v3 Chapter 4760: The strongest in the world! (season finale!)

   Chapter 4760 The strongest in the world! (season finale!)

"Lose, lose!? Really lost?!"

"My God, Pengzu Gu Duan actually lost?!"

Everyone was horrified,

His scalp was numb, his face was full of shock, it was unbelievable, because none of them really thought that this Pengzu Ancient Duan, who had broken through to the peak of the ancient **** of the broken void, would actually lose? !

"I really lost..."

"But of course, Chen Void is too scary. Who would have thought that he could completely integrate the power of the Tianfeng imprint of his Tianfeng clone into his killer attack. The strongest blow after fusion! Who can stop it?

The Ancestral Dragon King Dixian trembled all over,

said with great excitement,

As a dignified Xeon and High Immortal Beast,

He sees more nature!

I have to say that Fade Chen's last-ditch killer is really too strong, too strong! I'm afraid that even the Feng family couldn't do it that day, but he actually did it.

If it starts like this, then the ancient section of Pengzu, really loses rightly!


"Really won!"

Lin Mianmian suddenly became excited,

even jumped up,

This series of reversals was too shocking for her,

But anyway, just win!

At the same time, the Empress Dongchi, Najueyou, and even the Eternal Sun Heavenly Venerate, Myriad Dao Heavenly Stone, Daoist Ancestor, Heavenly Snail God, Crazy Flame Holy God, Great Witch God Punishment Jue, etc. I couldn't help but look at it with shocking, horrified, even looking up, longing eyes,

Look at the man in black standing in the void!

They all know,

from now on,

The strongest man in the world in the worlds of the immortals,

has already appeared!

A new myth! is already rising.


Chen Fei smiled and finally heaved a sigh of relief,

Then his whole body softened, and he sat down on the ground, gasping for breath. Obviously, even for him now, the consumption of the previous move is absolutely terrifying!

But anyway,

He carried it over,

also won dignifiedly!

that's enough!

"Master, are you alright?"

Lin Mianmian rushed up instantly and asked nervously.

"It's nothing, it's just a little too much consumption... It'll be fine in a while." Fade Chen shook his head, then looked directly at the old ghost king and others who also leaned over, and said with a light smile.

"Senior old ghost king, live up to your expectations, Divine Grass, I'm here for you!"

The old ghost king glanced at Fade Chen,

Then he just laughed, and he still laughed!

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…"

"You're amazing!"

At the same time, the Empress of Dongchi, the Jueyouqing, the Great Ancestor of Yama, the Ancestral King of the Dragon, the Ten Thousand Dao Heavenly Stone, the Eternal Sun Heavenly Venerate, the Holy Spirit of Crazy Flame, the Great Witch God Juejue,

The top powerhouses of the four immortal worlds in an endless stream all looked complicated, or excited, or fanatical, or sighed, or stared at Chen Fei with admiration,

As soon as he saw Zhexuan from Zixianjie that day, he suddenly shouted.

"Congratulations to King Chen on his ascension to the throne of the strongest man in the world!"

As soon as these scenes came out, the audience was dead silent, but then suddenly, like an overwhelming sea of ​​mountains, countless excited and frenzied roars erupted!

"Congratulations to King Chen!"

"Congratulations to King Chen!"

"Congratulations to King Chen!"

"No. 1 in the world!"

"No. 1 in the world!"

"No. 1 in the world!"

After this battle, the Four Immortal Realms returned to peace again. But the name that has already been crowned the title of the strongest person in the world - Chen Wang Chen Void, has also been completely spread all over the world.

Directly in the four immortal worlds, and even in the more distant areas, they have already become invincible existences that are like thunder and no one knows about them!

Millions of years later,

The Eternal Immortal Realm has fulfilled the bet with the Dongjun clan, and the three Heavenly Venerate powerhouses of the original blue-gold-white tiger clan have become two big! As a result, the eight Heavenly Venerate powerhouses in the Eternal Immortal Realm were further reduced to seven!

Shortly after that, the veteran of the Celestial Realm has stepped into the peak powerhouse of the ancient gods of chaos - the Holy Reincarnation! Successfully broke through the barrier, and broke through to become a new peak powerhouse of the ancient **** of chaos!

At the same time, Dongjun Shenzi Ling came to the ancient court of the Six Paths of Reincarnation, and soon after that, a new holy Taoist powerhouse was born in the ancient court of the Six Paths of Reincarnation—Huanguang!

And this also means that the seat of the sacred Taoist powerhouse in the Celestial Realm,

began to expand to a full six!

This is undoubtedly a huge qualitative change!

Thousands of years later, in the ancient courtyard of the Six Paths of Reincarnation, on a quiet green peak, in an inconspicuous small pavilion, Chen Fei, the Saint of Reincarnation, Lin Mianmian, and Ji Fengyuan, who had already made a breakthrough, all four of them were there. Here, in front of them, there is a dazzling array of delicious food and wine, blowing the peaks of the top of the mountain, enjoying it very much.

"Senior Sage of Reincarnation, Master, are you planning to ascend to the chaotic world next?" Looking at Sage of Reincarnation and Ji Fengyuan in front of him, Fade Chen asked with a smile.

"Yeah, the sacred Taoist Taoist fruit sent by the Dongjun family has solved my worries. The ancient court of the Six Paths of Reincarnation, with the current phantom protection, is enough, and he doesn't want to leave Qingtian so soon. fairyland..."

"Everything, just perfect!"

Sacred Reincarnation said with a smile.

"I should go too..."

Ji Fengyuan also nodded and said.

"That kid Haoguang has now reached the pinnacle of the Ancient God Slaying Myriad Dao, as expected of a pure-blooded azure, and the progress is really fast! Now that he is here, it's almost enough..."

After a pause, he looked at Fade Chen again, his eyes flickering.

"How about you, what are you going to do next?"

"Next, I plan to go to Dagu Demon Star to have a look. If it works, I'll stay for a while. If it doesn't work, then I should leave..." Fade Chen said casually.

"Goodbye to the Chaos World!"

Ji Fengyuan said with a smile.

"Well, bye bye Chaos World! Cheers!"




Chen Fei looked at Lin Mianmian again and said.

"Mianmian, do you want to go with Master and the others? Last time, the Dongjun family gave me a place to ascend to the Chaos World. If you want to go, you can go together!"

"I want to wait until the next Fairy World War is over..."

Unexpectedly, Lin Mianmian shook his head, then his eyes flashed, and he said quite excitedly. "I still remember the last time in the Immortal World War, I was beaten so badly by the Eternal Sun God, this time I want to find him for revenge!"

As soon as these words came out, Chen Fei, the Holy Reincarnation, Ji Fengyuan and the three looked at each other,

immediately laughed dumbly,

"Then it's up to you!"

Soon after, Ji Fengyuan and the Reincarnation Holy Venerable flew directly into the chaotic world, and at the same time, Chen Fei had arrived in the dead sea of ​​the devil star alone...

And so, time began to pass quickly,

Until those billions of years later…

‘Boom! ' There was a loud bang, and in the Dead Sea of ​​the Demon Star, which had been as dead as the Dead Sea, an unimaginable and unimaginable aura suddenly erupted. People have pierced through it, and the entire Azure Sky Immortal Realm, even the more distant area, is directly darkened all of a sudden.

instantly plunged into darkness.


"How is this going?"

"What happened?!"

The sudden change caused a huge sensation and riot. At this moment, in the Celestial Realm, and even outside the Celestial Realm, countless creatures were frightened to the core!

At this moment, everyone’s hearts were filled with terror.

But some people know,

what is this,

even more excited!


In this darkness, an astonishing divine Taoist power suddenly erupted, and then I saw Lin Mianmian appear, facing the direction of the dead sea of ​​the devil star, bowing and bowing. ,

Then he raised his head and said excitedly.

"Congratulations to Master for his successful breakthrough!"

As soon as these scenes came out, the audience was dead silent,

Then it boiled over!

"Hey... Master of the Heavenly Maiden of Dongchi, that, isn't that?!"

"My God, this is actually King Chen Chen Void?!"

"Has he not left the Celestial Realm yet?!"

"How is it possible that he actually broke through again?!"

Qingtian Immortal Realm, Eternal Immortal Realm, and even the countless top powerhouses in the Purple Immortal Realm and the Witch God Immortal Realm that day were all suffocated and suffocated, feeling incredible incredible!

Obviously they didn't expect that Chen Wang, who was number one in the world at the time, had not yet left the Celestial Realm and ascended to the Chaos World. What's even more terrifying is that he actually broke through again?

What is this concept? !

Simply incredible!




A supreme powerhouse crossed the border, a terrifying god, a sacred Taoist powerhouse, a holy god, a great witch god, and even the races of the great superpowers and supreme immortal beasts are already Come forth, come, come,

and then facing the direction of Fade Chen together,

Bow down and say congratulations!

"I wish King Chen a successful breakthrough and invincible in the world!"


The four immortal worlds are boiling directly,

And at the same time,

Chen Fei also directly faced the crowd from a distance, nodding and clasping his fists.

Then, with a flash, he appeared beside Lin Mianmian and handed him a sparkling vine. "Take it, I'll leave this to you..."

"Master, what is this?"

Lin Mianmian was stunned,

Immediately, he sucked in the cold air, shocked.


"What a terrible power..."

"Wait, Master, is this an invincible treasure at the level of the ancient gods of the Shattered Void?!"

As soon as these scenes appeared, even those Heavenly Venerates, Divine Dao Venerable Powerhouses, Holy Spirits, and Great Witch Gods could not help but look enviously at Lin Mianmian, the treasures of the Ancient God-level Broken Void?

This is comparable to the top Heavenly Venerate experts!

"Remember the nine ghosts withered vines of Huangquan Hades?" Chen Fei smiled and said. "I remodeled that thing, and it has become what it is now. You take it first. If you want to leave this Celestial Immortal Realm in the future, remember to keep this thing, as we give back to the Celestial Immortal Realm. It's a gift!"

"Yes, Master!

Lin Mianmian nodded and said excitedly.

Chen Fei smiled,

And then directly facing the Azure Heaven Immortal Realm under his feet, after bowing and bowing,

Then he laughed again. loudly.

"The red dust is over, everyone, let's say goodbye here, see you in the chaotic world!"

"Congratulations to send off Senior Chen Wang, the Great Dao soars! The Great Dao will stay forever!"

Someone stood up and shouted.

Then, there was a huge shout like a tsunami! It resounded through the four immortal worlds.

"Congratulations to send King Chen!"

"Congratulations to send King Chen!"

"Congratulations to send King Chen!"

(season finale.)

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