Chapter 230 - Time for the Results!

The college entrance exams finally ended when the last batch of examinees finished their additional exams. The bustling venue finally calmed down, and only a few vehicles remained in the venue’s vast parking lot.

White Deer High’s examinees were happy and without a burden on their school’s bus. Some talked about their exam experiences, while others talked about exciting things.

Judging from everyone’s smiles, the examinees enjoyed their time before the organizing committee revealed their results.

Moss looked out the window and recalled every bit of the past few days. He also enjoyed his short time before the results.

Na’er talked about something in the front of the bus and would smile from time to time.

“Na’er, everyone has worked hard for this year’s college entrance exams. You can organize a trip for the teachers later and relax now.”

“Okay, Director Elroy, thank you for your concern. I like that idea.” Na’er looked at Elroy respectfully and smiled. “However, we should wait for the results first.”

“That’s good too.” Elroy nodded, and his eyes lit up. “White Deer High should produce excellent results this time. I think we should organize an activity for the examinees and check their results together.

“It will help us calculate their results quickly and boost the teachers’ and students’ morale while cheering up the future examinees who will take next year’s college entrance exams.”

Na’er’s face was full of excitement, and the corners of his mouth curved into a smile as he respectfully replied, “That’s a perfect idea. I will arrange that when we get back.”

Seven days later, teachers and students packed White Deer High’s Grand Hall of a Thousand People to the brim.

Not a single person sat on the stage that day. Elroy and the other teachers were all below the stage.

A large screen at the back of the stage displayed the names of the students who took this year’s college entrance exams.

A tall and handsome male teacher dressed in a Chinese tunic suit walked on the stage and said smilingly, “Dear students, the results for this year’s college entrance exams will appear shortly. Let’s wish the examinees good luck!

“When the results appear, please applaud and cheer to your hearts’ content for your dear seniors and give them all your blessings.”

With that, thunderous applause echoed from below the stage.

“Director Elroy, Levins from Number Two High also performed well. Do you think it will affect Moss’s chances of being the top scorer in S Country?” Na’er sitting next to Elroy, asked respectfully.

“That’s highly unlikely, considering Moss’s overall performance.” Elroy frowned slightly. “However, I’m unsure if Moss’s spiritual power test and sparring sessions will affect his overall results.”

Then he laughed dryly. “As for the top scorer spot, there’s an element of luck involved. It doesn’t matter if Moss doesn’t get it, but he has already assured his spot in any of the top three institutes.”

He looked excited as he continued, “Still, I believe Moss’s performance is worthy of the top scorer title.”

“Yes, Director Elroy.” Na’er nodded heavily. “I’ve arranged for people to closely monitor Levins and several outstanding schools in Black Dragon City. Moss’s national ranking will appear shortly, and we will know who this year’s top scorer will be.”

Although Moss was confident, he was also staring at the screen, awaiting the results.

“Hey, the results are out!” Someone shouted. Then thousands of eyes looked at the screen.

“Chalmers scored 70 points in the Magical Beast battle test, 74 in the Mystic Realm test, and 40 in the city defense test. He also got 85 points in the high school battles, 55 in beast taming, and 70 in spiritual power. He placed 4850 in the country.”

After a slight pause, the tall and handsome teacher continued, “Let’s congratulate Chalmers on his excellent results with warm applause!”

The students gave thunderous applause and started to discuss.

“Wow, Chalmer ranked 4850 in the whole country!”

“Senior Chalmer is awesome!”

The students could not help but grieve at this year’s scores.

“He only ranked 4850th with 395 points. Chalmer’s score could not even compare to the top 10,000 from last year.”

“Yeah, BT006 lives up to their reputation. This year’s average scores will set a new low.”

Elroy looked at the scores and became increasingly anxious because Moss’s results had yet to appear.

Suddenly, Na’er ran over in a flash. “Director Elroy, Levins’s scores are out. He scored 95 points in the Magical Beast battle test, 93 in the Mystic Realm test, and 90 in the city defense test. He also garnered 98 points for the high school battle test, 85 in the spiritual power rest, and ranked 35th in the country!

“No high school in Black Dragon City has yet to surpass him,” Na’er nervously read the messages on his phone, his eyes occasionally looking at the big screen.

“Levins ranked 35th in the country, huh? Then he has a chance of claiming the top scorer title for S Country.” Elroy was excited, yet he became even more nervous. He was even more nervous than when he had just joined the army.

He looked at Moss and noticed he was still calm and composed. Elroy nodded in relief and muttered, “That kid is always calm.”

After saying that, he also became calmer.

“Whoa, someone scored 100 points for one of the tests!” A cry of surprise sounded from below the stage.

“Those are Senior Moss’s scores!”


As the students yelled in surprise, the tall and handsome teacher’s resounding voice echoed, “Moss has scored 100 points in the Magical Beast battle test, 99 for the Mystic Realm test, and 100 in the city guardian test. He also garnered 100 points in the high school battle test, 100 on the beast taming test, and 90 for the spiritual power test!”

Before the tall and handsome teacher could say anything else, the Great Hall of a Thousand People had already burst into an uproar as thunderous applause, cheers, chants, and debates continued.

“Moss almost scored full marks! I’m flabbergasted!”

“I bow my head in worship! The thought of someone scoring almost full marks in the level 10 hell tests is awesome!”

“It looks like White Deer High is going to be famous!”

The teachers and students praised the nearly perfect score that appeared before their eyes. They also cheered louder than ever when they saw Moss had ranked 10th in the country.

The teachers took their turns discussing what they saw.

“None of our students have ever ranked in the top 10 in the country before!”

“Moss is incredible. He created history and is White Deer High’s pride!”

The Guardians members, students, and teachers around Moss congratulated him. Moss nodded smilingly, his eyes glowing with excitement. Still, his heart was surprisingly calm. He even figured out why he had earned the unique 90 points.

Elroy smiled brilliantly when the tall, handsome teacher finished announcing the results. Meanwhile, Na’er was so excited that he could not close his mouth, “Director Elroy, this year is a bonanza!

“Considering that there were 258 examinees, 30% of the students will make it to the top 120 institutes. Among these examinees, 15% of them can enter the top 50 institutes, while close to 5% of the others will make it to the top ten!” Na’er’s hand trembled as he spoke with excitement.

Elroy looked toward the Guardians as his eyes sparkled. “Those five sophomores did well in the exams. It seems we can make even greater strides next year!”