Chapter 4993

Chen Yu's spirit has penetrated into the divine world.

At the same time, he also felt the barrier between the spiritual world and the divine world.

This barrier cannot be broken even if a hundred powerful demon ancestors work together.

so to speak,

Between the spiritual world and the divine world, there is basically no strong person who can soar.

Between the two boundaries, it is completely isolated by a barrier.

However, Chen Yu broke the situation.

He's sensing the divine barrier,

And the spirit goes into the divine world.

His mind moved.

Thunder is a huge force.

Then he waved.

A huge gap appeared in the barrier between the spiritual world and the divine world.

The spiritual world and the divine world are connected.

Chen Yu suddenly enters the divine world.

Chen Yu's body appears behind the divine world.

Boundless robbery clouds quickly converge from hundreds of millions of miles around.

This is God thunder robbery.

Chen Yu's appearance is a disaster for the divine world. The rules of heaven and earth in the divine world should erase Chen Yu.

Hundreds of millions of miles of looting clouds.

It hangs down to the top of the head, full of endless oppression.

Chen Yu stands under the cloud and the power of the law flows around him.

In the face of such a terrible robbery, he didn't care.


In the first robbery cloud, a robbery mine as thick as a mountain and hundreds of millions of miles long fell.

Chen Yu was attacked by the thunder.

Then he fell into the thunder world.

This robbing thunder entered the thunder world and quickly became a divine world rule.

Added to the mine world.

The thunder boundary is enhanced by one point.

Another thunder fell.

Hit Chen Yu and fall into the thunder world.

The thunder circle is strengthened by one point again.

In the twinkling of an eye,

A series of lightning robbers hit Chen Yu.

Chen Yu is in the thunder world.

A minefield emerged.

In the thunder pool, a lotus that robs the God of thunder grows vigorously and flows the light of the law of thunder all over the body.

A series of lightning robbers hit the thunder world and were swallowed up by the lightning lotus.

The Rapunzel lotus began to grow wildly.

Divine Divinity.

The robbery clouds still come from all directions.

Chen Yu has been drowned by hundreds of millions of thunder lights.

The place where he stood was dazzling with thunder.

Chen Yu closes his eyes and stands in the void.

There are countless rules in the divine world.

Chen Yu has mastered all the rules of Lei Dao.

Hundreds of millions of thors were robbed and couldn't hurt him.

Instead, the hundreds of millions of thunder god robbers were used by Chen Yu to refine his body.

His physique has been improved and strengthened again.

A god general, hundreds of millions of miles apart, looked over.

This God general was ordered to investigate the situation by Thor, one of the nine main gods in the divine world.

The God General saw hundreds of millions of thunder light, endless thunder sea, and his hands and feet were cold.

Such a terrible God thunder robbery.

He has not seen him in the divine world for hundreds of millions of years.

More afraid to approach.

The God will be sure.

Once he breaks into God's thunder robbery.

It is bound to be killed without any luck.

Chen Yu closes his eyes to hundreds of millions of thunder, and his mind suddenly moves.

A tripod flew out of his mind.

It's the tripod.

The origin of the tripod is unknown, but it is very useful to Chen Yu.

So far, Chen Yu is not sure whether he has mastered this immortal tripod.

He placed the tripod in the God's thunder robbery.

Infinite thunder and light fell into the immortal tripod.

The immortal tripod absorbs the power of hundreds of millions of divine thunder, and the green rust outside the tripod is gradually removed and becomes extremely transparent.

Time passed.

Chen Yu's breath is getting stronger and stronger.

The whole divine world.

Endless magical powers came from all directions.

Poured into the mine boundary.

The thunder world got divine power and began to undergo earth shaking changes.

Chen Yu's thunder world is equivalent to a Hongmeng world at the beginning of the world.

Now, the influx of these divine powers has been refined by the thunder world and transformed into Hongmeng divine power.

Lei Jie and Chen Yu are one.

The stronger Lei Jie is, the stronger Chen Yu is.

Chen Yu's realm began to improve.

From God man, to God general, to God King, to God Emperor, and finally to God.

This is the strongest in the divine world.

And there are only nine gods in the divine world.

Chen Yu's breath rises too fast.

Soon after the other nine gods perceived it, they didn't have time to stop it.

Although the Lord of Thor felt in advance, he sent a god general to investigate.

However, this God will never find out the real situation of Chen Yu.

Therefore, the nine gods missed the best chance to suppress Chen Yu.

These nine gods.

If at the moment when Chen Yu flies to the divine world.

They work together to wipe Chen Yu out of the divine world.

But now, Chen Yu's realm has soared all the way to the realm of God.

It's impossible for the nine gods to kill Chen Yu again.

But the nine gods do not know this truth.

When they see that Chen Yu has become God, they have only one idea.

That is to erase Chen Yu.

The nine gods ruled the divine world for countless ages.

An agreement has already been reached.

No new gods are allowed in the whole divine world.

Under the rule of the nine gods, there has been no God in the whole divine world for countless centuries.

Once a strong man with the talent to become God appears, he will be wiped out by the nine gods.

Of course, as long as there is no strong man to become God.

The nine gods will not interfere with the operation of the divine world.

Now, Chen Yu exudes the breath of God.

The nine gods will never allow Chen Yu to survive.

The nine God lords of Chen Yu bombard Chen Yu without waiting for the end of shenlei.

The attack of the nine gods is hundreds of millions of times stronger than the ten most powerful demon ancestors in the spirit world.

This is another level of attack.

He has the power to destroy the whole star field.

Chen Yu stands in the midst of endless divine thunder and bears the attack of the nine gods.

However, the attack of the nine gods almost lost its power after passing through the God thunder robbery.

Chen Yu stands in the midst of endless divine thunder. At this time, he is almost invincible.

Of course, he can't attack the nine gods.

Only when the divine thunder disappears.

Chen Lei can do it.

The nine gods can't hurt Chen Yu until the shenlei robbery is over.

After the nine gods tried several times, they couldn't hurt Chen Yu, so they all stopped.

They also see Chen Yu's state at this time.

They waited patiently.

Believe that this God thunder robbery will end one day.

As long as the shenlei robbery is over, they will try their best to kill Chen Yu.

A few years later.

Chen Yu's divine thunder robbery, the last ray of thunder, finally fell.

The robbery clouds all over the sky dispersed.

The sky of the divine world is as blue as washing.

Chen Yu's whole body is like jade.

In front of him, an ancient immortal tripod slowly rotates, affecting countless rules of heaven and earth in the divine world.

The nine gods, seeing this scene, did not hesitate to take action.

They waited for years for this moment.

Facing the action of the nine gods, Chen Yu suddenly opens his eyes.

Two divine awns shot from the eyes and penetrated the void.

Facing the attack of the nine gods, Chen Yu has no fear at all.


Chen Yu destroys the immortal tripod and hurls it at a God.

Another sword embryo was sacrificed, turned into sword light and cut off to another God.

The light around him appeared, and the thunder boundary appeared to protect him from the attack of other gods.

At the same time, Chen Yu keeps attacking other gods.

The nine gods joined hands and felt that they were like nine Chen Yu, not one.

The nine gods only feel that Chen Yu's attack contains endless rules.

Every God is vulnerable.

Either he was blown upside down or he was shocked to cough up blood.

The nine gods, in the twinkling of an eye, were all wounded.

The nine gods look at Chen Yu and can't believe Chen Yu has such strength.

Chen Yu's strength is so strong because of Lei Jie.

The nine gods cannot have a complete world.

But Chen Yu does.

Today's thunder world integrates the heavenly rules of the divine world, which can be called the thunder divine world.

With the help of Lei Shenjie, Chen Yu can easily abuse the nine gods.

Finally, the nine gods are completely suppressed by Chen Yu.

These nine gods are not Chen Yu's opponents at all.

This made the nine gods panic.

Chen Yu has no mercy on the nine gods.

After being recognized by the divine world, Chen Yu has learned the deeds of the nine gods from heaven and earth.

These nine gods can be called the nine malignant tumors in the divine world.

He will kill the nine gods. I'm afraid the way of heaven in the divine world will thank Chen Yu.

Finally, with his own strength, Chen Yu killed the nine gods one by one.

This war shocked the whole divine world.

Countless powerful people in the divine world have seen Chen Yu's miracle of killing the nine gods on his own.

Indeed, the nine gods have become nine insurmountable masters in the divine world.

Chen Yu kills the nine gods. This is a miracle.

After Chen Yu killed the nine gods.

The whole divine world fully recognizes Chen Yu.

Chen Yu can feel the will of the divine world to welcome him.

Chen Yu stops in the divine world. Hundreds of years later, he connects the spiritual world with the divine world by using his great magic power.

Then, the spirit world was connected with the upper, middle and lower worlds.

After Chen Yu has connected the five realms.

Heaven's boundless merits and virtues.

The five realms of God, spirit, upper, middle and lower were originally one. Because of a change, they were divided into five realms.

Now, it is integrated again.

Chen Lei is a great contributor.

After completing this feat, Chen Yu has nothing to do.

"Chen Yu, you've reached this height. You haven't given us a grandson yet. When will you have a baby?"

Chen Lei's mother and father come to the door again this day and force Chen Lei to have children.

"I'm working hard, mom. If you give me another million years, I'm sure I can add a grandson to you."

Chen Yu has a headache when he sees his father and mother. Even if he has become the leader of the five worlds, he can't escape the fate of being destroyed and having children.

"Daughters in law, you work hard for me."

Chen Yu's mother said.

"Your mother's order."

Nie Qianran, Lei Yu, Jing Jing, Bi Manman, Princess Qianqian, Zhu Er and other women all rushed at Chen Yu and began a million year plan to create people. (the whole book is finished).

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