CH 246

Chapter 246: Aqin, the last hope of the village!

Facing Lu Xinran’s envious gaze, Aqin shook her head and said, “I’m only the hand maiden of the Sheng Zi Li, and you’re an inner disciple with a boundless future. No matter what, I should be envious of you, right?”

Lu Xinran shot her a sideways glance. “Then, why don’t you exchange with me?”

Aqin shook her head without hesitation. “No.”

She didn’t want to leave Lord Sheng Zi Li.

As long as she could stay by Li Ran’s side, she wouldn’t exchange even with the sect Master.

Lu Xinran said sourly, “Sister Aqin, you don’t know how many female disciples in the sect want to exchange with you.”

“Ah?” Aqin was stunned.” Really?”

“Of course.”

Lu Xinran twisted her fingers and said, “Sheng Zi Li is handsome and has a high talent. He’s also cute and a little prideful. Which disciple in the sect doesn’t want him?”

“Moreover, Sheng Zi Li’s figure is really not bad!”

Thinking back to the day Li Ran broke through, the Divine Lightning burned his clothes, and everyone looked at him.

He looked much better than when he was wearing clothes.

Female disciples drooled, and nose bleeds flowed. No one slept in the female dormitory that night.

Lu Xinran looked around and whispered to Aqin, “It’s said that Elder Yang of the sixth peak still has a picture of Sheng Zi Li hanging in her room!”


Aqin gasped. “That Elder Yang must be several hundred years old!”

Lu Xinran said matter-of-factly, “So what? She’s a woman at the age of a few hundred. Who can reject the Sheng Zi Li?”

Aqin couldn’t help shivering as she stood up with goosebumps.

Lu Xinran sighed. “However, everyone is just too addicted. With the existence of the sect’s ban, they wouldn’t dare to take a single step forward.”

Aqin nodded. “That’s true.”

Sect Master Leng made that the most taboo on such matters. No one dared to easily touch her bad side.

“But Sister Aqin is different. You are not a sect disciple and are not subject to the ban. When you’re with the Sheng Zi Li every day, did anything embarrassing happen?” Lu Xinran smiled and asked.

Aqin pushed her with a red face. “What are you talking about? I’m just a servant. How could I have such extravagant hopes?”

Lu Xinran pinched her chin. “But judging from the attitude the Sheng Zi Li has towards you, you’re not as simple as being a servant.”

Li Ran attached great importance to Aqin. Even the inner disciples knew about this.

Because of this, everyone was very respectful toward Aqin. Even the Eldest brother had to nod and greet her when he saw her.

Corners of Aqin’s mouth curled up slightly, her little face turning red.

Li Ran was indeed very nice to her and even made her feel a little flattered.

At this moment, seeing her cheeks blush and her desire to stop talking, Lu Xinran couldn’t help but be stunned.

“Sister Aqin, why are you looking better and better?”

One could only see that her skin was as fair and delicate as silk.

Every move had a seductive aura.

With her timid eyes, there was a strong sense of beauty that was both enchanting and pure.

Aqin said bashfully, “How could I? It’s better if I’m pleased.”

Lu Xinran shook her head.

Two of them were not in the same style.

She was pretty young and cute, but Aqin was so beautiful that she could be anything.

Maiden Spirit Body was a constitution that could not be found in ten thousand people. As her realm increased, Aqin’s charm would also become stronger and stronger.

Coupled with Aqin’s already impressive foundation, it was indeed a bit moving.

Lu Xinran looked at her and muttered, “Even I would be tempted by the appearance of my sister. How could Sheng Zi Li endure it?”

Hearing this, Aqin’s face turned redder, and she whispered, “I’m a willow tree, my status is lowly, and my Lord is the star in the sky… Don’t say such silly words again.”

How could she dare to tell her that she was trying her best to cultivate, just waiting for the foundation to be built for her to cultivate with the Sheng Zi Li?

Lu Xinran shook her head and said, “It’s because sister doesn’t know how to use her own strengths.”

After she finished speaking, she carefully looked around and took out a booklet from the interlayer under the bed.

After a moment of hesitation, she gave it to Aqin in pain. “I’ve kept this secret manual for many years. I’ll give it to sister today.”

“What is it? Why is it so mysterious?” Aqin took it and took a look. Her eyes instantly widened, and her cheeks quickly flushed.

“This, this is…”

Her hands were trembling, and her eyes filled with disbelief.

These words were too shameful!

Lu Xinran patted her on the shoulder and said earnestly, “Because of the sect’s ban, we are destined to have no chance with the Sheng Zi Li. This secret technique will be handed over to you. You must properly comprehend its essence and strive to take down the Sheng Zi Li as soon as possible!”

“Remember, you carry the dreams of all the female disciples of the inner sect. You are not fighting alone!”

Aqin was dumbfounded.

The woman’s tone sounded like she was talking about something extremely solemn.

She covered her burning cheeks. “It’s too outrageous!”

Dong! Dong!

At that moment, there was a knock on the door.

Lu Xinran was shocked. She hurriedly stuffed her words into her arms and whispered, “Don’t let anyone find out about it!”

After confirming that she had put it away, she stood up and opened the door.

The moment she opened the door, she was stunned. “Lord Sheng Zi Li?”

Li Ran stood at the door with his hands behind his back. He frowned and said, “You took too long to open the door. Is there something shameful?”

Lu Xinran’s eyes flickered as she said in a panic, “I… I didn’t do anything…”

“Your lying still needs to be improved.” Li Ran shook his head and didn’t bother about it. “Is Aqin here?” he asked. “I’m here to find her.”


When Aqin heard his voice, she quickly ran over. “Master Sheng Zi Li!”

Her expression leaped, but it was full of shyness. The “secret book” in her arms was heavy…

Li Ran smiled and grabbed her hand. “Let’s go.”


Aqin was pulled by his hand, and her face flushed red as she obediently followed him out.

Lu Xinran looked at their backs and couldn’t help but shout, “Sister Aqin, you have to practice hard!”

Aqin almost stumbled.

On the way, Li Ran looked at her in confusion. “Why would Lu Xinran care about your cultivation?”

Aqin lowered her head with a red face. “Lu Xinran, she’s a nice person. She has always been concerned about me.”

“Okay.” Li Ran did not ask.

Aqin calmed down and asked, “Lord Sheng Zi Li, where are we going?”

Li Ran replied, “Home.”

Aqin was stunned. “But our house hasn’t been rebuilt yet…”

Li Ran smiled. “Who said we went back to that house? We’re going to Central City.”

“Central City?” Aqin was stunned.