards the stream. It seemed that they were really lucky today, and they got whatever they wanted.

So the two of them looked at each other and tacitly moved towards the deer to outflank them.

 A few minutes later, after Lu Xiaoxiao killed the last deer, she said to Zhang Xu: "You can put the deer away as well, and then just give me my share."

"Okay." After Zhang Xu finished speaking, he took the deer into the Qiankun Agent. Then he washed the blood with a bucket again, and then he and the little girl left the creek and walked towards the cave.