Chapter 5695: Time to take sides

Emperor Mingzang looked at Wuyue Ming Emperor angrily, and his words shocked all the Emperors of the Underworld present.

Even Qin Chen looked at Emperor Mingzang in surprise.


Emperor Mingzang's act at this time actually exposed the Emperor Ming of the Five Mountains. What do you mean? Did the two of them collude with each other?


Qin Chen shook his head.

If Emperor Ming Zang had colluded with Emperor Wu Yue Ming, then Emperor Ming Zang could have secretly told Emperor Wu Yue Ming about what happened in the Dead Sea and the Sea of ​​Eternal Calamity, and there was no need to go through such trouble.

Emperor Mingzang should be just jumping over the wall in a hurry!

Various thoughts flickered, Qin Chen stood proudly in the void, not in a hurry, and He Sisi frantically absorbed the avenues of the world and the underworld, and continued to strengthen his emperor's aura.

Now he doesn't need to do anything, he just needs to continue to improve his strength. With Sisi and Xiaoxiao here, using the source of the undead river and the undead stone statue to stop Mingzang Emperor, Mingzang should be anxious. Emperor. Because after You Sisi joins, Xiaoxiao can use the power of the Sea of ​​Eternal Calamity to gradually suppress Emperor Mingzang’s control over the River of the Dead. When Xiaoxiao completely controls the River of the Dead, Emperor Mingzang will eventually have to betray his relatives.

, being besieged by everyone.

After all, he is only a half-step **** emperor now, and he became a half-step **** emperor by relying on the power of the undead river.

"You, what are you talking about?"

In full view of everyone, Wu Yue Ming Emperor's face suddenly changed when he heard what Emperor Ming Zang said, and he shouted hurriedly.

The Tenth Palace Hell Emperor and the Netherworld Emperor hurriedly retreated, staring at the Five Mountains Underworld Emperor with murderous intent. The other Underworld Emperors also looked at the Five Mountains Underworld Emperor in shock and anger.

The abyss is the public enemy of the entire universe.

Taking refuge in the abyss is something that the entire underworld cannot accept.

"Everyone, don't listen to Emperor Mingzang's nonsense..." Emperor Mingzang of the Five Mountains hurriedly wanted to explain. "Idiot..." Emperor Mingzang quickly interrupted Wuyue Mingdi and looked at him angrily: "Wuyue, do you know why you have not been able to truly control the underworld for so many years, truly suppress the Ten Palaces of Hell Emperor, and kill everyone? Netherworld Emperor

? "

"Because you are too idiotic, too petty, and too out of control." "That kid has long known about your collusion with the Abyss Clan, and now you actually want to save yourself. The most important thing you should do at this time is to join forces with me. , deal with those guys, make the facts true, and at the same time strengthen yourself

. "

"Because once this emperor fails, you will definitely die if you turn around."

"It's ridiculous that you are still quibbling." Emperor Mingzang said angrily, "It is precisely because of your hesitant and hesitant character that you have accomplished nothing until now." "Isn't it just collusion? It's just an abyss, so what? Winners and losers, the history of this world is written by the victors. Now I give you a chance to join forces with me. After killing that kid, you and I can control this world together.

Underworld, how about it? "

Emperor Mingzang stared intently at Emperor Wuyue Ming.

"You..." Wuyue Ming Emperor was shocked and angry. He never expected that Ming Zang Emperor would reveal these things at this time. "Are you still hesitating?" Emperor Mingzang looked at Wuyue Ming Emperor angrily: "Are you going to wait until that kid completely controls the river of undead before taking action? Don't forget that everything in your Hun Yue Mountain was designed by this kid. , your soul mountain

He knows what is behind the mountain. If he forcibly cleans up the remains of your Hun Yue Mountain dojo in full public view, you should know the consequences. "

"It's more fitting. The woman next to this person is the descendant of Empress Ming Yue. The reason why Empress Ming Yue was led to the abyss and trapped was because of your handiwork. Do you think this person will ask you to replace Empress Ming Yue?" What about revenge?”

Hearing this, Emperor Wuyue Ming's expression suddenly changed.

He had self-destructed the Hun Yue Mountain Dojo before, but that was only to prevent others from exploring the Hun Yue Mountain Dojo and to cover up the abyss passages buried deep inside. It was not to completely eliminate the abyss passages.

If many great emperors in the underworld return to the Hun Yue Mountain Dojo and spend some time, they will also be able to find evidence that he colluded with the Abyss Clan. By then...

What's more, Sisi is also the descendant of Empress Mingyue. The other party can tolerate any strong person in the underworld, but it is impossible to tolerate him.

"What do you want me to do?" Suddenly, Wuyue Ming Emperor seemed to have made up his mind. He suddenly looked at Ming Zang Emperor and said ferociously.


One stone stirs up a thousand waves.

The statement of the Five Mountains Underworld Emperor caused all the underworld emperors present to change their expressions, look horrified, and start talking a lot.

Did Wuyue Ming Emperor really collude with the Abyss Clan?

"Five Sacred Mountains...why?" Emperor Yama of the Tenth Palace said angrily, in disbelief.

"Why, how do you, an idiot, know why?" Wuyue Ming Emperor glanced coldly at Tenth Palace Yama Emperor. Now that he was exposed, he was too lazy to talk nonsense anymore, "Ming Zang, what do you want me to do?" "Haha Haha, okay, now this boy is uniting with the descendants of the Soul of the Dead River and the Empress of the Dark Moon to try to seize my control over the River of Dead. What I want you to do is to rush over and kill that kid and the others. Once they die, This place is convenient

No one can stand up to this emperor. "Emperor Ming Zang quickly ordered.


The moment Emperor Mingzang finished speaking, Wuyue Mingdi had already moved. With a boom, his figure was like a bolt of lightning, directly knocking away some undead stone statues and blasting towards Qin Chen and the others.

"Boy, die!"

Emperor Wuyue Ming shouted angrily. As he flew by, Wuyue Mingshan in his hand had turned into a majestic mountain, and he smashed it down towards Qin Chen and the others in front.


Rolling Mingshan towered over the sky and the earth, and countless phantoms of mountains suddenly appeared between the sky and the earth, densely suppressing Qin Chen and his party.

"not good."

Emperor Netherworld's expression changed, "Huang Quanhe, go!"

Although Qin Chen has now broken through to the realm of the Great Emperor, he has just broken through to the Great Emperor realm after all. Facing the top and most powerful emperors like Wuyue Ming Emperor, how can he resist the four great emperors in the underworld?

In anxiety, he hurriedly activated the water of the Huangquan River. The mighty Huangquan River was like a long, surging river, suddenly sweeping towards the Five Mountains Underworld Emperor.

"Huh, get out of here." But just when the Emperor Netherworld had just activated the water from the Huangquan River, a terrifying force suddenly descended. It was the Emperor Netherworld, who turned around and punched him, immediately blasting away the water from the Huangquan River he blasted out. It exploded on the spot, and countless rivers flowed around

It was surging everywhere, as if it were boiling.

A terrifying power of the God Emperor swept over, and the Netherworld Emperor let out a muffled groan and fell back on the spot, with blood bleeding from the corner of his mouth and a horrified expression.

With his current level of cultivation, he is no match for Emperor Ming Zang who has become a half-step **** emperor.

"Third Hall, what are you still doing? Why don't you stop the Five Sacred Mountains quickly?" Netherworld Emperor shouted anxiously as he was flying upside down. The Tenth Palace Hell Emperor hesitated for a moment, then gritted his teeth and charged forward. But as soon as he moved, a huge hand pressed down on him. With a bang, the big hand pressed down on his Tenth Palace. , terrible impact

Swept forward, the Tenth Hall Emperor Yama felt as if his whole body was about to explode, and a mouthful of dark blood spurted out.

"Hahaha, with this emperor here, I want to see which of you can break through." The Mingzang Emperor directly turned on the unparalleled mode. Boom boom boom, he punched out, and people gathered around him. The stone statues of the undead were continuously blown away by him, including the Netherworld Emperor and the Tenth Hall Emperor Yama, who were also blocked in mid-air by him.

, one person can resist thousands of troops.

Such a gesture makes everyone change their color.

"Everyone, why don't you come over and help?" The Netherworld Emperor looked up in anger and looked at the other Netherworld Emperors outside the core area behind.

At this time, one more person will take action, and the power will be greater.

"This..." Everyone's expressions changed slightly and they were hesitant. Originally, they came here to seize the source of the Undead River, but now the situation has far exceeded their expectations. Emperor Ming Zang has actually broken through to the Half-Step God Emperor, Emperor Ming of the Five Mountains colluded with the Abyss Clan, and Ming Yue empress

And the descendant of Hades appeared.

One by one, the changes made everyone feel a little confused.

"Damn, there is nothing to hesitate about. The Five Mountains Underworld Emperor actually colluded with the Abyss Clan. Do you really want to see the Abyss Clan take charge of our underworld?"

An angry curse suddenly rang out from the crowd, and it was Emperor Shihuang who rushed out: "Kill, stop Wuyue Ming Emperor and the others, and save the princess."

Save the princess?

Everyone was confused.

However, before Emperor Shihuang could get in, a terrifying black flame suddenly descended and directly enveloped Emperor Shihuang, knocking him away with a bang.

"The Black Flame Emperor..."

Seeing the person who took action, everyone's pupils shrank.

"Shihuang, you want to interfere in the war? It's ridiculous." Emperor Black Flame squinted at Emperor Shihuang, and stopped in front of the core place. The terrifying flames of the avenue rose up, blocking everyone.

"Emperor Black Flame, you dare to stop me? I understand, you are the underling of Emperor Ming of the Five Mountains." Emperor Shihuang looked at Emperor Black Flame angrily, "So, you already knew about Five Mountains' collusion with the Abyss Clan? In this case, kill..."

boom! Emperor Shihuang was furious, turned into a majestic boulder, and slammed it at Emperor Heiyan. Emperor Heiyan sneered. Emperor Shihuang had an ancient identity, but his cultivation level was average. He struck frequently, and Emperor Shihuang couldn't break through him at all.

He tried to block him, but he kept flying him away, causing blood to flow from the corner of his mouth on the spot. Emperor Shihuang angrily looked at the other emperors who had not moved, and said angrily: "You idiots, haven't you seen the situation clearly? Now is the most critical moment to stand in line. If you stand wrong, you die, if you stand right, you live. Everyone is still stunned. What are you wearing

, why not kill the Black Flame Emperor! "

Take sides?

Everyone was shocked.

Emperor Shihuang originally had this idea.

Is he the descendant of Empress Zhan Mingyue?

But at this time, the attack of Emperor Wuyue Ming had already arrived in front of Qin Chen and others, and the towering Wuyue Ming Mountain crashed down with terrifying pressure.

"You..." Seeing this scene, Emperor Shihuang's pupils shrank: "It's over!"