Chapter 1560 - Heavenly Evil Monarch’s Death

The distance swiftly closed up and the region was in chaos with a storm that even a Saint Heavenly Sovereign wouldn’t dare to step in.

Amidst the chaos, there was a spatial fluctuation that a black beam flew out from and turned into the figure of a person, it was naturally the Heavenly Evil Monarch.

At this moment, the Heavenly Evil Monarch’s face was dark. He was already at the end of the Great Thousand World. Another step further would be the membrane of the world. Tens of thousands of years ago, he was the one that led the Fiend Clans through here to invade the Great Thousand World.

However, he never expected that he would be forced to leave through here as well.

“Damn it! Mu Chen, Flame Emperor, and Martial Ancestor, I will not admit defeat so easily, I will be back!” The Heavenly Evil Monarch coldly said.

But all of a sudden, the space around him shattered and a beam flew over.

That beam was unremarkable, but it caused the Heavenly Evil Monarch’s face to change. He felt an aura of destruction coming from it.

Unleashing a roar, demonic aura surged out and formed into millions upon millions of defenses before him.

However, those defenses instantly collapsed as the beam flew and appeared before the Heavenly Evil Monarch. At this moment, he could catch a clear glance at it. It was a dazzling bead.

Through the reflection of the bead, the Heavenly Evil Monarch’s horrified face was seen.

But before he could react, that bead flew over and shot into the evil eye on his forehead.

It did not cause any commotion, but black blood splattered. The bead destroyed the eye and was deeply embedded within him.

The Heavenly Evil Monarch’s body froze with disbelief on his face. He trembled as he touched his forehead and the sphere gradually broke apart. A raging Battle Will suddenly soared into his body.

“How is this possible…?” The heavenly Evil Monarch muttered.

As space fluctuated before him, a figure stepped out. Mu Chen coldly looked at the Heavenly Evil Monarch and said, “All lives might be small, but they can destroy you.”

The Heavenly Evil Monarch’s face changed as blood flowed down from his forehead, making him look sinister. Sensing the destructive force wreaking havoc within his body, he gently sighed and commented, “I really never expected that I, the Heavenly Evil Monarch, would die in the Great Thousand World…”

Raising his head, he faced Mu Chen despite not having any eyes and continued, “Your Great Thousand World is truly blessed with fortune, and it won’t take long for your Great Thousand World to have three protectors. Tsk, tsk, how formidable…

“This Great Thousand World isn’t ordinary.”

Staring at the Heavenly Evil Monarch, Mu Chen replied, “Heavenly Evil Monarch, you’ve caused destruction within my Great Thousand World for tens of thousands of years, and even started two calamities. Today, it can be considered the debt being paid for every single one in my Great Thousand World to kill you.”

With an indifferent smile, the Heavenly Evil Monarch replied, “They’re merely ants, so why would I care about killing them? Since I was defeated in your hands today, it means that it was fated. But if you want me to regret, you’re looking down on me.”

After a brief pause, there seemed to be regret hanging on the corner of his lips as he muttered, “I initially wanted to occupy the Great Thousand World to strengthen my Fiend Clans.

“What a pity… that it failed.” When the Heavenly Evil Monarch spoke, cracks started to cover his body.

In the next moment, the Heavenly Evil Monarch’s body exploded and a boundless demonic aura swept out.

After looking at the demonic aura, a beam soared from Mu Chen’s forehead and a pagoda descended that sucked in all the demonic aura.

The pagoda fell on a desolate continent amidst the chaos and flickered. It sealed the entire continent so that no one could sense it.

The pagoda was suppressing the demonic aura that the Heavenly Evil Monarch cultivated within his lifetime. It would contaminate Spiritual Energy if it was able to spread. Hence, it could only be suppressed and cleansed.

But this time, the Heavenly Evil Monarch has truly fallen.

After glancing at the pagoda for a long time, Mu Chen flung his hand and Spiritual Energy fluctuated, projecting his image to every person in the Great Thousand World and his voice echoed, “The Heavenly Evil Monarch has been annihilated. The calamity within my Great Thousand World is no more.

“From today onwards, anyone that invades my Great Thousand World must be killed.”

Shortly after, cheers exploded from the various continents and everyone kneeled. Under the threat of annihilation, they were akin to ants. But fortunately, an outstanding talent stood out at the crucial moment to dissolve the calamity.

“Ruler Mu!”

“Ruler Mu!”

“Ruler Mu!”

Cheers burst out across the world that caused even the world itself to tremble.

In the Northern Heavens Spiritual Continent, everyone cheered as well. Even if their voices turned hoarse, it couldn’t stop their passion and their eyes were blazing while looking at that majestic figure.

“That fellow… I wonder if I can catch up to his steps in my lifetime.” Shen Cangsheng sighed as he raised his head.

“As long as we don’t give up, there’s hope. We just have to work hard.” Li Xuantong smiled.

As the two of them exchanged a glance, they smiled. They could still remember how they were stronger than Mu Chen back in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, but when was that youth afraid? He still toughed it out step-by-step and surpassed them.

Within the Mu Abode

“That son is mine is truly formidable.” Mu Feng stood before the palace with his eyes narrowed from smiles. Tang Shan and the rest were standing beside him. They were his old friends back in the Northern Spiritual Realm. When the Great Thousand World wasn’t calm, he brought them over to the Mu Abode as well.

Seeing the pride on Mu Feng’s face, Tang Shan and the rest couldn’t help shaking their heads. ‘Your son is already the supreme existence in the Great Thousand World, and you’re showing it off to us?’

On the Spirit Demon Continent

Luo Li held her hands behind her back as she looked at the void.

A brief moment later, space before her fluctuated and Mu Chen stepped out.

“Hey, the hero is back.” Luo Li teased with a smile.

Mu Chen smiled as well as he stretched out his arm and embraced her waist. “I was really afraid that I might not be able to protect you guys.”

Luo Li showed a warm smile as she embraced Mu Chen in return. “Mu Chen… you’ve done a great job, and I’m proud of you.

“Furthermore, you’re now the genuine supreme powerhouse, and you’ve fulfilled your promise to me from back then.”

Lowering his head, Mu Chen looked at her flawless face and smiled. “Then, when are we going to get married?”

As Luo Li’s eyes turned red, her bright pupils were also flickering with yearning and replied, “Anytime.”

Looking at her, Mu Chen suddenly recalled their time back in the Spiritual Road, at how he encountered the clear yet stubborn girl.

“Luo Li.”


“It’s nice having you with me.”

“I feel the same way.”

With the calamity concluded, peace returned to the Great Thousand World.

After the Heavenly Evil Monarch was erased, the Fiend Clans started to flee. Although the Great Thousand World slaughtered many of them, some capable ones borrowed the passage of the Lower Planes to escape from the Great Thousand World.

But without the Heavenly Evil Monarch, that defeated bunch was no longer a threat.

After the Fiend Clans were gone, Mu Chen circulated the world’s energy and cleansed the territories that were once occupied by the Fiend Clans. After cleansing the demonic aura, Spiritual Energy would once again envelop the rest of the lands of the Great Thousand World after tens of thousands of years.

With such vast territories being freed, a competition was caused once more with many supreme forces starting a fight for more resources.

However, Mu Chen did not interfere, since he knew competition must exist in the Great Thousand World. Otherwise, the Great Thousand World would ultimately fall without any competition.

A year later, the calamity was entirely erased from the Great Thousand World and it was bustling with vitality now.

At this moment, there was an earth-shattering wedding taking place that was projected throughout the Great Thousand World. The wedding was held in the Greatlaw Continent, the Mu Abode.

“First bow to heaven and earth.”

“Second bow to the elders.”

Red light decorated the Mu Abode for this joyous event as music resounded a myriad mile in radius.

In the hall, Qing Yanjing, Mu Feng, and Luo Tianshen sat on the elder’s seats as they smiled and looked at the couple.

From the side, the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor, along their wives, were also seated. Aside from them, every prominent figure within the Great Thousand World was also present. This wedding received world-wide attention and the entire Great Thousand World was basking in joy as well.

“Husband and wife bowing!”

A robust voice resounded as Mu Chen, who was in a red robe, looked at the girl who was wearing a phoenix crown. As the two of them gently bowed, their eyes connected when they raised their heads with gentle arcs on their lips. It was the same as how the boy and girl looked at each other back then in the Spiritual Road when they met for the first time.

As time gradually flowed, twenty-seven years passed in the blink of an eye.

Over the past twenty-seven years, the Great Thousand World was flourishing with many new forces being created and the emergence of many experts.

But no matter how outstanding they were, they knew that there were three existences that they could never reach.

Within the Greatlaw Continent, the headquarters of the Mu Abode

On a towering peak, Mu Chen sat down and Spiritual Energy flowed. At the end of the peak was a huge gate, the Dragon Ascending Gate.

Before the Dragon Ascending Gate, the disciples of the Mu Abode made their attempts with exclamations bursting out.

While Mu Chen was indolently watching this scene, a small figure stumbled over and dove into his embrace.

“Daddy!” A tender voice resounded.

Embracing that lass, Mu Chen wore a pampering smile. It was a little girl that seemed to be roughly two years old. This child was extremely beautiful, with pearly-white teeth, bright pupils, and was donned in azure clothes with her hair in braids. Her cuteness almost melted even Mu Chen’s heart.

It was the daughter of him and Luo Li, and they had already given her a name back then — Mu Yunxi.

“Hey, Little Yunxi, did you miss daddy?” Mu Chen smiled with his eyes narrowed as he looked at the lass.

“I did!” Yunxi responded in a tender voice before she grabbed onto a spiritual fruit with drool in her eyes. Evidently, delicious food was even more tempting to her than her father.

“What a foodie.” Mu Chen couldn’t help but laugh.

“You guys have briefly met not too long ago, what is there to miss about?” A voice resounded with Luo Li walking over in a black dress as she helplessly looked at the father-and-daughter duo.

Since their daughter was born, the pampering that Mu Chen gave her even made Luo Li feel jealous.

As Mu Chen chuckled, he stretched out his hand and grabbed onto Luo Li’s hand. Sitting by his side, this family of three was basking in joy and love.

While Mu Chen was enjoying this atmosphere, he suddenly narrowed his eyes. He could feel an unusual fluctuation within the world.

Not long after, the entire Great Thousand World started to tremble.

“What’s going on?” Luo Li also noticed the commotion and she exclaimed.

Standing up, Mu Chen looked through space and he smiled. “This day has finally come.”

As his voice resounded, everyone within the Great Thousand World has also sensed the commotion and they raised their heads in shock to see a screen descend, it was the Firmament Board!

At this moment, two majestic figures respectively stood within the Endless Fire Territory and Martial Realm as their fingers brandished like brushes and two completed names formed on the Firmament Board.

“Xiao Yan!”

“Lin Dong!”

Placing his daughter down, Mu Chen raised his head and cupped his hands in the direction of the Endless Fire Territory and Martial Realm. “Congratulations to the two Seniors for reaching the top of the Firmament Board!”

From a distance away, the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor also smiled as they cupped their hands in the direction of Mu Chen.

Once again, the Great Thousand World burst into cheers as everyone had respect and revere in their eyes. They knew that from today onwards, they would have two additional supreme existences in the Great Thousand World.

Hence, everyone bowed in the direction of the three of them.

The Great Thousand World now had three protectors, and they would flourish for hundreds of millions of years without falling.