CH 89

Chapter 89

Although Qin Zhongyue tried his best to refute, his current state couldn’t deceive anyone. His lips may be denying it but his body was quite honest.

Of course, Xie Zhongxing just smiled as he watched him explain himself. Qin Zhongyue in the end could only timidly retreat to the bathroom with a bright red face.

When Qin Zhongyue came out again, Xie Zhongxing had already changed into his regular clothes, instantly returning to his original age; a young and ordinary university student.

Qin Zhongyue took in his face that was gradually becoming more mature and angular and suddenly realised something.

The Xie Zhongxing who looked like a student was harmless, like the sea that could accommodate everything and anything. There was also a clear age barrier, clearly telling Qin Zhongyue that he was only nineteen years old.

For the Qin Zhongyue from his previous life, he was too young. How could he dare hold such thoughts towards this kind of Xie Zhongxing? He was still a nineteen-year-old child!

But as soon as he put on a suit and wore glasses, it was basically what he wore in his previous life. He had done all sorts of things to this kind of Xie Zhongxing and it wasn’t just a few times.

So almost as soon as Xie Zhongxing takes off his glasses, loosens his tie, unbuttons his shirt, messes up his hair and gives him an order, he would very naturally…..This kind of reaction was almost engraved into his bones. It had become a conditioned reflex of his.

And so, when Xie Zhongxing unintentionally did those things just now, he had completely lost.

He really wasn’t a pervert! He felt very wronged!

Qin Zhongyue tried to explain himself but he could see that it was to no avail. After opening and closing his mouth a few times, he could only aggrievedly remain silent.

Xie Zhongxing however wasn’t concerned about this matter. He still had work to do even after coming back. He proceeded to go through the reports.

Qin Zhongyue could see him slowly become like the Xie Zhongxing in his previous life. The Xie Zhongxing in this life was however more approachable and easygoing. He felt that this kind of change was a good change.

Him being here wasn’t in vain.

Qin Zhongyue looked over at his reports and asked in surprise, “You want to deal with this project?”

The Xie Zhongxing in his previous life was like this. No matter how powerful Xie Zhongxing was outside, he would still do this and that to him when he was at home. This kind of contrast excited him.

He was a little parched. He hurriedly drank a few sips of water to calm himself down and then excitedly spoke about several more projects that would make one lose a lot of money.

They had left a deep impression on him because Qin Xiangqian had talked to him a lot about the economic situation when he tried to train him to take over the company in his previous life. While he did this, he inevitably touched on several projects he had avoided because he felt that it wouldn’t succeed.

Like the project Xie Zhongxing was looking at earlier, it was taken by another company that was also a large enterprise worth tens of billions. The sudden change in situation internationally however made them lose the thirty billion they had invested and, unable to make up for the loss, they went bankrupt almost instantly.

This case was so classic, it had been used as an example by Qin Xiangqian.

Although it wasn’t that Xie Zhongxing didn’t doubt him when he saw him say it with such certainty, knowing Qin Zhongyue’s track history with his investments, he would rather believe him then not believe him.

But something like this wasn’t something he could decide on alone. He asked Qin Xiangqian for advice.

Qin Xiangqian was an old fox. A project as big as this was naturally something he wanted to get his hands on but because there were some small doubts in him, he hadn’t yet made his decision. When he heard about Qin Zhongyue’s words, he decided to believe him.

Although his son may often be quite unreliable, he can be reliable when he needs to be reliable. Like how he got into Tsinghua University, like how he invested; all of those thus far have been much better than he expected. Thinking this, Qin Xiangqian chose to believe him.

Qin Zhongyue didn’t expect Qin Xiangqian to also believe in him. He couldn’t help but feel moved. He even had the urge to tell Qin Xiangqian all the projects that could rake in a lot of money.

But he held back. If he told Qin Xiangqian everything, then he would have no more cards on him anymore. He still planned on using this information to look good in front of Xie Zhongxing!

In this way, he would be super handsome when he hands over the money he earned himself to Xie Zhongxing!


The person Xie Zhongxing wanted to sabotage was naturally Qi Bojun.

The Song family had recently been contacting him more often. It was probably because Qi Bojun had lashed out at them and they could only turn to Xie Zhongxing.

Zhao Xiang said, “Try and find out as much as you can about the Qin Enterprise’s plans. I’ll ask Qi Bojun if this project is okay. If it’s okay, the Qin Enterprise and the Qi family can fight it out. If he loses, we rely on the Qin Enterprise, if he wins, we stay put.”

Song Xigu felt that her suggestion was good so he proceeded to tell Qi Bojun about the project.

Qi Bojun naturally also heard news about the Qin Enterprise going after this project so he was able to tell that Song Xigu was telling the truth.

Qi Bojun held a meeting to report on how profitable this project would be and got ready to go after it.

He planned on competing with the Qin Enterprise for it. If he won, he wouldn’t be any less inferior to the Qin Enterprise and if he lost….how could he lose?

He, Qi Bojun, never loses!