Chapter 266

It’s been a week since I returned to the farm from the Red Scales village.

In the village, I enjoyed the delicious food and alcohol, as well as the hot springs.

However, the ease and comfort I felt as soon as I returned to the farm made me realize once again – Home is the best.


This does not mean I sat around all week relaxing.

Soon, things that had been pushed back while I was away gathered and came back all at once.

Soothing Yakums and Griffins, whom I couldn’t take care of for a while, writing the backlogs of farm reports, looking at strawberry fields and honey cans, and all the miscellaneous things…….

The hardest part of everything was being caught and having to listen to reports from Lagos and Locus, who were handling the estate affairs on my behalf, all day.

I don’t think I’ve been away for that long, but there’s so much on the report…….

A week of frantic running left me barely breathing.

I promised myself several times that I would prepare more thoroughly next time if I was going to be away for a while.

“How does it feel to stay on the farm? Do you think it’s okay?”

-Boooo Wooo woooo.

The leader Yakum who settled on the Demon farm replied with a positive cry. I smiled and stroked the back of his neck.

“That’s what I told you. You can have fresh grass as much as you want. I will give you delicious snacks from time to time.”

– Boo Woo woooo.

“Huh? You want to eat strawberries again? Oh, my! You’re so into strawberries.”


“I’m sorry, but I don’t think I can give it to you now. The Yakums on the farm suddenly increased and we don’t have enough snacks for everyone. I’ll prepare a lot of snacks that you’ll enjoy as soon as possible, so hang in there. Got it?”

I kept patting and appeasing the Icehorn.


It was the name I gave to the leader Yakum, who followed me here. I named him when I saw his horns that were much whiter and more transparent than the horns of the Yakums on the farm.

After many twists and turns, I succeeded in bringing Icehorn and others to the farm, but there were concerns about the future.

My first concern was whether they would be able to adapt well to the farm.

However, except for the heightened vigilance for a day or two after arriving, everyone adapted better to the farm than I expected.

The next thing I was worried about was whether they could get along with the existing Yakums.

Even if they were the same Yakum species, they lived in a completely different environment, and from the perspective of the existing Yakums, there were chances of them thinking like an invasion of their territory.

However, I quickly realized that I was to blame for this concern.

The Yakums who were living on the farm were not wary of the newly joined Yakums. Rather, they supported the anxious guys and helped them adapt well.

It was Bighorn who played the biggest role in this part.

He was not shaken at all, even though the number in the group suddenly increased. He directly led the newly joined Yakums to graze fresh grass and continued to be vigilant so that the new members wouldn’t be anxious.

It could be said that it was probably me and Bighorn who were the busiest in the past week.

Icehorn, who was originally the leader, naturally gave up his role.

Fortunately, Icehorn did not show disappointment or depression. Rather, he felt relieved because he put down the role of the leader.

“I’ll be on my way. Now I have to prepare breakfast.”


“Yes, you have a good day today, too, Icehorn.”

I said goodbye to Icehorn and headed to the farm building, and when I was about to enter the entrance I heard a voice calling me from behind.

“SENIOR, are you going to prepare breakfast now?”

Suddenly, Alfred rushed toward me from behind, and behind him were Grify and Finny who were also running toward me.

“Yes, I’m on my way after finishing the morning routine. Did you take Griffy and Finny for a walk?”

“Yes, I took them out with me while I was training at dawn.”

While I was away from the farm for quite some time, Andras and Alfred took over the work on the farm, among them one of which was taking care of the Griffins.

Thanks to that, they were able to get along well with the Griffins. Both Grify and Finny followed Alfred so much that he took them for a walk every morning as he went to training.



Grify and Finny, who found me, rushed up to me and cried. I lowered my body and patted them on the head.

“Did you guys go for a walk with Elaine? Was it fun?”

Biip! Biip!

Biip! Biip!

“Okay, okay. If I was free in the afternoon, I’ll take you out then.”

Even though they just went for a walk, the Griffins were full of energy. Alfred pouted his lips looking at the griffins in my arms.

“These guys… When Senior was away, they acted cute and followed me around everywhere. Now that Senior is back, they’re cold. Pretentious Siblings.”

“Hahahaha… But you seem to have gotten a lot closer to both. You guys go out for a walk every day even after I came back, right?”

“It’s annoying that they come only when they need me and other times, they don’t usually care.”

Alfred’s lips gradually popped out as if he was disappointed. Maybe he got attached to them a lot while I was away.

I forced myself to hold back the laughter that leaked out looking at Alfred’s sulky appearance. Then I whispered to the Griffins in my arms in a low voice.

“Guys… Elaine’s upset because you guys didn’t pay attention to him.”



“I heard Elaine took good care of you two while I was away. Hurry up and comfort him.”

Griffins quickly understood what I said and ran to Alfred. They acted cute by tapping Alfred’s leg with their front paws.

Biip Biii?

– Biip biip  Bii

At first, Alfred pretended not to see Griffin’s cuteness out of pride.

However, when the Griffins actively rubbed their faces on his legs and acted cutely by lying on the floor while revealing their bellies, his face gradually loosened.

“Ugh, umm.”

In the end, Alfred, who lost to their charm, coughed and patted them on the stomach. It seemed like the sorrow was completely gone.

After watching the friendly Alfred and Griffins happily, I quietly entered the farm building.

Upon entering the building, I heard footsteps coming down the stairs from the second floor.



Like a guided missile, a fox girl flew into my arms.

“Hey! Did you forget that you shouldn’t run so fast on the stairs?”


Speranza looked up at me cutely while still in her pajamas. As I held Speranza in my arms, I asked.

“What were you doing here, Sweetheart?”

“I was waiting to surprise Papa.”

“Aren’t you cold in your pajamas?”

“It’s not cold anymore.”

Speranza smiled and dug into my arms. I also smiled and hugged Speranza so that she could be warm.

“Ah! Sihyeon is already here.”

“Hi, Lia.”

Lia, dressed as a maid, approached me and greeted me warmly. After her, a large cheese cat appeared.

“Good morning nyaa.”

“Hi, Cheese.”

Cheese, a new member of the farm family, glided around my legs. It was a kind of his morning greeting.

“Lia, can you change Speranza’s clothes for me? I have to go prepare breakfast right away.”

“Yes. Speranza, do you want to go change with me?”

After I handed Speranza over to Lia, I headed straight to the kitchen.

Today’s breakfast menu was French toast.

It was a simple menu that could be made with bread, milk, eggs, and sugar.

I put the ingredients aside and whisked the egg first. Originally, ordinary milk had to be used, but here I added Hap instead of milk.

Hap itself was a very precious item in the Demon world, but I sometimes used it in cooking because it makes the taste very rich when used in cooking.

Except for the amount to be sent to the Demon Lord Castle, there was no problem because there was enough Hap now.

The toast was baked according to the number of farm members, and a simple salad made of vegetables, honey, and strawberry jam was prepared to accompany the toast.

When the food was almost ready, Lia also finished setting the dining table.

In time, other farm members appeared in the dining room one by one.

First, Kaneff came in with Speranza. It was Speranza’s job to call Kaneff today. Then Alfred came with the griffins, followed by Cheese, and finally Andras and Lilia.

Everyone sat in their respective seats.

Even though it wasn’t anything special, just being together with everyone made me feel warm and happy.

As usual, I looked around to see if everyone was satiated, and two people immediately caught my attention.

“Andras? Lilia? Are you okay?”

The Schnarpe siblings looked very haggard. The two replied with forced smiles on their faces.

“Don’t worry, Sihyeon. I think I overworked a little yesterday because the research was slower than I thought.”

“As my brother said. I was in the workshop until late at night today.”

“Huh… Research is good, but you shouldn’t overdo it.”

“Sihyeon, don’t worry too much. It’s not that special in the Schnarpe family.”

Lilia and Andras answered as if it was no big deal.

“Are you continuing to study that ‘dimensional door device’?”

“Yeah. I think there’s something we haven’t figured out yet, so we’re looking into it.”

Lilia, who returned with us from the Red Scales, remained on the farm to research the dimensional door device. Because of her fiery desire to study, Andras was suffering as well.

Kaneff, who was listening quietly, suddenly barged into the conversation.

“After that study, we can go back to the Vision world, right?”

“Yes, Uncle Kaneff.”

“Then hurry up and finish your research.”

He added a word with a stern look.

“Because I have to deal with the guy who stole my drink.”

He looked grim when he mentioned Bellion, who took the liquor we received from the Dragon demons.

The fervor was so fierce that everyone hurriedly averted their eyes.

After breakfast, by the time Lia was about to serve warm tea and dessert, an unexpected guest came to the farm.

“Sihyeon? You’re here.”


A frantic Ryan entered the dining room. Everyone looked puzzled at the sudden visit. I got up from my seat, approached him, and asked.

“What happened, Ryan? Didn’t we meet at the office earlier”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Then, what happened all of a sudden……?”

“I just got the news. I think a little finicky guest will be coming to the farm.”


Ryan cleared his slightly rough breathing and spoke again.

“It seems like the Angels are coming to the farm.”

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