Chapter 995 - 995: New Year’s Gift (2)

Chapter 995: New Year’s Gift (2)

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“It’s all because of the kitchen staff.” You Bai put down the food box and complained angrily, “Didn’t the palace reward the old master with many blood swallows a few days ago? The old master gave some to you, Miss. I saw that Miss hasn’t looked too good these past few days, so I specially took some and sent it to the kitchen yesterday. I repeatedly reminded them that Miss wanted to eat it this morning. Unexpectedly, when I went to get it just now, Old Madam Ma told me that it had been taken away by the servant beside Second Miss.”

Yuan Yuwan cleaned her hands and sat down at the table. She nodded and said, “Old Madam Ma can’t stop her.”

“She couldn’t stop her, but who would know what’s in the kitchen if Old Madam Ma didn’t say it? It’s not like they could’ve checked every ingredient in the kitchen.” The more You Bai thought about it, the angrier she became. Seeing that her Miss was still acting as if nothing had happened, her eyes turned red. “They just saw that Miss was easy to talk to, so they didn’t take our courtyard’s matters to heart. All of them are traitors. Miss usually treats them well, but what did they do? As soon as Madam and the others returned, they followed them to bully you.”

“It’s just some food. If it’s gone, so be it.” Yuan Yuwan really didn’t care, but she didn’t want You Bai to be so angry that her health would be affected. She thought for a moment and said, “Why don’t we do this? Since Old Madam Ma is so dedicated, let her follow Madam and the others back to the Yuan residence to serve them.’

“Serve them, my...” You Bai paused. When she realized what Yuan Yuwan had said, his eyes lit up. “Miss, you should have done this long ago.”

“No, I have to keep an eye on them for the next few days and see who else is a traitor. When the time comes, Miss can send them over.”

There were only two masters to serve in the old residence. As servants, they had nothing to do. It was different in the Yuan residence. They would suffer when the time came.

“Alright, help me keep an eye on it.”

With Yuan Yuwan’s permission, You Bai went out to patrol valiantly. However, in less than an hour, she returned with red eyes.

Seeing that she was holding a set of clothes in her hand, Yuan Yuwan knew without asking that the clothes she had ordered a few days ago must have been taken away.

She sighed. “It’s only a matter of a few days. It’ll be fine when they move back there.”

After so many years, she was already used to it.

“Can’t we let the old master make the decision? The materials used to make the clothes this time were all given to Miss by the princess.” nôvel binz was the first platform to present this chapter.

Originally, she had made six sets. Now, only this set was left. The other girls were the ones who chose the rest.

Yuan Yuwan pursed her lips. “Grandfather is old.”

Putting aside the fact that he could protect her for a few more years, he would only be unhappy if sisters quarreled over a set of clothes.

Her sisters could ignore her grandfather’s likes and dislikes, but he was her only pillar, so she couldn’t.

You Bai was about to say something when an old woman reported from outside the house, ‘Eldest Miss, General Xiao is here to send New Year’s gifts.”

Yuan Yuwan picked up the curtain and entered. She bowed and greeted him.

Cabinet Elder Yuan was still smiling, but when he saw Yuan Leyao enter with Yuan Yuwan, his face darkened.

Xiao Qirui was engaged to the eldest girl. With the elders present, it was fine for the two of them to meet. Why was the second girl here to join in the fun?

Seeing this, Madam Dong quickly smiled and said, “These sisters usually have a good relationship. They’re always together.”

With that, she waved at the two of them. “I was worried that Ruoshui would be bored. Come and talk to her.”

Cabinet Elder Yuan looked down on the descendants of the family, but he was old and hoped that the family would get along. When he left, they could rely on each other.

Although he felt that Yuan Leyao did not know the rules, he did not say anything.

However, it was not appropriate to let Xiao Qirui stay here any longer. He was about to suggest going to the study.

The Xiao family’s girl said, “Ah, Sister Yuwan, aren’t you wearing the clothes we ordered from the Silken House last time? They’re really beautiful.”

When Xiao Qirui heard this, he took a quick look. It was indeed beautiful.

Yuan Yuwan smiled. “Yes, they sent one set over today. I really liked it, so I put it on.”

Madam Dong felt that something was wrong when she heard Xiao Ruoshui mention clothes. When she heard Yuan Yuwan’s words, the smile on her face froze.

This wretched girl!

“One set?” Xiao Ruoshui frowned. “That’s not right. The six sets I booked were sent to my house yesterday. Besides, the Silken House is so big. Why would they deliver the sets one by one? Did they make a mistake?”

Yuan Yuwan was stunned. She seemed to have thought of something and pursed her lips. “Perhaps there was a mistake over there. It’s fine. I’ll get You Bai to ask.”

“Then we have to hurry. Don’t let them send your clothes to another house,” Xiao Ruoshui suggested heartlessly.

Yuan Yuwan smiled and stopped talking about this topic.

However, no one present was stupid. Looking at Madam Dong’s guilty expression, it was not difficult to guess that something was wrong.

Xiao Qirui looked at the girl opposite him who was forcing a smile, and his heart ached.

Cabinet Elder Yuan was even more direct.. “Aren’t you the one in charge these days?”