Chapter 1410 - Mysterious Letter ⑦

Chapter 1410 - Mysterious Letter ⑦

The 4th Basement Floor was also a very peculiar place. It was an icy world where the raging waves were frozen in the sea…… as if the time itself had been frozen.

The Golem on this floor is based on Isis-san, and along with her magic power of death, the main basis of the Golem is probably Isis-san’s symbolic Ice Magic.

[The one here would be Isis-san’s Golem then.]

(Unnn. Its name is “Karismenalde”. It’s a rear-guard type that fights with powerful magic attacks. Well then, I’m gonna call it~~)

As Roze-san said that, one of the frozen waves cracked, and when it shattered, a Golem appeared. At first glance, it looked the most humanoid among the Golems so far, being a floating white hollow robe.

However, behind it were three huge beasts: a bird, a snake, and a wolf, all made of ice.

[What about those huge beasts made of ice behind it?]

(They’re also parts of Karismenalde, protecting their main body. And so, and so, while being protected by the three beasts, Karismenalde’s main body attacks with magic, so the attacks of the challenger will not reach the main body unless the three beasts are defeated first. Even if they’re defeated though, they will revive after a while.)

[I see, so in other words, to defeat Karismenalde, you have to repeat the process of defeating its guardian beasts and then inflicting damage in the short time the beasts are dead before they revive……]

It’s like one of those Bosses that doesn’t take damage unless certain conditions are met. Moreover, since Roze-san said that the challengers’ attacks won’t reach the main body unless the beasts are defeated, the protective ability of these three beasts must be strong enough that even Count-ranks would find it difficult to break them.

Meanwhile, as it was being protected, the main body would fire barrages of super-powerful magic……

[Incidentally, what kind of magic does the main body use?]

(When it first comes out, it will always use Isis-sama’s Cocytus Infinity and Cocytus Zero. After that, it would use various magic according to the situation, but it would mainly use Ice Magic~~)

Wasn’t that magic the extraordinary one that practically defeated Iris-san with a single move? I think it’s that dangerous magic that freezes and shatters even time and magic power or something like that.

And this Golem unleashes that magic as an opening attack huh…… I guess this would be one of those Bosses that opens up with an Instant Death Attack……

The next place we came to was the 5th Basement Floor, where we found Alice’s Golem which according to Roze-san, is the strongest except for the Golem pair of Kuro and Ain-san.

This place is a little eerie, and the floor looks like I’m in front of the gate of an old castle, which is illuminated by moonlight at night. Is the Golem gonna be behind that closed gate?

[This place sure has a dreadful atmosphere around it.]

(The Golem here is called “Luminax”. Luminax is a very special Golem, possessing many tricks~~ I’ll call it now, okay?)

As if following Roze-san’s words, the gates of the old castle opened. Thereupon, in the open space beyond the gate, a huge armored Golem with a large axe was standing.

It was an imposing Golem that looked like a knight…… However, this kinda feels like a different Golem from what I’d imagine would be Alice’s Golem.

[Is this Alice’s Golem?]

(Unnn. This is Luminax…… “Phase 1”.)

[Phase 1, you say, does that mean it transforms?]

(You got it right! Luminax transforms as the battle progresses. That armor was just a fake, and no matter how much you attack it, it won’t take damage. Only when you attack the shadow of that armor can damage be inflicted.)

[Ahh, I see. The conspicuous armor is a decoy, while the shadow main body attacks from a blind spot.]

(Unnn. If a challenger manages to inflict more than a certain amount of damage, this is what happens…… Transform to Phase 2.)

Immediately after Roze-san’s words, the armor in front of us shatters, while the shadow squirms and swells out. Thereupon, the swelled-out shadow turns into a Magic Beast-like figure.

[Arehh? This form…… Isn’t that the Volcanic Beast?]

(Yes. Depending on the situation, Luminax’s Phase 2 would have it transform into the 4 Golems that appeared earlier.)

[Come to think of it, Alice’s specialty is Transformation Magic huh.]

Or perhaps, Roze-san did mention how Alice modified this Golem, so this may have been a pseudo-reproduction of her ?κατ?γχειρε? ability. Even though the challenger would be fighting against a Golem that they should have already defeated since they’ve reached this place, it would be very tricky to fight against an opponent that could switch between these 4 forms.

(And if the challenger does more than a certain amount of damage to this one too…… Transform to Phase 3.)

[O- Ohhh…… I see what you mean about this Golem being the strongest of the five.]

When it transforms to Phase 3, Luminax multiplies to 4 bodies…… each of which takes the form of one of the Six King Golems so far.

In other words, this would be a simultaneous battle against 4 of the Six King Golems. Of course, this would make it the strongest.

[Is this its final form?]

(No. When you defeat these 4 Luminaxes, it will enter its Final Phase…… Transform to Final Phase.)

Following Roze-san’s order, Luminax shifts to its Final Phase. Thereupon, the four Golems sink into the shadows and seem to gather into one, and the unified shadows turned into a humanoid form shaped like a jester clown.

So this is Luminax’s Final Phase…… It wasn’t as huge as the Six King Golems from earlier, instead having a small build, but the sense of intimidation I’m feeling from it was tremendous.

[……It looks strong.]


(Luminax’s Final Phase certainly has amazing close combat and magic combat capabilities, but what stands above all that is its speed which is on a different dimension from what the challengers have faced before. So much so that even Peak Count-ranks won’t be able to see it.)

[What an outrageous Golem.]

I feel like this would have been enough to make it the Dungeon Boss by now, but there’s still Kuro’s Golem, a stronger Dungeon Boss than this, right? How strong could Kuro’s Golem be then……


? ? ? : [Ahh, Doctor M, please leave it there and just heal Senpai already.]

Doctor M : [Eh? I still haven’t talked enough yet though…… Well, fine. Ei.]

Serious-senpai : [……Oi…… Oi…… There are many things I wanna say, like why couldn’t you have helped me sooner, but for the time being, there’s this one thing I wanna say the most…… If you can heal me just by a wave of your finger, then what was the point of all thaaaaat!!!?]

Doctor M : [Because I wanna talk about it!]

Serious-senpai : [Even if you had to lie there, just say it was to heal me!!!]