Chapter 119 - Better Late Than Never

“My dad will help you.”

“That’s for sure. Just wait for us to come back.”

Lu Suo nodded.

Song Ci smiled and carried him into Song Yujin’s room.

Song Yujin looked at Song Ci and said, “Goodbye.”

Lu Suo tagged along by waving his little hand.

Song Ci left the room and thought to herself, ‘Yujin can keep an eye on Lu Suo if they spend more time together.’

She wanted to subtly educate and influence Lu Suo. This way, he would not grow up to be a villain. Moreover, she was very fond of the little boy and wanted him to live a happy life.

Meanwhile, Song Yujin passed a book to Lu Suo.

“Read it.”


“You want to play with your tablet?”

Lu Suo was tempted, but he took the book and said, “Don’t look down on me. I’ll read. I love reading.”

Song Yujin nodded.

“Sit down and read.”

Lu Suo sat down and let out a puff of breath. He was determined to show Song Yujin his willpower.

Song Yujin glanced at Lu Suo. The latter looked equally distressed and serious.

Song Ci went to Lu Gan’s study room. She had not spoken to him for the whole morning due to last night’s incident. Things felt really awkward.

Lu Gan would not remind her what happened, right? Definitely not!

Song Ci took a long time to compose herself. Finally, she pushed the door open and said awkwardly, “Are we ready to set off?”

When Lu Gan raised his head, Song Ci subconsciously turned around. She was clearly blushing.

Lu Gan was amused by her reaction. He asked, “Do you have a mirror?”


Song Ci was puzzled.

Lu Gan leaned against the back of this wheelchair and said calmly, “I just want to see if I’m particularly handsome today since you’re unable to look at me.”

Song Ci felt that Lu Gan was really too narcissistic! She stared at him.

Lu Gan smiled and added, “You’ve finally decided to look at me? Are you done hiding?”

“Who’s hiding?!”

Song Ci refused to admit it.

Lu Qian chuckled.

“Then why didn’t you look or talk to me this morning, my dear wife?

Song Ci snorted.

“Hurry up and get ready! I’m going to change first!”

After saying that, she turned around and walked toward the bedroom with a seemingly calm expression.

However, the moment Song Ci stepped out of the door, she immediately covered her face.

‘This is all his fault!’

Whenever Song Ci saw Lu Gan, her mind would be filled with memories from last night including the dream. It was too shameful!

Song Ci sighed. She felt that Lu Gan was really mean.

On the other hand, Lu Gan was completely unaware of it. He just thought his wife was really cute.

Lu Gan turned off the computer. Then, he pushed his wheelchair out of the study room. He also had to get change before heading out. When he opened the bedroom door, he was greeted with Song CI’s half-naked body. There seemed to be something wrong with her bra.

‘I guess it’s better to come late than never.’

Song Ci turned around and saw Lu Gan. He was smiling at her. Without wasting any time, she picked up her clothes and covered herself. At this moment, she did not care why her bra was so tight. Her face turned red.

“Get out!”

“This is our bedroom. Don’t worry, you have a good figure. There’s no reason to be ashamed.”

Lu Gan said calmly.

“You’re shameless!”

Song Ci was enraged. She glared at Lu Gan, picked up her dress, and ran directly into the bathroom.

‘Why is she acting shy? After all, she’s the one who tried to seduce me on a daily basis. If my legs weren’t injured, she would be unable to get out of bed! Hmph! Men shouldn’t be underestimated!’

The previous scene and Song Ci’s blushing face appeared in Lu Gan’s mind again.

“Ahem! Cough! Cough! Cough!”

Lu Gan quickly shook his head. What was he thinking in broad daylight?