CH 64.1

After Chu Chen went downstairs, he ate breakfast slowly.

He conveniently found the contact of Fenyan Legion from the bracelet, and handed over the agency rights of 5% of Chu company's shares: Help me sell it at a price lower than the market price, as soon as possible. Your previous reward will also be directly deducted from it, and the rest will be transferred to my card.

Duan: Yes Mr. Chu.

When he received the message, it happened that Li Fen was controlling the wheelchair to go downstairs.

Then he followed the smell of rice to the dining table.

Chu Chen made two breakfasts.

The little robot had already arranged the breakfasts on the table.

Li Fen took a look, he took advantage of the opportunity to sit opposite Chu Chen.

He observed Chu Chen and saw that Chu Chen had been staring at his bracelet. Even when he sat down, he never looked this way, as if he really couldn't see him, so he deliberately picked up the chopsticks and picked up the omelette in Chu Chen's bowl.

Chu Chen: "?"

Chu Chen turned pale with shock, he got up and said, "Where is my omelette?"

Li Fen: "..."

Li Fen raised his eyebrows and looked at Chu Chen opposite him.

He didn't think that Chu Chen really couldn't see him.

This person always liked to act and make trouble before.

He now only thought, what kind of script was Chu Chen playing again.

At this time, Chu Chen seemed to be looking at Li Fen who was sitting opposite him. The corners of his mouth slightly curled up, and with a pleasant smile, he walked around the dining table, walked over to Li Fen, put his hand on Li Fen's shoulder, and said with a smile: "So it's you, the little bastard who stole my omelette."

The little bastard Li Fen frowned.

He had never been called that before.

Discomfort and a strange emotion occupied his brain, making him feel a little uncomfortable from head to foot, as if he had been pranked and there was a caterpillar inside his clothes.

Especially Chu Chen's hand...

It pressed neither lightly nor heavily on his shoulder, but it was full of presence.

Li Fen resisted the thought of waving Chu Chen's hand away.

Chu Chen bent down naturally, and opened his mouth to bite his omelette from Li Fen's chopsticks.

His movements were not fast.

It was reasonable to say that Li Fen should be able to avoid Chu Chen's movements, but he insisted on not moving. His eyes swept over Chu Chen's red lips, Li Fen's Adam's apple rolled, he thought indifferently, I'm Li Ran now, and Li Ran won't hide.

Chu Chen straightened his body.


The omelette tasted good.

It was originally made for Li Yu, but it was a pity to let Li Fen take advantage of it.

This man...

Every time he came out, the time was always coincidental.

Chu Chen was unhappy, so he pressed heavily on Li Fen's shoulder.

At this time, his bracelet rang, Chu Chen looked down and then returned to his seat.

What he didn't expect was that the person who sent the message was actually Wen Jiayu.

Wen Jiayu: Hello Mr. Chu Chen, may I ask if Huo Ling is with you?

Chu Chen: "?"

He felt that this Wen Jiayu was quite interesting, he himself couldn't find Huo Ling, and still came to ask him. The question wasn't whether he knew where Huo Ling was or not, but whether Huo Ling was with him or not.

How could Huo Ling be with him?

Chu Chen was already a little overwhelmed with the three people in his family.

Chu Chen casually replied: What's wrong?

However Wen Jiayu didn't reply.

Chu Chen fiddled with his bracelet, he sent Huo Ling the screenshot of the chat history between him and Wen Jiayu: Brother, where have you been? Your Bai Yueguang asked me about you. If you see this, contact him immediately, lest he come to me and ask for someone.

Huo Ling didn't reply either.

Chu Chen only thought that Huo Ling was busy, so he didn't really care.

After eating, he slumped on the sofa and watched a drama.

Li Fen sat on the single sofa beside him, his eyes were covered with white layered membrane, and he entered the working mode.

Neither of them said a word, and neither of them disturbed the other.

Chu Chen hugged the pillow, he was really impressed by the genius screenwriter of the interstellar era, and he was fascinated by the drama. Finally, when it was the time for the main confession scene between the male lead and female lead, the doorbell suddenly rang.

He saw an extra square next to the video, showing that the person standing outside was Wen Jiayu.

Chu Chen: "?"

Why is he here?

Chu Chen frowned, he looked at the screen in front of him, and didn't want to open the door. After struggling for a while, Chu Chen simply pretended not to hear it. Finally when the plot was over, the male lead and female lead embraced and kissed each other, he had a look and found that Wen Jiayu was still waiting outside. So he could only sigh, stand up reluctantly, and open the door lazily.

Wen Jiayu's eyes were slightly red, before he had time to ask why Chu Chen didn't open the door earlier, Chu Chen's neck attracted all his attention.

Chu Chen was wearing loose and comfortable home clothes, his white neck was exposed, and at the same time, there were several conspicuous hickey marks on it.

It was the marks left by Li Yu who came out last night.

Wen Jiayu felt suffocated: "Where is Huo Ling?"

Chu Chen raised his eyes and found that there was a man standing not far behind Wen Jiayu, the man looked at them with frown.

Is this the rhythm of visiting to catch a couple in the act?

[捉奸 zhuō jiān: to catch a couple in the act (adultery, illicit sexual relations]

There is still a foreign aid?