Chapter 504 - Yin Needle Technique

Xue Fanxin had never seen Ruying before and did not even know of his existence. She ignored him. Her mind was filled with thoughts about how to help Ye Jiushang deal with the Asura Warriors.

Although this was not the first time Ruying had seen Xue Fanxin, he had never really interacted with her. For some reason, he was actually surprised by her aura. He stood there without moving for a long time. He stared straight at her and could not treat her as a Spirit Transformation Realm weakling.

The woman his master liked was indeed not ordinary. Even if she was still weak, her potential was limitless.

The previous crises his master encountered had all been resolved by her. Since she was his master’s Phoenix Star, she might be able to help him.

Ruying had always listened to Ye Jiushang’s orders. But for once, he made his own decision. He let her stay and see if she could think of a better way to deal with those Asura Warriors.

Xue Fanxin was racking her mind to come up with a solution. She observed the Asura Warriors to find their weaknesses, but she did not gain anything. Rather, Ye Jiushang was gradually at a disadvantage because his energy consumption was increasing. If this continued, he would be defeated for sure.

She had to think of a way to deal with those Asura Warriors as soon as possible, or Ah Jiu would be in danger.

“It’s useless. Don’t waste your time. You can’t think of any good ideas no matter how hard you think. If the Asura Warriors were so easy to deal with, how could they become a terrifying legend in the Mystic World?” Little Lei did not think highly of Xue Fanxin at all. From the beginning to the end, he did not think that she could be of any help. Not willing to waste time, he had to say a few words.

Xue Fanxin ignored his nonsense. “Little Lei, you said that those Asura Warriors will only collapse after exhausting their strength, right?”

“That’s right! But it’s so difficult to exhaust their strength. If it were only one or two Asura Warriors, it would have been fine. Master could deal with them. But ten… Forget it, forget it. I won’t talk to you anymore. I have to help Master. You should leave with Ruying.”

“There might be a way.”

Little Lei was about to charge into the fray when he heard her. He stopped in his tracks and asked in surprise, “What way?”

Little Lei was not alone; Ruying was also shocked. He was anxious to know what Xue Fanxin’s so-called method was.

“The Yin Needle Art in the Yin Yang Nine Needles Art has a technique that can accelerate the consumption of the enemy’s strength. Perhaps I can give it a try.” She had already taken out the golden needles, thinking about how to apply them to the Asura Warriors. “But applying the needles is a problem!”

With her ability, even approaching those Asura Warriors was a problem, let alone hurting them. Furthermore, the Asura Warriors’ bodies were hard and invulnerable. She did not even know if her needles could pierce into their acupoints!

Hence, this method was very difficult to execute.

“Little Lei, let’s join forces and capture an Asura Warrior for her to experiment on.” Ruying rushed out without waiting for Little Lei to agree.

“Hey, hey, hey, wait for me!” Little Lei reacted quickly and jumped out.