Chapter 4510: The talent is good, but the brain is not good

Shen Yuzhu was stunned when he heard what Lin Tian said.

Holding the box with Sheng Yandan in her hand, she felt extremely uneasy.

This is a gift from Li Lei, the young master of Tiannanmen. Once you get it, it means that you have accepted the other party's love.

down, how is it?

Just take something and leave?

Or have a few polite words with Li Lei?

Or go back and have a few drinks with Li Lei in private and send Sheng Yandan back?

Shen Yuzhu's thoughts flew around, and for a moment she couldn't think of what Lin Tian planned.

But she had a bad feeling in her heart!

Looking at the lively Bao Xiuyu and other female monks, envy and jealousy appeared on their faces.

Sheng Yandan finally fell into Shen Yuzhu's hands, and they were very unwilling.

Even if they don't have a chance, they don't want to be good to others!

On the other hand, Li Lei, with a look of ecstasy on his face, clasped his fists at Shen Yuzhu and said, "Thank you, Fairy Shen! This young master is sincerely giving you the elixir, so you don't need to worry so much!"

"Hehe...Sect Master Li is really cool!"

Lin Tian replied with his fists clasped together at this time.


Li Lei sneered at Lin Tian, ​​and said, "This is what Fairy Shen deserves!"

"Now that she has the medicinal pill in hand, why would Fairy Shen take it directly? I don't think Tianlong Auction House will stop it!"

Take the medicine pill now?

Shen Yuzhu's eyes widened, and he was stunned for a while.

She never imagined that Li Lei would make such a request.

The corners of Lin Tian's mouth raised, pressing Shen Yuzhu's shoulders, making her sit cross-legged, and said, "Young Master Li asks so, if you don't do it, it will be too embarrassing for him! Take it now!"

He couldn't help Shen Yuzhu say more, and took out the Shengyan Dan from the box.

The medicinal pill appeared, and the majestic power immediately permeated the surrounding of the trade fair.

The monks present all took a deep breath.

Immediately I felt relieved.

This medicine pill, just feel the breath it exudes, it is so amazing.

It can be seen that Shengyandan's quality and strength!

Many monks present, looking at the medicinal pill in Lin Tian's hand, could not wait to rush over and **** it away!

But seeing Li Lei next to him, all of them gave up their thoughts.

Who would dare to **** something in front of Li Lei?

Unless you die!

"Do you really want to eat this?"

Shen Yuzhu hesitated to Lin Tiandao.

After getting this Sheng Yan Dan, Shen Yuzhu was still fascinated by the lake.

Because once this pill is eaten, it is really impossible to get it out.

She didn't want to owe someone like Li Lei a favor.

Until then.

Afraid of trouble.

"Of course I have to eat it! Eat it!"

Without saying a word, Lin Tian directly sent the medicinal pill to Shen Yuzhu's mouth.

Shen Yuzhu could only be helpless at this time.

The medicine pill melts in the mouth.

She could only be forced to accept it and slowly refine it.

And the effect of this Sheng Yandan is also quickly presented.

As Shen Yuzhu was refining, a streak of colorful light suddenly appeared on her body, like a rainbow wrapping her.

"Kacha Kacha..."

Suddenly, a popcorn-like sound came from Shen Yuzhu's body.

Dense and crisp.

A little pain suddenly appeared on Shen Yuzhu's pretty face.

But this kind of pain didn't last long, the half stick of incense didn't work, and the crackling sound on Shen Yuzhu's body disappeared.

At the same time.

The colorful light filled the air, and there was a tantalizing black aura that lingered out. It appeared and condensed from Shen Yuzhu's body little by little, forming a black residue.

The originally beautiful face is now even more crystal clear and suffocating!

Many female monks present were stunned.

They all understood that in Shen Yuzhu's situation, the medicinal pill must have worked.

Originally, Shen Yuzhu's talents were famous throughout the Tiannan Holy Land.

Now it's a step further!

Future achievements, at least the initial stage of the Star Realm, right?

It can even reach the pinnacle of the star realm!

Now Shen Yuzhu's cultivation has reached the pinnacle of the Star River Realm!

Now, under the promotion of Sheng Yandan, it is a sure thing to set foot on the Star Realm!

This made many monks present very envious. ,

Even if he hadn't set foot on the Star Realm, the current Shen Yuzhu was an existence that most of the cultivators present could only look up to. ,

"How does it feel?"

Waiting for Shen Yuzhu to open his eyes and stand up, Lin Tian asked curiously.

" feels good! Within a hundred years at most, I will be able to set foot on the Star Realm!"

Shen Yuzhu said excitedly with excitement in his eyes.

a hundred years.

This is still her conservative.

If we can continue to cultivate with Lin Tian, ​​we may be able to achieve it in a few decades. ,

A hundred years or so, how fast it is to directly break through the Star Pole Realm.

The other monks present were shocked and horrified when they heard this.

Breaking through from the pinnacle of the Xinghe Realm to the Xingji Realm within a hundred years is amazing!

At this level, a breakthrough in a small realm can be counted in thousands of years.

What's more, the breakthrough of the big realm is even more difficult.

Not far away, Bao Xiuyu and many other young monks were so jealous they were about to burst.

Li Lei's face was full of excitement at this time, and he said, "Congratulations to Fairy Shen! Do you feel any discomfort now?"

"Thank you Young Master Li for your concern, everything is fine! Thanks to the medicine pill you gave!"

Shen Yuzhu greeted Li Lei and said, "If Tiannanmen needs to get our Anlan Palace in the future, just speak up!"

Li Lei sneered and shook his head: "I don't need it at Tiannanmen, but I need Fairy Shen! Since Fairy Shen has taken Shengyan Dan, let's participate in the Xinglin Valley Ceremony together!"


Shen Yuzhu was slightly stunned, and then said, "I already have a partner, and I will remember the kindness of Young Master Li!"

"You don't need to remember it! Fairy Shen doesn't have to attend the Xinglin Valley Grand Ceremony with me, but when the grand ceremony ends, she has to leave with me!"

Li Lei said with a slightly sullen face: "It's better to go together now!"

Shen Yuzhu couldn't see what Li Lei meant, and suddenly said with a cold face: "Sorry, Young Master Li, I have rejected you before! I don't have any feelings for you, and I already have a husband!"

"Haha... It doesn't matter, this young master doesn't care! Just kick him away!"

Li Lei said with a nonchalant smile: "And since you have eaten this young master's elixir, you have naturally accepted the meaning of this young master! If you don't leave with this young master, why not follow this trash?"


Immediately, the faces of many monks present were shocked.

Sure enough, not so good!

Li Lei sent out the medicinal pill so easily, how could Shen Yuzhu get away so easily?

Even this is tantamount to tying Shen Yuzhu, getting the benefits of Tiannanmen's young sect master, and wanting to default on his debt?


Shen Yuzhu knew that nothing good would happen in the end, and was very helpless.

Lin Tian patted her shoulder at this time, looked at Li Lei with a smile and said, "Your cultivation talent is not bad, but I think your brain is not very good!" (To be continued)