Chapter 52

The capital of Haines.

Two days had passed since the crusade against Obadiah.

In the underground vault of the manor, Hela laid in the pile of treasures and divine equipment listlessly like a zombie.

It had been two days…

The three puppets and Prince Rayne had yet to return to the capital.

Obviously, it was impossible for a reward kiss to last for two days and nights.

As for what the four of them were doing in the seaside villa… Hela could not be bothered to think about it.

In the battle against Obadiah, Hela obtained tons of treasures as well as an entire ancient dragon’s corpse.

As a high-level ancient dragon that was qualified to challenge the Ancient Dragon Princess, the quantity and quality of Obadiah’s collection was extremely shocking even among his own race.

Let alone in a mortal country…

Right now, Hela was probably the richest person in the entire world.

There were a hundred golden equipment and a large number of ancient relics that could not be evaluated by silver-white crystals.

Since Hela had three demigod puppets, she also had to carry three additional sets of equipment. Therefore, Hela’s greatest dream was to collect powerful equipment to arm her and her puppets.

And now, Hela had obtained the entire set of ancient dragon treasures… there were all sorts of golden equipment of frightening quality.

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In fact, she even obtained a fresh ancient dragon corpse that could be used to DIY forge the equipment that she required!

Without a doubt…

After this battle, Hela realized her lifelong dream.

However, when her dream was realized and her ultimate goal was achieved, what awaited her…

It was endless emptiness.

Hela had turned into a zombie.

When that endless desire was truly satisfied one day…

She no longer knew… why she wanted to live.

Furthermore, to be honest…

Hela felt that she was not worthy of those treasures.

After all, she was the one with the worst performance for the ancient dragon crusade!

Initially, Hela thought that the reason why Prince Rayne invited her to suppress the ancient dragon was because he wanted to curry favor with her.

Hela knew that this was only to be expected.

After all, as an Imperial Guard, she was the strongest and noblest existence in the mortal world.

Even though the crystal throne of Haines could be replaced daily, the status of the Imperial Guards would never waver.

However, later on, Hela realized that she was wrong.

The reason why Rayne looked for her was because he wanted to find a reliable fighter to help him kill Obadiah so that he could exchange equipment for his beloved Constance.

And now, Hela realized that she was still wrong.

That was because even the reliable fighter that His Highness wanted was not her!

It was her puppets!

It was unknown what blessings he obtained from the evil dragon, but His Highness Rayne’s puppet manipulation technique was even stronger than Hela’s!

In fact, he could even ascend Histia Hela into the real Histia!

If the Great Teacher of White Light had not interfered, His Highness could have probably taken down Obadiah right away with by joining forces with Histia!

As for Hela?

Sorry, but it did not make much of a difference whether she was around or not for the entire battle.

Upon careful thought…

Back when Hela said that Rayne was useless and told him not to take part in the battle… those words were extremely laughable!

At the end of the day…

The clown was Hela herself.

Even so, she still obtained the largest share of the treasures.

At that moment, Hela had mixed feelings.

It was no wonder why Prince Rayne’s attitude towards her throughout the entire operation was so cold and he deliberately kept his distance.

So, her existence was insignificant in his heart.

She was just an accessory for the puppets and was a tool that Rayne used so that he could be on good terms with them.

At the thought of this, Hela was neither angry nor humiliated. She was merely… extremely disappointed.

Rayne wanted to give a gift to Constance, Constance wanted to protect Rayne and the puppets wanted to obtain Rayne’s reward…

It was as though she was the only one among them who was interested in these ordinary and crude treasures.


Hela was lost.

Why was this happening?

Why could she not feel happy at all despite obtaining divine equipment that she could not use up for the rest of her life?

Hela was disappointed. “Didn’t that guy… say that he wanted to give me a kiss as well…”

However, right then.

A dimensional rift suddenly opened in the manor.

The puppets had returned!

Hurriedly, Hela stood up and walked upstairs.

Here, she caught sight of the puppets who had returned from their vacation at the seaside.

The puppets wore sexy swimsuits and had blissful smiles on their faces. They were chatting and laughing, beaming widely the entire time. They took out various high-end ingredients from their houses and prepared to pack them up.

“Ah, Hela!”

The puppets smiled and waved to Hela. “We’re back to get some food. Don’t worry about us, we’ll leave in a bit.”

Hela did not know what to say in the face of such a situation. In the end, she asked somewhat bitterly, “… Are you guys having a good time?”

The puppets smiled with happy expressions.

“In order to obtain more rewards from His Highness, we have to be obedient children that are useful to him in the future as well. We’ll be leaving then! Bye bye!”

Just like that, a dimensional rift opened and the puppets left.

Hela was left alone, standing on the spot dejectedly.

There was a sort of…

The sense of loss of being abandoned.

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