Chapter 4380: 【469】What the hell?

 The patient was already lying on the operating bed, under anesthesia, and was undergoing cardiac surgery. The patient's blood pressure was low and he was put on ECMO.

Everyone knows Dr. Xie's habit of arriving early in the operating room to see the patient first, even walking in front of the anesthesiologist to carefully assist the surgical nurse in determining the patient's surgical position.

This patient needs several surgeries at the same time, and the surgical position must be determined in advance to avoid setbacks due to positional issues during the operation.

During this period, all the doctors were talking to themselves, including Mr. Zhang, who felt that it was always the nurse's job to arrange the patient's position and they didn't pay attention.

Now that the operation is about to begin, everyone seems to have some kind of new machine in the operating room. Boss Zhang immediately rushed to the front of the crowd:

WTF? Feel like you missed something? !

While everyone was surprised, Dr. Shen and Dr. Jin, who were already standing in the operating room, felt panicked for a while.

They seem to have never seen this thing before. So it turns out that Chief Xie asked them to come in and take a look at this first? !

“Wait, I seem to remember something.” Dr. Shen Youhuan pinched his forehead and eyebrows with both hands, trying his best to keep his mind occupied so that he could keep up with the rhythm of the surgery in front of him. “It seems to be—”

“BN company’s research project.” Dr. Jin Tianyu remembered it and said.

 “You know?!” Dr. Shen Youhuan turned around and glared at him.

 “Have you not seen this news?”

 Qualified doctors must be familiar with the latest information in the medical circle.

Doctor Shen Youhuan said: "How could I not have seen it? What I'm asking is -" As he said this, he turned to look at other people in the National Association.

 The faces of other departments of the National Association were shocked and confused, and they were completely confused. They were saying in their hearts: The Department of Cardiac Surgery has been terrible since the arrival of Dr. Xie. He has hidden so many treasures even from himself.

 That’s not what they said. Dr. Shen and Dr. Jin told them what they knew about this new machine.

“Did bn company ask your wife to do research?” Mr. Zhang asked Dr. Xie’s husband who was present.

Dr. Cao Yong faced questions from a large group of people and cried out that he was wronged. How could his wife leak the secrets of his department to him?

  It shows that it is not easy to be a good husband to Dr. Xie, and he should always be prepared to face such a scene.

"What is it?" Mr. Xiao asked the cardiologist openly on behalf of many people. “It should be the latest three-dimensional electrophysiological mapping system.” Dr. Tao Zhijie said.

Everyone immediately turned around: Do you, the hepatobiliary surgeon, know this?

 Speaking of which, all surgical departments should have some impressions of this new technology.

When it comes to ablation, most people immediately think of ablation in the cardiology department. In fact, ablation is not only used in cardiology, but also in nephrology, hepatobiliary and hepatobiliary departments.

 It’s just that the application volume of ablation is the largest in the cardiology department. Countless new technologies related to ablation will be tried in the cardiology department first. Therefore, even if Dr. Tao is not a cardiologist, as long as he pays attention to the innovation of ablation technology, he will read the information.

“It claims to have zero rays.” Dr. Tao Zhijie taught everyone the lesson.

 “How to achieve zero ray?” Everyone asked again.

Dr. Tao Zhijie had to give these people a Buddha's eye: Isn't this nonsense?

  It is said that radiation damage occurs because of the use of x-rays in interventional surgeries, but not if x-rays are not used.

 “How to do intervention without X-ray?”

For example, the purpose of using X-rays for cardiac interventional surgery is to facilitate the surgeon to instantly see the situation of the surgical catheter entering the patient's body. A simple and clear summary is called: positioning.

By analogy, x-rays can be replaced as long as there are other means for positioning.

 Let’s talk about the positioning system used in Wei’s surgery. If X-rays were used alone, it would definitely be a two-dimensional system. At that time, a three-dimensional system was used to explain and then another method was used: electric field positioning.

 The entire calibration and positioning method has this history: from two-dimensional x-ray positioning to electro/magnetic positioning and zero-ray positioning.

Having said this, you can understand that the efficiency and accuracy of two-dimensional positioning or electric field positioning alone are limited. Therefore, the surgeon in charge said many times that it would be difficult to do, and finally relied on classmate Xie to direct three-dimensional positioning. Solve the problem.

It is foreseeable that the company’s latest research trend, the electromagnetic positioning system, will find cooperation with the three-dimensional medical genius Dr. Xie.

 Big Brother Zhang's expression turned gloomy at some point, and the allies seemed to hear the big devil grinding his teeth in his heart.

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