CH 247

Chapter 247: Master and Disciple Who Took a Bath Together!

Aqin was stunned.

Central City.

These words were familiar to her.

Even though she was born in the capital, she followed Li Ran to Youluo Temple when she was eight years old. She had never returned in more than ten years.

Her memory of that place was already hazy.

Li Ran looked at her stunned expression and couldn’t help but feel a bit distressed. He said softly, “It’s been so many years since you’ve returned. You must be homesick, right?”


Aqin lowered her head.

Back then, the Shen family was also a wealthy family. They controlled the silk trade in the imperial capital and belonged to the most powerful group in the city.

However, with the passing of the Grand Supreme Ancestor, a chaotic battle broke out in the clan for the position of patriarch.

Her parents were crippled and seriously injured.

Looking at the familiar faces of her family greatly impacted her.

And it was precise because of this internal strife that the Shen family was almost torn apart. Later on, it touched on the Li family’s interests and naturally swallowed.

As for her parents, their injuries were too severe, causing them to die four years later.

Aqin was silent for a long time before shaking her head. “No.”

Li Ran was stunned for a moment before he smiled bitterly. “Your answer has exceeded my expectations.”

Aqin raised her head and said with a clear gaze, “The moment my parents passed away, the Shen family became meaningless to me.”

“My home is where the Sheng Zi Li is.”

Since her family had turned into a blood feud, what else could she miss?

Li Ran scratched his head. “Then do you know that I have a younger sister?”

“My sister?” Aqin was puzzled, “Aqin is an only child. Where did she come from?”

Li Ran said, “Her name is Shen Ning. She’s about six or seven years old. She was probably born after your parents.”

Aqin shook her head blankly.

She had been at Xuanling Mountain the entire time, and the news was extremely closed. She had no idea that she had a younger sister.

Li Ran asked, “Then do you still want to see Shen Ning?”

If she wanted to see her, he would bring her down the mountain. If she didn’t, he wouldn’t let Aqin have any ties with the Shen Clan.

After all, this was not a beautiful memory for her.

Aqin nodded without hesitation, “I want to see her.”

She was different from the rest of the Shen Clan. She was her parents’ bloodline.


Li Ran rubbed her head. “Then I’ll take you. It just so happens that you haven’t gone out for a long time.”


Aqin nodded vigorously, her eyes filled with joy.

She was overjoyed to be able to go out with the Sheng Zi Li and see her own sister.

White Cloud Peak.

Heavenly Lake of Radiance.

This was a natural hot spring at the back of the mountain.

Because the bottom of the pool was filled with spirit stones, water temperature remained constant throughout the year. Spirit spring kept pouring into the pool, keeping the water clear.

This was Yi Qinglan’s special pool. There had never been another person here.

But today, she made an exception.

At this moment, water vapor was rising from Heavenly Lake. Two women sat side by side.

Yi Qinglan’s body sank into the water, and only her head could be seen.

Perhaps it was because of the heat, but her face turned slightly red.

Taking a bath with someone else made her very uncomfortable. Even if she was a woman, she still treated her as her beloved disciple.

Lin Langyue stroked the water surface and asked curiously, “Master, why did you call me for a bath?”

Last time they took a bath was more than ten years ago.

Yi Qinglan said indifferently, “It’s nothing. It’s just so that you can accompany me to chat and relieve my boredom.”

“Oh, alright.” Lin Langyue scratched her head, feeling a little strange.

Master had always liked to be alone. Since when did she need someone else to relieve her boredom?

However, she didn’t think too much about it. She was quite happy to be able to get closer to her master.

“Ahem,” Yi Qinglan cleared her throat. “Langyue, have you been cultivating well?”

Lin Langyue replied, “It’s been quite smooth. My cultivation has stabilized, but I’m still far from the Nascent Soul realm.

“Yes… If Sheng Zi Li was still here, I’d have already reached the late-stage threshold.”

As long as Li Ran was by her side, her cultivation efficiency would be very high.

At that time, she had broken through the early Nascent Soul realm to the mid-Nascent Soul realm because of his Dao’s voice.

Her speed was simply ridiculously fast.

Yi Qinglan frowned slightly. “Don’t let your imagination run wild. There’s no shortcut to cultivation. You’ve only just broken through, so you must cultivate steadily. Don’t take advantage of your achievements.”

“Yes, this disciple knows.” Lin Langyue nodded.

Then she thought of something and asked, “By the way, Master, the Immortal Ascension Assembly is about to begin. Should our sect also pay attention to it?”

Yi Qinglan nodded and said, “Of course. Third Elder has already arranged this matter.”

Although the Tianshu Institute was far away from the mortal world and did not care about worldly affairs, it was still a huge entity that was constantly operating. It needed fresh blood to replenish it. Especially since they only recruited female cultivators, the scope of their choices was even narrower.

Therefore, the Immortal Ascension Assembly would not be missed every year.

Lin Langyue hesitated for a moment before asking, “Why doesn’t Master leave this matter to this disciple?”

“Oh?” Yi Qinglan was puzzled. “Why are you interested in this?”

Lin Langyue explained, “Our sect hasn’t received any good saplings in the past two years. I have some influence in the mortal world, so I might be able to make some gains if I step forward.”

“Furthermore, ever since the beast tide ended, this disciple has never gone out to train. It can be considered an opportunity to adjust her mind.”

This reason was simply flawless.

Yi Qinglan didn’t think too much about it. “Alright, since you want to go, then go.”

“Thank you, Master!” Lin Langyue looked excited.

How was she doing this for training?

She just wanted to see if she could meet Li Ran!

Moreover, the Li family was also in Central City. If she had the chance, she could go over and take a look.

At the thought of this, a smile filled her face.

On the contrary, Yi Qinglan’s expression was slightly nervous.

This time, she asked her to take a bath, not to chat but to talk about Li Ran.

After all, they were already lovers, so they should not hide anything from Lin Langyue.

However, after hesitating for so long, she didn’t know how to open her mouth.

“How about we test it out first?”

Yi Qinglan thought for a moment and pretended to be casual. “Ahem, I’ve heard some interesting news recently. It seems that a sect leader of a second-rate sect has become Dao companion with her personal disciple…”

Lin Langyue was taken aback. “Master and disciple became Dao companions?”

Yi Qinglan nodded and said cautiously, “This matter… What do you think?”

She looked at her nervously.

Lin Langyue slapped the water and said angrily, “How can there be such a shameless person in this world?”

Yi Qinglan was taken aback.