Chapter 551 551 - What Happened To Them?

It looks like the Toron king and all those other supporters already realize something happened to those Abyss humans. Because of this until now they cannot see any trace of any Monster coming toward that place and not only that at this time they are also unable to feel any type of energy fluctuation. At this time most of them already remember the energy fluctuation that they previously felt coming from the distance.

At first it wasn't that powerful energy fluctuation but after sometime suddenly a huge energy fluctuation also got felt by them. At this time naturally those human Warriors and the supporters of the human Warriors already get very worried about the situation but on the other hand you can say Toron king and he subordinate did not worry about the situation as they think that most likely the energy activation got created by the Abyss humans.

Because of this everyone already thought that sometime later they will get reinforcement and help from those Monsters but unfortunately it's already 1 hour but they still did not receive any kind of help and with that they are also thinking that most likely something happened to those Monsters and those abyss humans.

'What the hell happened? Why are none of the monsters coming out of the danger zone to help us? '

You can say the Toron king now thinking all of this question but unfortunately he did not know any answer to that and the thing was that because he was fighting the human king he was also unable to go toward that direction to see what happened.

"Haha... don't worry you will not receive help from anyone."

Most likely the human King already knew that he was waiting for the help from those Monsters and those Abyss humans. Because of this he instantly said that to him and the moment he said that the Toron king already realized something most likely happened and most likely this human king was behind all of this. He already realized most likely the human King already got to know about this information and because of that he also sent people too at that place.

While thinking all of this he got slightly distracted and the human King uses that chance to send him backward and not only that at the same time as you can see in electric Dragon already trying to attack him. Fortunately he was already able to stabilize his condition and in the next second he created an Energy barrier in front of him.

That energy very year is still unable to block the full attack from that lightning Dragon and already that dragon broke the Energy barrier and just about to hit him.


Naturally at that close distance he was unable to do anything and got hit by that lightning Dragon. But not only that, at the same time he already tried to use his healing technique to heal those injuries because he needed to be in top condition to find the human king. On the other hand the human King also wasn't staying ideal and already created many lightning spears and lightning bolts. Everyone of those attacks came from the sky and the human king right now continuously attacked his enemy so that his enemy did not get any time to react.

Naturally at this time the enemy King most likely already realizes the danger and because of this he instantly uses his technique or you can say his secret technique to get away from that place into a safe place. But still you can say he wasn't able to escape that far away and the human King already found his location.

'Shit... it things going on like this then we would be really lost in this war and most likely I would get killed by this person,'

At this time you can say the Toron king also realized that right now most likely he needed to use the cards that he did not use previously to win the war. First of all he already realized that most likely he won't be receiving any help from those Monsters and those Abyss humans. So now he needed to completely depend on himself and all the supporters.

Instantly he created a powerful energy beam and shot that toward the human king. Well actually the Toron king could use the Earth power. Naturally that energy beam was the earth beam that could easily turn anything into sand. But the thing was that the human King already escaped from that place and also at the same time he counterattacked with a lightning bolt. The thing was that compared to that Toron king you can say the human king was now in a better condition because the whole area got covered by dark clouds and naturally he was easily able to summon lightning attacks from those dark clouds.

On the other hand it wasn't that the Toron king was at a disadvantage because as right now they were standing in the earth and as you know because he could control the element of earth he can also control the earth beneath the foot of the human being. But actually the human King was also very careful about that and the moment he realized the enemy King wanted to use that move he already began to fly in the sky and also at the same time he would keep attacking the enemy king until the enemy king did not force them to escape from that place.

On the other hand this time suddenly as you can see an Earth wall appears in front of the enemy king and not only that suddenly a hand that was created by the earth element is already going toward the human king and trying to catch him. But naturally before that hand touched the human king he already swung his lightning sword toward that hand and with that the hand completely got destroyed and not only that the human King did not stay ideal they are and already began to go toward that enemy king using his full speed.

Naturally the enemy King also realized the motive of the human king and the moment he saw the human King coming toward his direction he quickly gathered a large amount of energy into his hand and then instantly shot the earth beam toward the human king. But the human King also prepared for that and directly swung his lightning sword toward that Earth beam and as you can see instantly a huge impact also got created by that clash.

But both of them did not stop there as the human King already began to approach the enemy King while the enemy king kept attacking him like this. On the other hand, as you can tell, not just the human King created those powerful impacts but his supporters like the Oni king and those other kings also created that much impact while they were also fighting those planetary grade enemies.

But the thing was that compared to before right now the situation was very different with the help of those newly arrived Warriors. Because they also have planetary grade warriors and many powerful Epic grade Warriors. Because of these the human king and the others also weren't that concerned about the situation of their soldiers in the battlefield because they were also getting help from those Warriors and with that the situation already became different compared to before.

Right now on the other hand those newly arrived planetary grade Warriors handle those people who forcefully break through to planetary grade using the artifact. But naturally that would be very bad if they did not receive the help from those warriors who just arrived on that place. At this time you can even see those elves, dwarfs, moon elves, Dog humans, etc.

Naturally many of them were the enemy of the humans but still they appear here to support them and also helping those human Warriors to fight their enemy really make most of the Warriors very confused. First of all everyone wants to ask those people why they suddenly appear in the place and also why they are helping them. But naturally they could ask that later as they needed to focus on the battlefield right now.

On the other hand some of those Warriors also very worried about the situation in the danger zone because the previously already feel a huge amount of energy fluctuation and really for a second everyone of them thought that someone going to attack them using those kind of spiritual energy but unfortunately until now they did not receive any type of attack. so that really makes them very confused.

Actually not only then but even their enemy also wanted to know the same thing but naturally as you can tell nobody was in the position to go toward that place to see what was happening there.

Now back to the Toron king, at this time you can say he was very serious about the situation. First you already realize that depending on those Monster wounds help them and because of them he already decided to command everyone of those Warriors who received the artifact to use them.